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Have you ever overloaded your hard drive?

I almost did once. My computer doesn't have a big hard drive, so for me, it was very easy. Anyways, my computer came with 40 GB (36 GB after all the preinstalled programs) I installed too much, and with a year I was able to make that 36 GB into 6 GB. I was shocked to see this. I deleted some of the programs, but knowing me (forgetting to backup), my hard drive crashed and I had to reformat, losing all of my precious data. Luckily, I had one of those cool HP System Recovery Discs, and my computer was up and running again.
Yeah...I have done it, many times.
back in college my pc had a 2 gb hard disk.
upon installing windows 98 and a few more programs, it used to fill up real fast.
that called for desperate measures, I used to delete even a few kb log files (I remember once uninstalling even mspaint to free up some space Laughing )
regular manual disk sweeps were mandatory.

There was even a time when the disk ran out of space in absolute sense (0 bytes free !)

ah...good old days of misery
i still do that once in a while. i have lots of backup images on my HD, so i wont loose any programs, so my HD's get filled up really fast.. and montlhy cleanups are also recomended (with dual boot, i am always formatting one drive or another Razz )

atm i have about 250 GB in HD's and getting crouded in there (bout 6 GB free or something like that, wich should take me a week to fill up)

Be Well Cool
When I had a 40gigs hard disk, in a week it was 360 mb Laughing

Now I bought a 80gigs and I have no problems with it...
Laughing Guys (I assume at list most of you are guys, no hart feelings girs) it was so fun just to see that question.
In my whole life i had trouble with free space amount. No matter how big myne was Embarassed i had some very hard times to say goodbay to some of myne "THE PRECIOUS" bit friends.

Yes, I have done it. I have burned 1 hdd disk. Crying or Very sad But now i have 2 disks and they are perfect Wink
Yeah its pretty easy to run out of HDD space these dayz.

I got 20 GB HDD (i.e. 18 GB after formatting) and always end up reaching 15 GB usage in month or so due to all those downloads and movies

I have evenseen my friends 120 GB being taken to the limit. Shocked
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