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Flying is my passion and hobby as well

When I was young, I never even imagined that someday I would simply be mad about aircrafts and flying. On my first trip abroad, to Singapore, I bought the Observer's Book of Aircraft by William Green, this changed my world completly. It had all the different kinds of airrafts one could see at that time with their full specifications. The book increased my vocabulary, I got to know technical details of various aircrafts, their type, seating, powerplant, cruising speed, armament, country of origin, dimensions, service ceiling, endurance, range, etc.

Soon I was nicknamed pilot by my friends, whenever they used to see any aircraft, they used to enquire about it from me. I started to correctly recognise even those aircrafts which were flying at very high altitudes. Even my ears got trained for the slightest sound which resembled the drone of an aircraft engine. I could tell well in advance that whether the approaching aircrat was a piston engine, a turboprop, a jet or a chopper.

Just a single book changed my whole life, I became an aviation enthusiast. Soon I started to buy all the good books related to aviation I could lay my hands on. By the time I reached the age of 18 years, that is the time I finished my schooling, I had a library, full of books on aircrafts and other related fields.

One day when I was passing the airport, I saw a Glider flying overhead. Immediately I made up my mind, and that was the begining of my passion for flying. The next day I went to the office of the local flying club and enrolled myself as a student pilot. Within 4 months of my joining or after exactly 45 launches, I was ready to go solo, all alone, no one would accompany me, it would be just me and my glider, flying free, like a bird. I readied for the launch, checked the elevator, ailerons, rudder and airbrakes, they were all working, checked the altimeter, variometer, slip-skid indicator, pitot tube, speedometer, hooks and the cable for any problems, they all seemed well.

I opened the canopy, climbed into the pilot's seat straddled myself up, checked and shoved the joystick, front and back, right and left. Placed my feet on the rudder pedals and moved them back and forth. When everthing seemed right, I indicated my fellow students to lift the tilted left wing and hold it level to the ground. The cable was attached to the glider, the flagsman signaled the winch operator to tighten the slack. I felt a small tug when the slackened cable, tightened. I gestured to the flagsman that everything was okay and he signaled the winch to start the takeoff roll.

Everything was silent inside the cockpit but my heart was pounding hard. Many a questions had come up in my mind, what if something went wrong, what if the cable snapped, what if??? The glider started to roll on its single wheel under its belly, within seconds it attained the right speed, I slowy pulled the joystick back and it rose up in air, still tethered to winch through the cable. I could feel the groan of the winch through the cable, at 700 ft. I felt that the winch had finally stopped pulling, immediately I pushed the stick forward, eased off the back pressure and released the cable from the hook, I levelled up at 600 ft. Now I was free like a bird, all alone in the sky, but WITHOUT ANY ENGINE... I was falling down at the rate of 100 ft. per minute therefore I calculated that I would remain in air for roughly 5 minutes or so. At this rate I could easily make one circuit of the airstrip below. It was a mindblowing experience for me, those 5 minutes were the longest I have ever felt. There I was aligning myself with the gliding strip, readying for the feathersoft touchdown on a SINGLE BELLY WHEEL... The ground was coing near so fast, at around 200 ft. from the ground, I slowed my speed to 40 mph from 60 mph by using the airbrakes. At approximately 10 ft. I gave a check by pulling back the joystick a bit levelling the glider to the ground. Just before touchdown I flared up, it was a smooth touch down, after rolling for about a hundred metres I used the front skid to stop the glider. The wing slowly tilted and glider lay on its right side. I unstrapped my seat belts, unlatched & opened the canopy and stood up on my feet. Now I could call myself a PILOT, a real PILOT....MY DREAM COME TRUE...
Code of Ruin
Congratulations, I take it your still with your head in the clouds about that Laughing . So you flew a glide plane, have you got a license for something like that now? And what is going to be the next step, a motorised aircraft perhaps? It sure is an interesting hobby, keep enjoying it Exclamation
I paraglide! I finally managed to get the paragling license in switzerland. So whenever I have time and the weather is okay, I'm gliding through the air. I can only recommend doing that, as it is a very peaceful and exciting atmosphere up there.
I always thought I want to try skydiving, but then, from one day to the other, I surfed the web and found the website of a paragliding school nearby. So I went there for one day, to taste. And I got addicted to it. So it was only logical that I did the whole training till I got the license.
The license allows unlimited flying in switzerland and lots of other countries, no additionional tests are required. Isn't that cool?
I think that paragliding is the best sport , and skydiving too is great , i am going to paragliding next week , i am going to start to learn in this school next week here is the web address that they have , i began to love air sports because my father is skydiver so i guess its in my blood , in fact i post here to ask anyone what is the prices for learning across the world , in this school is 200 euros for the first course then 190 for the INTERMEDIATE course and the last one ADVANCED is 200 , but if i buy paragliding equipment from them i get free INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED course and they have one used para-glide for 1000 euros i guess its with all harness , so what was i interested is what are the prices in other countries .
Hi there!
I'm glad that you want to start your training in a paragliding school. I went to Paragliding School in Switzerland. The cost for unlimitited training days until the license examination is 1600 Swiss Francs, or 1000EUR. If you are a student as I was when I entered the paragliding school, it is only 1200 Swiss Francs. But this is a special offer that is only valid if you buy the equipement at the school. However it is not necessary that you buy NEW equipment, they offer used equipment as well.
I hope to have helped in a way. See you in the air soon!

