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A Computer For Everyone!!!!


The $100 dollar laptop is soon to be into producition, this could possibly mean that a laptop computer will be availble for nearly every single person in the world. From what i have heard there is also going to be an attachment that is a crank and will be able to charge the battery while cranking.

mamby some etheopians will be posting on FriHost now ? Very Happy ?

Please post your own comments about the Good/Bad/Ugly of this
I see it this way, if you buy a $5.00 stereo that's what your going to get...a $5.00 stereo. Same for a computer, if you only spend a hundred bucks on a PC (especially a laptop) I don't think it's going to be all that good. As for the idea of the hand-crank to charge the battery....that's just too funny. The article you posted the link to said that idea (of the hand crank) may have been scrapped. That's a shame, I know alot of geeks out there that could use the excersize Smile

Bottom line, IMHO, you get what you pay for (unless your ripped off), and cheap, or "affordable" doesn't equal quality. Granted, alot of users don't need all the bells and whistles, but I can't imagine a $100 laptop as being very reliable.

Just my opinion.
I'm so confused....the $100 laptop? Is it like a computer laptop like you go online for something, or is it some kid's toy?
I don't see how it's possible. Will it run Windows or some other sort of OS ? If it had Windows on it, then that $100.00 (or more) would have went towards the licensing for the unit. It seems to far unrealistic. I also agree that the hand crank sounds a bit cheesy, as my dad has a handcrank radio that's not that good. You get what you pay for.

- Mike.
I agree, you get what you pay for, i woudn't pay only 100 for one i'd go to apples site and spend alot but, i'd know i could rely on it
and never worry about it crashing
and know i have techinal support waiting when I need it
thats what I think though that dosn't really matter though
it could be a good laptop
it might work really well
but there will always be a doubt on whether or not its worth it or something but thats just me i always spend alot more than what some people would but i KNOW it wont screw up as easily
From what i know it is verry simple, most likly with these specs i bet

13inch lcd max 800x600 display
1 hour battery with plug and possible hand crank
333mhz prosessor
128mb ram
most likly a eathernet port, mamby 1 usb, and powerd by a linux software
Wish that we can get the computer in China.
I have a very old computer,it can't run windows XP,i wish that i can get a new one.
Yeah, that point of the laptop was to bring in technology to schools in third-world countries, not to provide sweet machines for a fraction of thier market value (ie. anything that could really run WinXP). So a search for this project, i think, but don't quote me, that it stared with some guy at MIT and is being backed by a few governments.
Code of Ruin
Hand cranking the battery? Instead of a mouse-arm those people will get a crank arm. The idea is still nice though, to provide a computer for little money to the less fortunate on this globe.

i love it

thanks for your sharing
In France, students can have a laptop for 1euros per days. I think you need to pay that in one year or two. Don't remember.
That's a good idea to sell a 100$ laptop. I'd buy one..
KernEngergi you would not want to buy one of these they are verry bad and would be hard to even browse the internet on
It looks like those educational computer meant for a young kids.. the design is urm.. very artistic.. i wont b interested in buying that..
The colorful design is there not only for the appeal to children, but to discourage black market trading of the laptops. Kids are less likely to have their laptops stolen or have parents try to sell them if nobody wants to buy something that looks so childish.
Interesting. The good thing (possibly) may be the generic nature of cheap parts such as these. The cheapest way to make an LCD like that may be to have it output a standard monitor signal, in which case, it would be easy to mod into a $100 lcd screen Very Happy
I have seen this before, and think its a great idea for connecting up the third world, but i think thats exactly the point. Its going to be third world countries only that can get them. To start off with, dont quote me on it, but im sure thats whats happening.

Seems like a kid toy.
I'm pretty sure there no plans on them being commercially available, so if you're reading this and unless you're planning on doing some traveling in the future, you'll probably never see one of these.
misomichael wrote:
... nobody wants to buy something that looks so childish.

People buy macs. Many think they look childish.
I read it in the news months ago. It for those who really cannot afford a computer or laptop. Since there are still developing countries, where most people are poor and cannot afford a computer, companies are trying their best to make a simple and cheap computer available for these people.
Hmm, those aren't really that bad of specs now that I'm looking at it. So it doesn't come with speakers or a CD drive I'm guessing ? Probably hooks up through USB then to get those capabilities.

Since many people on here are saying that it's for 3rd world countries, I can realize that $100.00 can make those sort of things because those countries operate with much lower rates than we do here in the US of A (or some other country that's higher up than them). I can realize that because it's a lot cheaper to have call centers and some manufacturing plants overseas rathar than here in the states.

