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Did you buy or sell anything online ?

Tell me if you ever tried to buy or sell anything online ?

What is the way you used ..?
Did you face any difficulties ?

I tried three times using mastercard

Everything was easy and got my demand
i bought 2 times from someone a cell phone. it was a good sell the cell phones work well and the price was good Smile i don't have a prblem with that.
I bought many computer components through Internet:

- A whole computer
- A powerful GeForce 6600GT
- A two 512MB DDR400 memory kit (from Germany)

I always used my credit card and never got problems!
I've done quite a bit of buying/selling online (like not at stores, personal transactions). I've always used paypal, and while I don't trust them, I've never had any problems with the people I've done bussiness with.

Once I even traded computers (my laptop for his desktop). Seriously it was the most nerve-racking things I've ever done.. just sending off my computer like that. But Everything worked out fine and dandy.
Just thought the title should be more, Have you ever ratehr than Did you ever. Sorry I justhad to add that.
i have a question, how good/secure is paypal??

and if not paypal, is there any other way to exchange funds??
charredii wrote:
i have a question, how good/secure is paypal??

and if not paypal, is there any other way to exchange funds??

If you're selling on eBay, it's the best way to do it because you get PayPal buyer protection. The site itself is as secure as any web page you use for buying stuff online - it uses 128bit SSL. Just don't ever click on a link in an email somebody sends you that says "Your PayPal account has been blocked. Please click here to log in and update your details."
I've heard lots of horror stories about paypal though, and always make sure my balance is $0.00 and pay for stuff with a credit card through them. I guess paypal protects the seller more then the buyer.
I have only purchased one item online as to date, that was my ice skates.

I got them on ebay and payed by cheque! (didnt have a paypal setup at the time).

Delivery time was 'average' i would say.
ebay is good! paypal! i either buy from sellers with lots of good comments or from big websites, or amazon!

I always goto amazon for textbooks
I have purchased many items over the web ranging from DVD's, software, computer componants, etc.. I have used Amazon, ebay and many software author's websites using Paypal as my prefered method of payment and (so far) I have not experienced any trouble. Whenever buying anything on the web you should excersize a bit of caution, as I pointed out in a previous topic, Paypal may or may not be 100% secure, but you should also check into the site you are actually purchasing from....there's no telling if they are the ones trying to scam you.
Amazon is an awesome place for books online. I don't really buy much else online. In general though the Internet is a great place for buying random unbuyable things from stores Smile
Yeah, convenient and easy to use..without the need of physically queue up in front of a cinem. threatre.....
I usually buy tickets online... althought it take me 5-10% for the charges I think it worth
i sell a lot of art on ebay, i find it a really great place to get great exposure. I love it when people pay through paypal because it means I get my money instantly and I can ship the items out the same or next day. I have a reputation as a super speedy shipper, and if people waste time mailing me a cheque, that i then have to wait to clear the bank before mailing their item out, well, they're just tacking on a huge amount of time to their own delivery Razz

I've also bought many things on ebay and secure sites, I've never once had a problem with the product or service or payment.
i did a lot of ebay shopping. except for one dude who just didnt send me the DVDs i paid for, no problem.

however i'm a little curios about paypal. i once forgot my password, to reactivate my account i had to fax my ID to them. it got reactivates so i thought everything is good, but a week later i ws snailmailed by three pornwebsites - or rather their lawyers.
all three of them had the same typo in my snailmailadress, the one i faxed to paypal. sdid i mention i never visited those sites and obviously didnt want to pay the 500 bucks they wanted?
so i called up my lawyer and he found that a number of paypalusers had similar problems with the same lawcompany.
luckily their evidence was useless, the IPadress used to create the pornaccounts came from their own network.
i have tried to buy a toy gun from yahoo!


my mum scold at me after she knew that~~

she said she is affraid i will be kidnapped~~^^"
i dont really do online shopping using any credit card.. oni did buying where the seller and buyer will meet at some place to exchange.. bought a cdrw and mp3 player last time thru an online 'classifieds' site for trading..
I've purchased many items from eBay over the past few years. With all eBay auctions, I've used PayPal as the method of payment. Sure, I've suffered some times with stiff sellers who wouldn't ship me my crap that I had purchased. eBay's staff got my money back for me, so I tried again with other sellers.

