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Samba Linux & IPCOP

hi there, (I fixed the question)
does anyone know how to use samba under linux - using the SWAT web interface?
I only need to share a directory in the samba server for only one host in the network.

let say I have a directory: "/data" on the Samba server, and I want that only one computer, let say the host called "laptop", in the network will full access into that directory. any other computer will have the only read-only access. I do not want to use passords, I only the Samba server to recognize the host and give it full access if it is "laptop".

does anyone knows about samba addon for ipcop?
mcduck2002 wrote:
hi there,
i've two questions:
1) does anyone know how to use samba under linux - using the web interface. i only need to share the directry /whateeverforlder of the user "someuser". how should i do that?
2) does anybody know if there is a samba addon for IPCOP (a linux distro aimed to be used as a router) and where can i get it?
thank you

SAMBA shares become browseable based on you smb.conf file. You also must have an httpd daemon running on the linux host. A series of sym links can make your home folders borwseable via http although I am unsure why you would want to do this.

I have been using IPCOP for many years now. I have not seen a SMB module for IPCOP. What are you try to do with SMB? Adding such feature to a firewall is generally a bad idea as each module/protocol you add requires some port openings to function properly. You could open FTP and perhaps this would help?

ftp has its own problems, for example: long file names oir sometimes filenames with non-ascii characters. for example, you can browse (ls command) and see a directory like "this is my directory", but you can't get into this directory (at least not with my ftp client).
there is another reason why i won't use ftp, i want to map a directory as a drive letter. if i could use nfs to do such a thing, then sure, i would do that! but i don't know of any nfs client for windows that can map a network drive, and of course is freely available.
as for the security problem, i wish i could open the port only for the green side of the ipcop (192.168.1.*), if there is a way to do that or even manualy, you should be sure i would like to hear about it.
eventually i got a samba addon for ipcop, so there is no problem with that, and it maps (i hope i'm using the right word here) the samba http menu into the ipcop http menu (which is nice), but i don't know how to use it.
anyway i found the samba server for ipcop if any of you want the link just tell...
as for security problem, I have a good reason to belive that they is no security hole if the server is opened for the green side - as i mentioned before
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