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RTS. Where'd the "S" go?

Recently I've tried a number of RTS games. Star Wars empire at War [6/10], Warhammer 40k [8/10], DragonShard [7/10], Age of Empires 3 [8/10] and there's been something that I've really not been able to understand. How do these games consider themselves strategy?

Most of them are involved with building squads of units, resource control, and minimal base building.
But unfortunately, most of these games have gone the rotue of fancy graphics and no core gameplay. The majority of them you build a squad of units, and attack another squad. Not much micro, which is ok to some degree, and not much strategy involved.
The reason being is that your options tend to be very linear. Squad A defeats B, and C defeats A and B, but D beats ABC. So you do the eventual buildup and find that you come to your all powerful unit that you make the rest of the game and win eventually.

Now lets compare this to War2. People have won games vs lusted ogres with level 5 grunts and cats [think 12 vs 2].
Thats strategy and its interesting.
Albeit some games now I played were sort of interesting, more recently I look at Empire Earth 2. It had some neat strategies with early rushes and defenses, and it was quite interesting. Unfortunately not that many people played it.

Now all those games above are interesting. Warhammer 40k does have some in strategy but not nearly in-depth as a good game of war2 could be.

I just hope someday developers will realize their errors and develop some good strategy RTS's, rather than RTGG's [Real Time Great Graphics].

i agree. i think game makers now-a-days are trying to show what they can do rather than making the game have a good storyline and be interesting.
games these days have a tendency to shift to focus on graphics rather than good gameplay.. might be due to the demands of gamers these days i dunno..

I've been playing alot of RTS games and there has not been many games with a truely Strategy element in it. The strategy element comes in only when the AI is smarter or as smart as you. But i found that usually the different difficulty levels have too big a jump. One level might be too easy but the next level is too hard...

Guess that's why I've moved to online games these days.. much more realistic and exciting pitting urself against human rather than computer. Sadly there isn't any good online RTS game..
I think part if it is that the RTS audience has really drifted towards that formula. Most people just really like that. I can understand how it may feel like a linear progression to the be-all end-all units, but the speed at which you get there is the strategy. The resource management, the defenses, these have all become various forms of strategy.

If you're looking for RTS games that have more combat strategy, I hear the "Dawn of War" games are all about that. An RTS where games are won more in battle, and less in economics. Though I haven't played it personally.
I agree! Heck it isn't even limited to RTS games either, I've seen it in TBS games as well. Has anyone played the new Civilization? It's terrible! I mean it's not totally bad, but it's essentially the same core game with nothing but buffed up graphics (which I really see as serving no real purpose.) I mean I like the Civ series, but I didn't see the need for an overbloated game with fancy schmancy graphics that will barely run on my system. Give us BACK the core "strategy"!
What do you understand under strategy in a RTS game? Do you mean something like Total War where you really have to think how you're going to attack, or more like 'what is the best way to beat my enemies'? There are enough RTS games where I can use different strategies to beat my opponents in the 'what is the best way to beat my enemies'.
I don't normally use strategy, I just send as many butt loads of guys as I can to wipe someone out. Razz
linkman2004 wrote:
I don't normally use strategy, I just send as many butt loads of guys as I can to wipe someone out. Razz

To me, that's what has been happening with games like Warcraft and Starcraft. If anyone has been on recently, you will know that maps like infinite minerals and gas just lead to matches of who can amass the most units as soon as possible with almost no strategy involved. I thought other games like Age of Empires were a bit better at this but not much.
What's funny is Age of Empires is what I'm talking about. Razz Although if I have to I'll use strategy, such as as soon as I get transports I load up some villagers and bring them over to the enemys island to start building up forces there.
Well, it all started years ago when developers decide to mixmatch the genre right?

surely it attract other genres fans, but it make us RTS fannati seems to loose it....
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