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dlink networking puzzle

I have a D-Link DI-624 108G router that gets the primary internet connection from the modem. What i want to do is somehow get the wireless signal upstairs to my bedroom. Now here is the tricky bit, i have tried wireless cards in the past but it has now come to the point where buying more and more wireless cards for all the things that need internet in my bedroom is becomming troublesome, not to mention expensive. So i got to thinking, what if there were a way i could do something, like bridging another router to my existing one and then just feeding out ethernet cables from that base station to all the devices that need to connect. However, for those of you formiliar with the DI-624, it does not support bridging, sadly. So here is my question to all of you. Is there some way i can do this without bridging two routers together, and if so how?

I use the 624....we actually got a repeater for it too, but it has an ethernet port that maybe you could use, I think its jsut to set it up though...Look for something like a wireless bridge from them. It could be that you could somehow set-up another to be a bridge/repeater. Not sure what the exact term would be, but something like that. If your interested the model repeater we have is I said, havn't tried to use it like a wireless->wired bridge, but who knows!

Interested to see what happens!
i was a little confused by what you said there. From what i understand you think that the 624 can be bridged? The review that i read about it said that it could not be. I thought about just getting either that or what they call a wireless access point and see if i could somehow get it to act as an independant wireless card with multiple ethernet ports out.

Does anyone know if this can be done, or if someone can explain the difference between a wireless access point and a wireless router?
I've seen those wireless network extenders, would that work with your setup? Or you could try the Pringles Can Trick, although that's a little "ghetto" for some people. Personally, I find it handy. There's a thread here at frihost about the Pringles Can Wifi Antenna, somewhere.
ok, i think this post is going in the wrong direction. Im not talking about boosting my wifi signal, what i what to know is how i can get my dlink router to connect to another wireless point like either a WAP or router and since my existing router doesn't support bridging is there another way that i can do this? i need multiple computers to be able to be connected to a WAP VIA ethernet cable that would then connect all those computers wirlessly to another router in the house.
I think most other wireless routers can act as a network bridge to extend your coverage. If your modem doesn't support this, it's maybe because it must be the "base station" connected to the modem.

As a rough guide, here's a Netgear config guide to bridging a wireless network.

The basic principle is that a Wireless access point will not work - you would need a router, but you wouldn't need one with a built-in modem.
Put in a cable. It's not as difficult or as messy as people think. Get some Cat5 external grade and run it outside if you don't want to run cable inside your house. Wireless is too slow to start running a load of stuff on it. So put some wire in.

Once you have a cable from the router to your bedroom, you can do what you like then.
lol, actually, its not nesecary any more i scavenged up the house blue prints and found out that the coax to my room runs through a long shaft that goes from the basement to the atic, now i just gotta figure out where in the basement this tube ends up and i can run a wire to my room and do it inside the house.
i can run a wire to my room and do it inside the house.

That's the ticket. Wires are always the best, and don't have you shouting at them when your network traffic slows to a crawl because the moon is in the wrong aspect or somebody turned on a hairdryer Razz

Your only prob, assuming you find the other end, is fishing the wire through the conduit. One way is to sacrifice your coax and use that to draw another length of coax plus your cat 5 up the tube. Hopefully the conduit is not too packed with cables, as it can get pretty difficult pulling wire through a heavily populated conduit.
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