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I cycle an average of 40km (30 mi) per trip (about 3-4 hrs).
I'm trying to get into cycling but I don't know how to hook up with a group or a cycling team. I have a customized '89 Steelman, what do you know about this?

What type of repair kits should I buy? What types of pants and clothing?
I love cycling, I used to cycle all the time but my bike broke and I just got rid of it. But I just bought a new bike at the weedend, for next year when I go to uni. The cheapest, more fun and healty way to travel. We are going cycling in Europe this summer and I can't wait.
Likewise I'm taking my bike down to uni for next year as I am living on campus. Looking forward to getting back into it a bit, it's great when you've got your bike set up just right.
Pyro Man
I ride a 2005 Lowrider Regal, i have done over 400 miles since June. It is designed for town, but i live in the country so I ride it into town on dirt tracks, so it gets a lot of wear. I like it though its a great bike.

It has:

Chrome U-handle bars
Chrome pedal guard
Chrome sissybar and rear bumper/fender
Chrome mudguards
Chrome 48-spoked wheels with chrome hubcabs and white walled tires
Chrome wing mirrors, Chrome Bell
Candy Black frame
Black velour banana seat
A large beverage holder
Front Brake (pull brake) (Disc Brake) which is broken, soon to be fixed
A rear pedal back brake (Drum Brake)
and chrome suspension spring, with chrome forks and fittings
Chrome kick-stand

It needs t-cutting, it has scratches on it.
I'm into bike racing.

I do Road Racing, mountain bike racing, Track racing, time-trialing. But mostly Road Racing.

I do about 15 hours of cycling a week, and am racing once or twice a week at the moment. This will increase to 2-3 in a couple of months.

here's me racing last year.
i am study in a bit city ,i just have a bad and old bike,and have not much time to make a cycle.

How long can you last in a good crosscountry cycle? After 4 hrs me ass is worn out...

Have you been cycling all your life...? I'm thinking of getting into big competitions when Irish weather starts to improve. I only cycle when the sun shines (not as often in Ireland), and when the weather is warmer. When I'm doing crosscountry 40mile treks I need to take breaks. I love freefalling down mountains where it's safe (at least my wacky perception of being safe freefalling down a mountain).

a few times I've walked my bike up a mountain and freefalled down just tapping the brakes to make sure I don't lose control...
i also like cycling, to work and back
i like cyclingaround town in the summer, stopping by the beach and main street etc. I'm thinking of doing it competively in college
How long can you last in a good cross-country cycle?

I'm not really sure, as I have never done a crazy long event. Probably 12 hours? I know several 24hour racers, but they're well 'ard.

Have you been cycling all your life...?

Yes, but in varying degrees of dedication.

You should see if there are any cycling clubs near you. It will make it far more fun.
i also like cycling Laughing
Cycling is my favourite sport. I'm cycling everyday except some days.
.::idealist::. wrote:
Cycling is my favourite sport. I'm cycling everyday except some days.
What is the farthest you have ever rode one at a time? I seen people that rode them one weekend and was talking to them and they said they went through like 3 states (like 50+miles)
soon spring will march in so i just bought a new pump. can't wait to ride for a long route.. hit the road jack, and don't u comin' back no more, no more, no more, no more;]
Just to tell you something it is spring now! Get to riding! Very Happy Officialy spring started yesterday. March 21st.
I am so glad spring/summer is coming. I love cycling, it is one of the most challenging sports.

I own a 2001 style Bianci Volpe. Its a good speedbike for cycling, certainly good for local competitions and races. I live in a fairly hilly area so I get a good workout every saturday morning!
I have a friend who never did anything but work. One day he suddenly decided to join a cycling club. They don't race, but go touring around the countryside. Talk about a new person. He has become a cycling fanatic and now has lots of new friends.
I can't cycle! I am trying to but I am too lazy! I can never be bothered to go outside unless in a emergency. Embarassed
Cycle commuter here. I ride the 10 miles to and from work on my new Ironhorse Urban. Just about the only exercise I get.
I bike from my dorm to my classes all the time. Very Happy

Other than that I don't cycle that much. I ocassionally go out for 2 or 3 hours with some friends around the bike paths around Santa Barbara on the weekends, but it has been a while since we've done that.
I cycle just in our small city (you could say town)! I cycle for fun, and for not get so fat Razz All this cycling thing was my girlfriends idea. But i like it now!
Sorry for my english.
I cycle on a bmx bike that has parts from my 3 favorite companies. Haro, Mongoose and Diamondback Very Happy Mongoose frame and tires/rims. Haro seat, diamondback grips and handlebars. Goes fast, I use it 5 times a week, at least 20mi each time I get out. I dont need a racing or mountain bike Not talking BMX looks cooler and is faster to me Cool
BMX's look really fun. I've only ridden one once and it was pretty fun, although very very slow.
Lance Arm Strong
I cycle twice a week 70-90 km

next year I go in a team
I cycle in excess of 50 miles a week.
I cycle every day to work and when ever esle I get the opportunity.
My 2-year-old child has just started coming out with me on a seat attched to my bike.
It's so much better than driving a car both for health and wealth reasons, not to mention the problems of pollution and congestion caused by car divers.
I have an aluminium cross-country cycle from Decathlon.
She’s very light weight and everything works fine with it.
Three weeks ago I went cycling for 15 miles.

I regret I have no time to enjoy it more.

Once cycled around the Sea of Galilee in Israel. It was awesome, and highly recommended for anyone visiting that part of the world, especially in spring/autumn (March/October).
Being in a country where the bicycle is almost the most common way of transport - I hate cycling. I have to do it everyday haha. Ah well, at least I don't have to pay for fuel or anything. It's cardio as well so I guess that's cool. The reason I hate it, is because I don't have any other options of transport at the moment.

I've broken 3 bicycles in 1 year by the way. One got hit by a car, the second bike my front tire snapped and the third... I forgot. Anyway, I've been through a lot of bikes. I traumatized my dad many times as well, when I got home with a broken bike.
I like cycling too, it's interesting and I feel very free while I am cycling. What type of bicycles do you have? Are there any difference among those bicycle. I do not own a bicycle, however, I will rent a bicycle if I want to go cycling. I live in Hong Kong, and HK's size is very small actually, so how can I cycling? Many people may think that Hong Kong is full of tall buildings and it's an internation city, which does not have much space for cycling. However, there are two famous place for cycling in HK. One is Cheung Zhou, an island which foreigners like very much. We can ride bicycles and swim there. In New Territories, there are many "Bicycle Path" which surround some parks and towns, which is for people to relax and enjoy the sea views, natural enviroment, etc. So I like to suff around there.
Game Fortress
I have to go on a 14 mile bike ride. Thats really not long at all, but considering I havent touched my bike in a year, it will probably kill me.
I haven't ridden or owned a bike in years, but I'd like to. I rented a bike last week and went for a nice ride on a nature trail next to an old canal. I just wish I wasn't so frightened of riding on the road with traffic.
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