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Linux Certifications - Are they worth the hassle and expense

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here. Please be gentle with me.

I've got to take the Red Hat Certified Technician Exam in a couple of months and I'm getting sick and tired of the amount of research and studying i'm having to do to get myself up to the required standard. I know I won't have to use 90% of what I'll learn in order to pass this exam and professionally I'm moving away from the hands on stuff into a more management oriented role. Shall I just not bother?

Any feedback, good or bad on any Linux certs gratefully received. I'd particularly like the views of anyone who's gone down this route and found that it was a good move; it might help motivate me to study a bit harder Smile
Even I am looking for this kind of certification. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you
it will be useful if a majority of companies / the government sector is adopting linux as their operating system.. how much is your country into linux? if linux is considered quite popular, it surely will benefit u if u take the exam for a certificatiton.. however though, if majority of companies and government sector runs Micro$oft Winslows, no offense, but i guess it wont do much help..
I have to be careful what I say here, but I work for a major European Government in an fairly low level IT capacity. That cryptic enough for you? hahaha. Basically I manage a network of about 300 desktops and 9 servers in a secure environment, 6 servers of which are Linux. In relative terms we have lots of Linux at the location I work at compared to other sites BUT we are moving to a standard platform across the whole of the branch of government I work for and that platform will be a Microsoft one. Frankly I'm amazed that an enviroment which has security as the be all and end all of everything it does should implement wholesale a proprietary, insecure, expensive, un-reliable platform which is also in the complete control of a foreign [albeit friendly] government. Moreover, in February next year I will be outsourced [just as the rest of the IT industry is insourcing!] to the Atlas Consortium; that means EDS. Again, an American company and what's more, one owned by a gentleman called Ross Perot, a man who's politics lie somewhat to the right of Ghengis Khan. I guess in the near future our nice secure, reliable Linux machines will be binned for W2K3 and the abortion that is Exchange Server. Madness. But what do I know, I'm just the guy the who understands how all this stuff works.
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