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Quake Wars: Enemy Territory

i have bean w8ing for quake wars sens before quake4 i realy hope that QW will have more quake feeling than q4 hade but im sure its gona be a bf2 experience but in a future setting. any whey im getting it no reason to stop now sens i have all the other quake titels.
I've seen the video footage and I'm thrilled. When I saw who the designers are - activision (my current fauvorite fps - call of duty 2), id (well known quake series) and finaly splash damage (creators of Enemy Territory which is one of the best fps's and it's also free)

Well I hope the game will be available soon.
it will be some time this sommer woho cant belive i will be abel to waste a nother sommer on quake im sooo happy Very Happy
i cant wait for this

i spent at least 100hours* playing Wolfenstein: ET so Quake Wars = Shocked

*in two weeks at one point i spent 61 hours playing.
wow, this game looks really good, i'm going to have to upgrade my computer because i'm having enough trouble with games as it is
I'm really looking forward to this game but I hope it doesn't need too powerful a machine. Quake 4 is pretty dead online, plenty of servers but no players. I think that's partly because there aren't a lot of people with powerful enough machines to play it.

As a level designer I like to see lot's of people playing, then there's a much better chance they'll look at custom levels.
it will most probebly support 64 pleyer games if thayr gona go up against BF2 and BF2146 (somting like that) yeah and for oss mappers i hope a tool will be bundeld whit the game
Yeah, I really can't wait for Quake Wars to come out. This should have been the multiplayer part of Quake 4 instead of that Q3A wannabe...

BF2146 also looks good in the same type of genre as well.
Yes this game looks the goods. A nice mix of gameplay and cool looking vehicles / strategy, hopefully making a winning experience. At least I hope!
Yeah i'm looking forward too!is it multiplayer? Question
Yes it's multiplayer only, I don't think there'll be any sort of single player experience. No campaign or anything like that.

Apparently they are going to make the interface easy to follow so that noobs who go online have some clue as to how to play, which will certainly be helpful.
I've really been looking forward to game ever since I saw the footage. OMG is the footage pretty, plus I loved Enemy Territory.
Yeah and thers roumers flying around that thay are hidesing a mayor part of the game to be reveald one day before release day

if its just hype or true is to se on that day.. i dont realy belive it tho
I remember reading about this when Quake 4 first came out but they said something about making it free to download. Don't know if they changed their mind or if the whole Enemy Territory line is going to be free. Free is always good Cool
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