It would be interesting to see if that will pop up around here, if it does, I'll give it a go to see how it is. Very Happy

And that's not exactly true, my dad goes to the Flea Market here in Chicago about once a week (sometimes more) and comes across all kinds of things - some true to the word or most others considered to be "smoking hot" or have "fallen off of a truck". I wouldn't be surprised to see if that were to pop up in a Flea Market someday.

- Mike.
this is so cute...
really $100???
Yes, really. Wink
ive seen these at the markets for like $50
It has 500MHZ CPU, Linux, and low memeory, a few GB HDD...But it is something nice, so that all people will be able to have a computer.Also consider using it as a firewall Smile for your main computer...
It looks like a kids logetech toy you can buy out of the catologue i think its called "My First Laptop". Otherwise get leap pad the childerens interactive book lol.
What do you think the worst labtop is in the world
my friend has a pre-pentium laptop under his bed that is the size of, or actually is, a full size briefcase. It's pretty bad.
i think this is the laptop that you are talking about (yes has a crank too :p )
and runs on linux from what i've seen so far
NoRemorseMusic wrote:
From what i know it is verry simple, most likly with these specs i bet

13inch lcd max 800x600 display
1 hour battery with plug and possible hand crank
333mhz prosessor
128mb ram
most likly a eathernet port, mamby 1 usb, and powerd by a linux software

So u can internet with it and play gta 1 Very Happy and more of that light games.
Believe i will buy it with those specs you can also watch videos
So the a good pc for internet, office and media (not hd ofcourse Wink )
I will not be able to run GTA1 nor other little games, cause it will Linux... Smile
You will have to install your own windows if you want it to( i would suggest windows 98se for this computer) Razz
I actually read about this awhile back somewhere. Supposidly, MIT was behind the designing of this thing. However, it is still going to be VERY difficult to produce a $100 laptop. Realistically, even with a 333mhz, 128mb ram, Linux (or Unix, whichever it runs on). I mean, the display itself is going to cost around...$35 or so, a 333mhz Intel PII costs around $30 (unless its a celeron, then its more like $22, which makes more sense), so you have over half the price in 2 components. I also heard that it will use a 4GB flash style drive (I read this in that older article, though I don't see it on their website). I really do support this project...I just think MIT has quite the engineering project on their hands.
iam from egypt

and i would like

to obtain


i hope so

God will


its good topic

thank u for knowledge
Liu wrote:
misomichael wrote:
... nobody wants to buy something that looks so childish.

People buy macs. Many think they look childish.

My point, which you've edited out of your quote, was that the design is partly intended to reduce blackmarket appeal of these laptops. This has already been written about by the designers of the laptops. The handcrank, besides being useful, was part of that idea as well. People who buy stolen or otherwise ill-gotten goods usually don't want those goods to stand out in a potentially incriminating way.
no kidding, it definitely looks like a kids toy.

I heard a while back about an AMD product, i think 5X20, that was similar in shape and concept to a mac mini, but would be affordable to even 3rd world countries. They were evenvisioning a product that could be shared around the world and hopefully spread the advances of technology.
That's a pretty nice laptop for $100.

It makes a lot of sense, most people in third world countries probably can't afford thousand dollar laptops. Of course probably most people here can, but it would be cool to take a look at these laptops Smile
It is a wonderful idea and is comming to fruit, considering the people backing it.

Sure it is simple and comparatively "low tech" but should get the job done of getting started (and maintaining) the possibility of utilising puters.

For people who otherwise would never have the oportunity, lets just hope that the IP Companies jump on that wagon also, so people in remote areas have the possibility as well.

I personally can hardly wait to get my hands on one =))
another thing to add is that, with more people on the internet and having access to computers, also comes greater threats.
This laptop is a great idea. Hopefully the idea will last.....

I beg to differ as the net grows even wider, the peoples connecting have a better chance of interchanging ideas and points of view, you never know it just might improve communication across the globe, thereby making "misunderstandings" (like the Danish toones) harder to exploit.

It has already proven by far, its ability to connect peoples worldwide in business.
yupeng wrote:
Wish that we can get the computer in China.
I have a very old computer,it can't run windows XP,i wish that i can get a new one.

With those system specs, I'm afraid that you won't be able to run Windows XP on it. And I don't think people in Ethiopa will now be posting on Frihost, because they would have to pay for the Internet connection, and I don't think that there are Internet connections everywhere in Ethiopia.
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