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Greatest semi-historical anime of all time?

I dunno about that....I haven't seen enough to really judge well, but I do know this, that Kenshin rocks. I love the blend of history and ... not. I mean, samurai were fast, but not that fast lol. Still it makes for good watching.

However, the historical aspect of Kenshin is very cool, and well-done, I think. It actually got me interested enough to do a ten-page paper on the Meiji Restoration lol.

You have to watch the Samurai X movies. They follow the manga much better than the show, in fact, Nobuhiro Watsuki spearheaded every single movie.
Yup, this manga sure great, I use this as referer to write my history task XD Nobody know and, yeah, you know, It's rock Very Happy

the battle scene is good too, with a good romance and complicated ending (I think Smile)

One that i dislike is the ending a bit too easy and not fill my guess. I refer if the ending is more hard.

and i hope there will be another sequel of Rurouni Kenshi, maybe his son Very Happy
Nah they won't do that, cool though it might be. IMO a spinoff centering around Yahiko might be better.

And I agree - the final episode was horrible.
I watched this show on cartoon network and it was really good. I bet it was better in japanese, with no editting. But i really liked this show and id be sad if i missed an episode XD.
Rurouni Kenshin is the best!
But, I think the manga is better than the anime. The OVA also cool too!
Yeah, I haven't seen the OVAs. I've heard rumors about them, that they aren't very good/drastically different from the series/uber-violent.
Even as OVAS contain differences from originals, they're really good and you can see the full story about how Kenshin made his 'X' mark in the face (That's why in USA they call him Samurai X).

Kenshin is my hero Twisted Evil
ooo i watched a long time ago, when i was like 12 or something

very well done, i learned a lot about japan history and the fighting is really cool. and i thought kenshin was hot XDD
kenshin wallpaper

This was one of the first series that I had watched - it began when a friend of mine lent me her VCDs; one of the first episodes I watched had been episode sixty-three, which is still my favorite to this date (that's the one where Kaoru believes that Kenshin tried to propose to her, right?).

I have yet to finish the TV series - I've only watched about ten episodes of that in total. With the manga, I've read the first three volumes; however, "Samurai X" (I'm so used to calling it Rurouni Kenshin)-wise, I've seen the movie and the OVAs. Although the OVA series (Tsuiokuhen and Seisouhen, respectively) had a darker tone, that was one of the things I liked about it. That, and the stunningly beautiful animation. X)
the OVAs do help clear up alot of the question u wanna ask when u watch Rurouni Kenshin and yes the OVAs are very violent and graphic for an anime if u ask me but still they were awsome and there r 6 of them if ne1 was wondering

ive seen about 40 of the kenshin episodes
kenshin is a great anime when they took it off of cartoon network I got very very mad >.<. kenshin owns he can take a oppent down without killing em. I mean wat kid of guy can control their power like he can?
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