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Classic cars

Is anyone out there into classic cars? I love classic cars and hope to get one and me and my dad hope to fix up one together. I hope to get a 1970 chevelle. I can't wait to do this. I am turning 14 real soon and my dad said probley when i am about 15 or so. So a year will seem like a really long time.
I helped my grandfather restore a '64 1/2 mustang convertable.
That was a nice car.
Baby blue exterior with white interior, top, and racing stripe.
There are quite a few in my list
    mini cooper... - just like the italian job
    lada............... - just remembered as one of the worst classic cars. It really wasn't that bad.
    gt40 race car. - just because it looked so great in it's time.
    dodge viper... - yes, that has to be my favourite classic sports car.

i wouldn't mind buying a cheap mini for messing round in, that film has a bad influence...
You have quite a list there. I made my website about classic cars. Fell free to check it out
I personally have a GTO. Runs hella fast.
I have a lotus 7 - rebuilt from a rusting heap with lord knows how many hours of loving restoration work.... A long winded process, but a great project and i learnt loads... BEST OF ALL IT DRIVES LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EVER PLAYED WITH - whoops, caps lock !! I recommend all things Lotus 7 esque...! Light, quick, hugely responsive.... who needs a roof?!
I had a 72 Dodge Charger for the longest time, i was in the process of restoring for two years with my father, what we didnt notice when we bought it, the frame itself was rusting out. So after restoring it half way we ended up selling it for the same price we bought it.
It was a mean looking car. 50" slicks, all black with grey raceing stripes.. really miss that thing.

Than again with fuel prices these days i'd only be able to drive it once a year.
Yea gas prices are high. Nice car though. To bad you dont' have it anymore. Sad
I love ford Mustangs of 60's both Mustang jet and cobra.
I love classic mopars.
american muscles IZ DA BEST Very Happy camaro, gt500, mustang, chevele and so on.... but its imposible to find these cars in my country, so i am not able to own one of these pretty evils road monsters...
Pyro Man
I heard about this guy who spent five long years doing up a classic car. 5 years, every day he spent on it and his wife took it out the day after he finished it, and it was stormy, and she hit a stretch of water, aqua plained it, and flipped it onto its roof. Tottally wrote it off! I tell you if she expected her husband to be sympathetic she'd better think again! I mean cmon guys you wouldn't wanna speak to her for a while! It would take a lot more of a good active evening to make you happy wouldn't it! I mean, trust women ey!
Yea i agree with that. I would be pissed off too. Thats why you don't take them out on days like that. No need to Eff up a car that took that much time and that amount of money.

I am like in love with stangs and chevelles. I wish you could get one where you live. Where do you live btw?
Pyro Man
Aylesbury which is in Buckinghamshire, England. you? You can get them anywhere, just have them imported.
I live in the US. Yea i bet it isnt' that hard to import them. You just need the money to do it. I hope to get a classic car on my 15th birthday and have it for when i am 16. I hope i can get a decent chevelle for cheep. I want that and me and my dad fix it up. I can't wait for next year. that is when i turn 15 Very Happy
Pyro Man
I am just about to turn 16, but in Britian the legal age is 17 sadly
In New Zealand the legal age for driving is 15, but because of my mothers lies and my lack of motivation I probably wont get a car till Im around 17.
Id love to Import a '68 barracuda or a '73 roadrunner, but it costs around $5,500 to import a car from the states (that includes taxes, regestration etc.) so Il probably get some aussie mopar, preferably a VH charger with a 265 hemi or a regal with a 360.

I sometimes wish I lived in the states, you can find a '73 satellite 2 door (in need of resto) for around $500 there.
If you find a car for $500 then you are lucky. That car will need a lot and when i say a lot i mean you will most likely spend $10,000 for that car just to fix it up. So really you do need the money to do this stuff. Its much more then the simple $500.

As you said, it would cost alot to restore, considering that very few of these parts are reproduced (IMO '73-'74 plymouth B-bodies are underrated) but It would still be a start.
You could go the easy way and spend 10k on a complete (older resto) one and save yourself some cash.
But if you were to do that, you wouldnt have the satisfaction of knowing you put it together with your own 2 hands.

I know of people who have bought the roughest cars you could imagine, that have been dragged out of junkyards and turned them into amazing cars.If it wernt for these people, these cars would have simply been left to rot.

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