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Israel to build Gaza sea barrier
Israeli settlers on the beach in the Gush Katif settlement, Gaza Strip
The withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is scheduled to start in August
Israel is planning to build a sea barrier as an extension of its border with Gaza to prevent attackers from entering the country from the sea.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the structure will stretch 950m (yards) from the beach into the Mediterranean.

Israeli army officials said the measure would compensate for Israel's loss of surveillance once it pulls out of the Gaza Strip later this year.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat condemned the planned sea barrier.

"I hope the Israeli mentality of barriers will end," he said, in a clear reference to the West Bank barrier, which is still under construction.

"Now they have land barriers and tomorrow sea barriers and the day after sky barriers - and what else?"

Israel says the construction of the West Bank barrier aims to stop suicide bombers, but the barrier often cuts a long way into occupied territory.

The BBC's Alan Johnston says the sea barrier will not stir up the same controversy as the West Bank barrier, because it will be built in Israeli territorial waters and not on occupied land.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the sea barrier's first 150m will consist of a concrete wall with its foundations buried in the sea bed.

A submerged 1.8m-deep (6ft) floating fence will stretch out for further 800m.

"It is (a system) to... prevent infiltrations of terrorists via the sea," Reuters quoted an anonymous Israeli security source as saying.

Israel is planning to pull all its 8,000 settlers from Gaza and the troops that protect them as part of a disengagement plan scheduled to begin in August. Israel will maintain control of Gaza's borders, coastline and airspace.

Four West Bank settlements are also to be evacuated.

A part of the pullout, Israel will also lose a naval base in southern Gaza where a vast surveillance system is based.

An electronic fence is already in place around the Gaza Strip. According to military officials, the construction of the sea barrier is due to start soon, but it will not be completed in time for the scheduled withdrawal.

In the past, Palestinian militants have made several attempts to swim in and attack Israeli settlements in Gaza, but they have always been stopped.

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I've watched a real published DVD some 3-4 years ago in Gaza taken by american cameraman/journalist.

Israeli troops uses "gas" on the civilians. They used to be tear gas. But it changed. It was nerve agents and you see live footage of innocent civilians in hospital squirming, screaming in pain in a "retarded" type of posture/movements.

BLock roads caused them to travel along the coastlines. You see a beach with trucks , horses, carriages, women and children with luggages etc riight along the shorelines! They in absolute despair.

These were some pf the major events that didn't reach CNN or BBC.

And above all let me remind you that the Israeli Arphatheid Wall has been built within the green line (inside palastenian territory) causing a shringkage of palestinian actual territory now. When spoken of a palestinian state, GW Bush declared that its "impossible" giving the full territories as it was before.

How can we then trust the media for a full story of a conflict full of political biasness and blatant mishandling of human rights?
While studying the roots of Israeli architecture in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, one component is highly prominent: security (or at least the way Israel perceives it). Israeli building project in the Occupied Territories, also known as the settlements, draws its existence and characters from security needs. this project also includes religious, messianic and political aspects, but security is the essence bringing it to life. Starting with the Israeli creation of rural-agricultural settlements in 1948, it is written that the Israeli Defence Forces' Security Principals ruled that "in order to prevent infiltration or the return of Palestinians to their lands… planners were instructed to device a compact and dense layout, in which homes were located no more than 30 meters apart".
Later in its short history, when Israel began also to build beyond its borders, security gave the justification for it, which in Israel means – immediate approval. Ariel Sharon, while head of the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Settlements, and a future 'architect' said in 1977 that "A thin line of settlements would not provide a viable defence… the vital strategic issue was how to give depth to the coastal plain… the answer was to build a network of urban, industrial settlements." Likud party had just won the election and looking back at Israel's lack of intelligence in 1973 War, settlements enjoyed the good-for-security label tagged to it. It was portrayed as a "defensive system designed to help protect the state from invasion, a precaution against another surprise conventional war". Moreover, the task of settlers themselves was "to investigate and report Palestinian movements" and to "monitor and inform the authorities of any suspicious movements", as stated by High Court Justice Vitkon in the case of Beit-El settlement. And then, in order to secure the citizens of Israel, settlements were built.
But, a lonely settlement is not secured enough and therefore in order to secure it, more settlements were needed to be built around it. Surprisingly, in order to secure the newly established blocks of settlements, a secured system of roads needed to be paved between them. But, in order to secure the roads, more settlements needed to be constructed along it. And we still did not discuss the Wall that needs to secure the army patrols that secure the fences around the settlements, which secure the roads that altogether, in a very bizarre way, secure Israeli citizens living in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheba. Security that secures security.
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