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300 FREE Backlinks - Climb The Ranks!

Don't pay for links. Don't pay for submissions.
Get your kid brother to do them, or do them yourself. Heres how:

First of all:

Download this program:

It lets you program your keyboard. This will save you enormous amounts of time typing. Lets say you are the owner of and you want backlinks. You sell oranges. Program your keyboard with a tiny script you write, appended with the extention .ahk.
Looks like this:

#F1::Send Oranges - Valley Fruit Suppliers - Fresh Orange Juice
#F2::Send Valley Fruit Suppliers - Your Source for Oranges
#F3::Send Oranges! Oranges! Oranges!
#F4::Send Oranges and Orange Juice
#F5::Send oranges, orange juice, freshly squeezed orange juice
#F7::Send Oranges and Orange Juice - Grade A Orange supplier Valley Fruit offers Orange Products!
#F8::Send Valley Fruit Suppliers offers fresh oranges and orange juice to retailers across North America!
#F9::Send Your Name

This is the autokey script. Replace the terms and descriptions with those that would apply to your site. Notice there are several descriptions and Titles - you want to mix it up a bit - don't built 100 identical backlinks - vary them (For Google). Use an email that is a POP3 from your actual domain if at all possible! Remember human editors will view these links - take your time to do them right OR YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME COMPLETELY! Keep your keyphrases prominent in the TITLE ALWAYS. Very important! Do not stuff the title full of keywords, keep it realistic. Don't use fake emails!

What I do is switch my 19" monitor over to 1280x1024 mode. I run three windows vertically tiled - in one I have the current directory I am applying to for a backlink. In the second window, I have a list of all the directories. in the third I have Notepad with my .ahk script - a reminder of what hot key does what.

Heres my directory list:

Read my BLOG's latest on Backlinks for an overview on creating effective backlinks.

Remember - don't be lazy with it - vary them!

Google will ignore them all, if they are 100% identical. My rule of thumb is I do 100 directories (usually 25 an hour) then I completely rewrite the script (by shutting down hotkeys, and reloading a different one). Then I hve a whole new, varied btch of Titles and descriptions. Then I do 100 more, repeating that process. Once you've spent a whole day doing it, you'll have 2-300 backlinks in the process of creation. You'll notice MSN picks them up the fastest but Yahoo reports them the most accurately. Google takes forever. You can clinmg to Top 10 at VERY quickly with this method but remember - that TITLE HAS TO BE YOUR KEYWORDS!!!! IT'S THE LINK TEXT!!! WITHOUT YOUR KEYWORDS IN THE TITLE PART OF THE SUBMISSION THIS PROCESS IS USELESS!!

Goodluck, and ask me if you don't understand.
well how much one should vary titles and deecription for backlinks ? is it necessary though to vary backlink titles and descriptions ? will google ignore them if they are all the same ?
I think it's quite possible to trip Google spam filters by getting too many backlinks at once. 25 links an hour? I have my doubts about submitting to directories at that rate.
little giant your worrying for nothing.

This is why:

a) you submit to 25 directorys in a an hour.

b.) some days later an editor gets around to adding you to the directory.

c.) many days or weeks later - google, et msn and all find these links.

It's not an instaneous process.
15,000 new LIVE links in a day would be risky.

An yes it happens.

All SEO companies who do directory submissions do a fair number ina day.

I'll do 25 and hour for a couple hours, a week later ill do the same. whenever I have time. bottom line this IS human speed. they are done manually.
Vary them as much as humanly possible and as time permits. Hundreds of exact backlinks is now, not a good thing, according to Google experts. Even directory links, as a whole, have been downplayed in their impact. They do however producing quick and reliable results at MSN and YAHOO where thei algorithms are less strict.
I'll do 25 and hour for a couple hours, a week later ill do the same.

Oh well that's a lot different. I thought you were talking about doing 25 an hour for, say, 4 or 5 hours every day.

Although I do know that many SEO companies, do, do that. You have to remember, if you submit to a directory - that directories' admin may get back to your request immediately, then create the link, in an hour. Another may take a 3 days. Athird, a month, and a fourth may not get around to it for 3 months. It creates a natural, slow, human process. The fact that 100's of submission for inclusion were made in one day, is never known by Google. And most of these directories don;t exactly get on it, lightspeed. None are automated! So it's pretty safe. Just the same - I'd go bonkers making links for eight hours straight!!! I prefer to spread it out, I think it's more natural, but I don;t think it'd be too big of a deal if you create many in one day, so 100-200.

If you physically created 100-200 backlinks in a day, that'd be a different thing, but you are not doing that - you are merely submitting.
Yeah you definitely got a point there but I'd always be worried about that one-in-a-million off chance that a big chunk of my 100-200 directory submissions got suddenly accepted all on the same day. I agree with you, it's highly unlikely but when it comes to SEO, I hate to take even the slightest chance. It's hard enough to get good standings in Google as it is.
Thanks kcarring , i ll check this out.

Well i don't want to do mass submissions. but 25 links in day is OK but not 25 everyday. also not the same description. Sudden increase of back links with same description would get fishy.
Truth is...

Directory submission have a lot less weight in the SERPS as they used to. Your best to REALLY VARY your descriptions and Title as much as humanly possible. If you can't find an "on topic" page - don't even bother submitting. Another thing is, as you submit sites, keep track of which ones gets created more quickly - which ones Google bothers picking up, or not at all. Google generally ignores website directories that are newer, and hosted on a dynamic IP. Also, google tends to "not think much of" newer directories that are in a subdirectory. The exception to these rules are, however OLD WELL ESTABLISHED directories and or sites. Age is playing a much bigger factor these days.

MSN on the other hand picks up directories fast and furiously and from my experience is still giving a lot of weight to the "total number" of links. Another wierd thing is, MSN will for smaller keyword competition for example (TOWN + REAL ESTATE) give credit to a site with keywords in the domain + a lot of links - over a more established site, with much more bonafide content. For example, a website with 3 pages + 800 baclinks and keywords in the domain, can beat out a site that's been around for 8 extra years, has 40 excellent on topic pages/theme and only 200-300 backlinks. Quite the opposite from Google! This could, however, change soon. We'll see what happens with !

Heres my directory list:

What happened to your dir list?? the link is not working.
Good Question!

I'll have to check into that when I have a moment!
Blackhat SEO techniques like this can get you banned from Google, though... Is it really worth it?
Blackhat techniques like what? Directory links? They are not blackhat... ?!
kcarring wrote:
Blackhat techniques like what? Directory links? They are not blackhat... ?!

This is surely a black hat technique if the person wears black hat while submitting to directories Laughing
Google's blogging system, has deemed long pages of just links, "spam" and therefore my list has been blocked. If you would like to have a copy of the list, contact me directly.
Right, won't I get "Google-Blacklisted" Confused
you can find link directories from

Seo Friendly Directory List
Can anybody give a list of free directories?

I think we need to make a new topic to list all of them too!!
redice wrote:
Can anybody give a list of free directories?

I think we need to make a new topic to list all of them too!!

you can find link directories from

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