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Black and white

a very good simulation type of game where u are the god...
there is no good and evil in the game... what the matter is how good u play the game!!
do you want to know how the feeling when pray by your beliver...... Miracle power!!
in the game... u accually can cast miracle such as.. miracle of food... wood...
heal... fire ball..( my flavor)... lightin.... storm.... forest... and many more...

another great feauther about the game is... u can hav a great mighty pet that can help u... kill ur fellower to get belief or help to make them happy and belief in you more...

the creature is mould by you... he learn what u dont..
u can teach him to cast miracle.. killin people..
tell him wat he should do.. and what he shouldnt do...

the game hav 3 version total up... if im not missing any of it...
Black and white
black and white : creature isle
black and white 2

this is a must try game for simulation freak!!
giv comment whos play or seen this game before!!
I played the original Black & White a few years back, and it just did not hold my interest for long. I forget the specific reason, it didn't hold my interest, but it didn't.
I played the original B&W. I never finished it (certian bugs pissed me off so I stoped playing, and didn't want to wait for a fix).

I played B&W2. Its much more fun that the original. You could build armies which was something you couldn't do in the first one. I didn't finish palying it either. I got pissed off after the opposing God kept casting earthquakes on my city and there was no way to protect it, so I stoped playing. Maybe if I get bored over the summer I'll play it agian.
my brother has black and white 2, he bought it 2 months ago, played it for a week, and hasnt touched the game since Razz, it just looks pants,lol
i hav no idea on what is happen in the black and white 2...... coz my com can support it high detail... game play requiment...

i finish the game twice( black and white 1).... no bug for me coz i hav patch it to version 1.30... no bug will play the game...
the creture i like the most is the tiger( among the 3 first given pet)
cow is the one who best in be good to the villager...
ape... good on learning stuff... faster...
tiger.. combat skill master...
well the hardest task is the last one... combat with the same power creature.... take me a week to finish it....
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