How long do you plan to o to paragliding school until you pass the license? It took me around 2 years but I was abroad for 6 months because of an exchange semester.

Many happy landings, Mario
I like flying too, though I haven't ever really been the pilot. I've controlled a small sports plane for.. well a few minutes? And for the rest I just use flight simulation software like YSFlight.

But I don't think I'd like to fly anything without an engine. It just seems a lot more dangerous, for some reason.
Oh wow I'd love to get a pilots license. Maybe when I'm a bit older though, I'm 15 right now. I enjoy playing Microsoft Flight Simulator though Wink
I always wanted to be a pilot, but alas my eyesight and BMI aren't upto it Wink

I'm afraid an unhealthy addiction to MS Flight Sim and R/C Airplanes are as close as I have been, although I am planning to have a trial flying lesson when I get round to it.
After that incident where I was stuck at an elevator which was about to fall, I was afraid of heights. It seems to subsibe as years go by but I cant help but be thrilled at extreme heights like that. I would like to feel that freedom flying gives you, only if I was to overpower this phobia.. Sad
I have a passion of being a pilot in the future, particularly in the USAF. The idea of flying in the sky, completely free (almost) above the clouds is something I dream about every day. It must be an awesome experience and I hope I can live it in the future.
I wanted to become a pilot when I was a little boy haha - I think just about every boy wished for that Laughing That or a soldier. Anyway, the fascination with aircraft is over for me, not my cup of tea anymore.

Now, I just like to fly above the ground doing acrobatics. That's some sort of flying Cool
Flying is a rush. I finally started training a while ago. I had to stop before I finished (quit my job....dumbass) but I've soloed and have spent about 100 in a piper cherokee. All I can say is it. Lots to learn, but it is a rush landing a light plane in a varying crosswind! Wink Soon as i get some more cash, I'm going back.

(anyone decides to try, I might be able to give a few pointers to make it cheaper.)

BTW - I flew a glider one time and that was very cool also. World of difference between just wind noise and a 160hp powerplant in your lap!

Look to the skies!
I honestly don't understand why everybody doesn't fly. I fly a T-41C, which is basically a souped up Cessna 172, and that thing is sweet. I love it.

Plus, pilots be cool peoples.
oh wow it was long long story Shocked
Aviation is my passion. The first time I flew was an Piper J-3 Cub, what here in Brazil is named as Paulistinha. That was an amazing experience I could feel by myself. I was on a party on the Santa Catarina airclub, near to my house. Actually, it was the virtual aviation meeting.

Well, my friend introduce me to the airplane owner. He is an elderly guy, in his late 60's I think. He was very friendly perhaps because he was a little drunk Laughing. He told me that he loves to fly with that plane, so I said to him that I never had flew in my life. Then he calls his friend who was a pilot and said to him to fly with me. WOW! I almost cried Very Happy My dream coming true!