Lately, I've been watching classifieds posted on Craigslist, as I'm after a Dell laptop right now (my one had smoked up about a month ago). Last Saturday, on Craigslist, I seen a classified for a 17" Dell LCD Flat-Panel Monitor for $150.00, and it was in the neighborhood. I eMailed the guy my phone number and said to contact me back when he had the chance to. The next morning, I got a call from the guy on my cellphone telling me he still had it. I arranged it with him for me to go over to his house to look at it, and possibly buy it. I had enough money for me to buy it, so when I made it over there, it was love at first sight. I paid cash for it, and here I am today with my beautiful 17" Dell LCD Flat-Panel monitor that I've paid $150.00 for, and it's only 1 year old. The guy was selling it because he had bought a 20" widescreen Dell LCD Flat-Panel as an upgrade, so he wanted to get some money back on this one by selling it. I think Craigslist is best for local sales, but nothing like eBay should ever go on there.

- Mike.
I never try that but I had always can see a lot of website has about this just like e-bay, lelong ....
meet in rio
Computer stuff, a 'Zorro' hat (don't ask!), house paint, stuff from and stuff from May parents also bought a guitar for me online. We've never used eBay.

I had a bit if trouble with a CD from, but everything else came through just fine.

I think the UK is pretty keen on internet shopping, though:

The EIAA Mediascope Europe Study found that the average UK internet shopper spent approximately £875 (€1285) and bought 12 items online in 2005, compared to the rest of Europe who spent on average £452 (€664) and bought 5 items online.
I use paypal since i don't have a creditcard, but i can do business online with my paypal account, the setup is free and you only pay fee when you collect or receive money, not when you pay someone. So for me it's the best way, and i think it's very secure also.
I purchased a few domains with it and just a few days ago i paid for a server also with paypal. It works in seconds and you have paid quick.
Also received money on my paypal account, it cost a little fee but that's ok. So im happy with paypal and think its safe enough!
If you want a paypal account visit my site and click the link at the bottom.
I've bought online, usually only through Amazon.
I hate ebay with a passion.
You know, I've never even attempted to buy something online. Sure I've thought about it, but I've never actually done it. I'm also worried about getting scammed. Especially from places like eBay. But I've been told they'll refund you and ban the user if you get scammed. I dunno...I've never sold anything either. Confused
i have buy a domain from yahoo......
using visa card..... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I've bought about 4 tracfones, some jewlry, scales, a ps2, games, hosting, game subscriptions, domains, and thats about it..
I think that the best way is to use "paypal" to buy online somethings.I have tried to use online my cc(credit card) at first time without using paypal system,My informations which are about cc account were nearly gone to somebodies who i don't know.I had finally noticed and canceled using.

Now,I use paypal and advice you..
I buy a lot of things online via ebay and paypal. I have never had a problem using either service.
iBuy at eBay... a lot
it started with small meaningless, inexpensive stuff, that costed me more to transport from Japan to Europe than the actual price itself... later on i started to risk expensive stuff as well at to this point i never have been kicked in the balls buy a false buy...
ebay all the way!
ebay rocks i buy alot of stuff off there and never had problems
i did, though, receive an email the other day that said "your ebay account has been suspended and you must log in for it to become active again."
i knew this wasn't legit immediately and deleted the email....
it's really from some idiot who wants you to log in to a fake site that looks just like ebay. then they not only have your password but have access to your paypal account.
so if you get this email, delete it.
I buy and sell a lot online.
I have to admit that at the beginning i was a bit scared of what could happen but nowadays i feel much more relax when buy online (im refering to buy from individuals not shops)

From online shops i buy a lot of thing from boardgames to food and i never had any kind of problem at all !
Of course I buy from secure sites so i think its safe enough Razz
The internet for me is an interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.
I often go to yahoo auctions and see what things are cheap. I always look for the thing I wanted and its cheap, I will buy it.

I also sold my stuff online before. lol.. My gameboy advanced since i got psp now..
I buy lots of books online, but I've also purchased clothing and musical instruments online. Don't really have many complaints, except that be sure you know what you're buying, it's hard to tell the quality of some products for a few pictures. But security wise, everything has been a-ok.
Movies and another music Smile I'm too lazy to rip it or search for it CD in town, I prefer buy it online

IMO I prefer using CC than paypal, It's uneasy for me, guess Sad
i did not buy / sold anything on net because i dont like this way

every body say the ebay is the best internet online to buy / sold and i agree with this but i am still do not love it
we purchase quite a bit online, mostly on ebay and when possible pay utilising paypal. works like a charm and I am often amazed by the honesty and speed with which people respond.
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