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Just a video I wanted to show you

Keep your kids away from the computer.

Are there any German people here who can translate this poor kid's shouting?
LOL.. i dun understand also.. probably his computer is spoilt and he can't play the game he is hooked to.. Very Happy
LOL!!!!!!!!! i saw this before, this is crazy. On the other forum i saw this on they said that his computer was frozen and his enter key fell off.
NoRemorseMusic wrote:
LOL!!!!!!!!! i saw this before, this is crazy. On the other forum i saw this on they said that his computer was frozen and his enter key fell off.

Pretty much. I'm not German, and this guy doesn't really speak in a tone that's easy for a non-native person to comprehend... Wink But anyway... First he's "complaining" that some game won't start ("starte verdammte Spiel!!!" - "begin, damn game!", "O mein Gott, was ist geschehen?" - "Oh my god, what's happened?").

Then he seems to be happy it's starting "Jetzt geht's los, jetzt geht's loooos...". Then he's complaining about lag, and how he must wait longer because of it Wink "Es legt, es legt, und wenn es legt, dann muss man länger warten!!!". Then he tells himself to think positive ("einfach positiv denken").

And then he kills someone (in the game) ("Ich hab' ihn umgebracht! Woohoo!"). Then someone kills him (that's when he REALLY starts smashing the keyboard). And yes, then his Escape key falls off. "Der escape knopf fehlt, wo ist der escape knopf?". Then he starts chanting that he doesn't need any help ("Ich brauch' kein Hilfe"). Etc. etc. etc. Not really as funny when you know what he's saying, which makes it easy to spot that it's staged (well, if you hadn't wondered about the camera in the first place Wink )
Anyway it was funny for me.
Just made a joke with my friend about this video haha

Well, just wanted to share the video with you ^^
He really seems pissed when he's at his computer. Not really all that funny, seems a bit scary. I'm only trying to imagine myself as him doing all that - no way ever. I've had a few times where one of my computers pissed me off, I punched my pillow and yelled out several cuss words, that was about it lol.

- Mike.
so funny this video Surprised Surprised Surprised Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Very Happy Very Happy
Holy CRAP!!!!!
From seeing this video, I have come to 2 conclusions.
(1) The kid staged the whole thing, and was planning on putting in on a funny website.
(2) The kid IS mentally insane, and has a cruel brother/sister/parent that would expose his mentally challenged state.

All in all, Whether it's staged or genuine, that kid is absolutely, positively crazy!
oh man! poooor keyboard, how you gonna move with have the keys missing? lol.

thanks for the clearing up, serge, i was wonderin what the main problem was, heh.
I was watcing the video a second time today. I figured something out.. If my second conclusion is in fact true, then it's not funny at all, AND his family should get him away fromt the computer for the rest of his life. He'd probably suffer serious withdrawl pains, but it'd be benificail, not only for him, but for computer keyboards too. That is of course, provided my second conlclusion is the case. However, if my first conclusion was true, he was probably laughing his head off like crazy when he played it back to himself. He had to be willing to sacrafice a keyboard. He may have figured "Oh heck, this keyboard sucks anyway, and I need to get a new keyboard. I'll make a funny video.Very Happy"

But whatever the case, I stand my ground when I say he's crazy.
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