So, we got into the airplane. A very small airplane for my KING SIZE Laughing. My feet almost didn't fit in to the rudder. It was very small, dude! Shocked

So we took off! WOW! I felt myself like a free bird, flying without any barrier in his way. OMG, that was amazing. When we got to land, I wanted more and more Laughing

Well, I've abbreviated the history because it is long. But, that's it!

Kind regards!
Magton wrote:

So we took off! WOW! I felt myself like a free bird, flying without any barrier in his way.

Very Happy
A first flight is an amazing thing and to get one as a surprise has got to be the best.

If you liked the feeling of being like a bird, I really encourage you to try to get a ride in a sailplane (glider). Remember how loud that plane was? The only sound I heard in the sailplane was wind! A very cool ride. Many sailplane clubs will take you up with a pilot for a "orientation" flight pretty cheaply.
You'll love it, I promise. Smile
my mother used to fly cesnas she really wants to get back into it.
This is such a cool thread. I was looking for a gliding one earlier. My brother very kindly paid for us (him and me) to have a gliding lesson last week - the first time I've flown. It was such an amazing experience! I can't wait until I'm filthy rich and I can afford to do the training! Still - the winch launches they have at my local airfield looked horrific. 2000/2500ft or something, at a ridiculously steep angle - I don't think I'm ready for that yet!

Sounds like there are quite a few people who fly here - you're lucky people!

Oh - and to the person above, I am quite afraid of heights but once I was up there, it was amazing!
I don't like flying, so I can't imagine myself doing anything like that. :rofl:

Vanquish wrote:
I don't like flying, so I can't imagine myself doing anything like that. :rofl:


You know, I do understand that. But maybe taking a few lessons might help you with your fear. Learning the basics might convince you that a plane is not going to fall out of the sky. Wink

Actually, with the lessons I took, I think claustrophobia would be a bigger worry. Those planes are small!
I think i'll pass on it, would be quite expensive and i'm not really into it. I'm not as bad as I used to be, but I don't like take off but I really am getting better. I'm not to bothered about it now, but I wouldn't like to fly every day.

I have a few hours in a glider using tow planes.
Never tried a winch takeoff.
The neatest thing in a glider is to do loop,
slow motion, noisless, spiritual.

I also did a tandem paraglide off the Grand Motte in Tyne, France.
That was a rush. Landed on a frozen lake.

I have several hours instructions in light planes
but never did get a liscense.

The continueing cost of maintaing any kind of proficiency at flying is very high.

I do like MS Flightsimulator and use a wireless Saitek controller.

I also have about 3 dozen RC planes in all stages of construction and destruction.
I have always desired to be a pilot ... when I got my license I was extatic
hehe...that's really awesome. A friend of mine actually recently started taking flight lessons at this local airport near us and seems to be having a really fun time, even though it's pretty pricey...but he seems to really really enjoy them. Smile
Hi all, Im in matric currently and next year I intend on joinging a flying school to clearly become a pilot. Anyone who knows of a good flying school please let me know.
Sorry I forgot to ask, if anyone has experince in flying as a profession, what sort of careers are there. Such as commercial, charters, etc. Is the money good? Are the hours good? Is the still time for a family lifestyle? And anyone know of useful sites I can visit which will help me with this career path. or any books for that matter.
Flying is one of my dreams as well I would love to do it sometime..
Has anyone ever been in a microlight? I reckon its even more thrilling than being in a fixed wing. Theres something about having the wind in your face that you cant match with any big plane.
Hi All

I am from Australia. I have wanted to be a pilot since I was 4. I am now 15 and on my 16th birthday i will be doing my GFPT (General Flying Progress Test) This is basically the half way point to my Private Pilot's License. I hope to go onto the Australian Defence Force specifically the Royal Australian Air Force.

I fly a few different training aircraft some of them being.
1. Zenith CH2000
2. Cessna 172 Glass Cockpit
3. Piper Arrow

Is anyone else here a young flyer with dreams like mine?

I Flew one Time With The Blue Angels And I Enjoyed It Was Awesome And I Would Love to Get my Pilots License And fly On My Own But The time And Money Is A issue.
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