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Olddest Console you own

What is the olddest console you own and which still works.

Mines is the delightful - Sega Master System
and then the original Game Boy as handheld console.

I've still got an original "fat" gameboy. And I got a free Master System from a game shop a while ago, but it didn't work and was full of bits of paper. Confused
I have an old atari with the joystick and donkey kong back from the 80's along with the NES.
Mine is sadly a xbox 360 Confused
My little brother steals all my old consoles, if I don't give them to him he moans all day.
Atari with controllers, joystick, 25 games+++. I also have the first Nintendo released, 3 game titles only though. Haha, I dumped those in the storeroom, they all still work. Sega 16-bit too Smile
the nes i guess. which one of them is oldest i dont know though ;P

need to get my hands on som segamachines.
how about an ATARI and a famicom? I still have both! Laughing
I still have the old GameBoy "Large". (Was it the oldest handheld console?)
My good old NES.

It takes quite a bit of elbow grease to get it to work, though. Razz
the OLD nintendo, the one with the rectangle game cartridges. It has two controllers which are flat. With a arrow pad and two a and b buttons. I got the gun extension for it, to play that duck shooting game. Oh the old days, i even have some home videos where i was playing it and man was i excited when i bought the game.
Yar, mine are also the huge rectangular chip games. XD And also, I still got my good old Apple Computer that can only run floppy discs. How weird am i? But sadly that doesn't work anymore. The reader is spoilt. Very Happy
I have a commador 64 in the closest haven't touched it in years. The oldest that I still play with is my atrai.
I've gone through a lot in the last few years.

Commodore 64 (liked street fighters) - remember those tapes
PC with Win 3.1 (liked Prince of Persia) - And those 5" floppy disks
Mastersystem (liked a few)
Megadrive (liked Sonic the Hedgehog)
PC with Win95 (liked Doom)
Nintendo 64 (liked super mariokart)
Game Boy (large) (liked donkeykong)
PC with Win98 Intel PentIII (liked age of empires II AOK)
Playstation II (liked Gran Turismo 3)
Brand New laptop (Currently SimCity4)
I own a Nintendo ... No name, the first nintendo ever!
My oldest console, is probably the Sega Mega Drive
mines colecovision
Good ol' NES. Very first system too.
After I sold my NES (actually, it was a Phantom System, a Brazilian clone of NES, since it wasn't sold here), my oldest console is a SNES, and I'm very proud of it.
I have a NES sitting next to me. Speaking of which, I think it's time for some GnG Smile
the oldest thing I remember is the atari. I still play it every now and then. Also I had something that came out around the same time, I just cant remember the name at the moment. Also I have the old nes and such, also played every now and then. Personaly I think old games tend to be a bit better, because they dont rely on allmost only graphics( either becuase they couldnt or something). The only problem is its hard to find games and such... other than ebay, because no one sells them... oh well... may hours of enjoyment and more to come.
Oldest thing I HAD was original NES. Then that didn't work so I trashed it. Now the oldest thing (that works) is Super Nintendo. I still play it sometimes (The Donkey Kong games rule on it). I've also got an old Gameboy, black & white screen, also got Donkey Kong for that.
I loved my Nintendo. Too bad it doesn't work after I jammed the cartridge slot a few times. Crying or Very sad
Mine is GameBoy Colour Razz.. Followed by my Playstation1 Followed by my GameBoy Advanced then my PSP Smile..
the fat handheld gameboy Cool
I have the oldent nintendo console. I have like 50 games for it. Its pretty cool but i dont play it much. Im gonna try to sell it but its probaly worthless
Commandore 64! Very Happy
Well, it's actually my brothers but I have it Razz
Then I have the NES and SNES but those are his too.
But my own oldest console must be the sega mega drive.
Sonic ftw.
I have an Nes... okay my brother bought it but he lets me play it occasionally. Razz
ooooh my friends.
The oldest consol I own is the NES.
I'm so proud to say that I own it too.
It comes just a wee short of favorite (favorite being the SNES of course).
I love it so much in fact that I've learned to program for it.
I love games.
Viva la NESASM.
family computer
I've got you all beat: I have the original Pong console. The first production video game ever.
The only sound it makes is from an internal speaker (much like the one in your computer).
Here's one very simular to mine:
For handheld I have a Sega Game Gear and for console Super Nintendo
The only console i own is a Sega Megadrive Smile the greatest consol.... with Golden Axe Cool
Magnavox Oddyssey.

Okay, not really.
I have a binatone, it's very like Pong but a bit more flexible, it's like 70's I think. It's kicking around my room somewhere.

Also I have my Sega Master System and my Mega drives (1 and 2... fairly pointless). I love the retro-ness as I missed out on the early nineties to an extent and sonic most importantly I play them now as well as new games.
Atari then second lodest ill have to say is Original nintendo, and that big ass white gameboy they made.
Oldest console is the NES, sadly I haven't been able to get my cartridges working on it anymore.
My father still has his old atari up in the attic, with several games lying about. We bring it down about every two years and have fun. Very Happy

But for me, the oldest console I own would be my Nintend 64 and Gameboy Pocket. I still have tons of games for both and every once in a while I go back to them. It brings back so many memories. Smile
I have a normal Nintendo NES
Nintendo 64 here, with a Game Boy Advance lieing around somewhere. ((I even have the gold Pokemon collectors edition GBA, but its screen doesnt work. Sad))
I've got this old little orange thing called Game & Watch. It features the likeness of donkey kong and the mario brothers. how old is that anyway? must be 80s i think. And yes, the thing still works. I had to change the batteries for it the last time I tested it, but it still works. Smile
The orignal nitendo is over my mommoms. The games are so easy and have hardly no story line. The controlers are awesome and much nicer then now a days.
The good ol' MSX, the only way to play the original Metal Gear games.

*Edit: Except for the expansion to MGS3, MGS3: Subsistance.
I don't know if a Game Boy (you know, those old grey ones) is a 'console', but I have one anyway! And I have a Playstation too (PSX.)
I think the oldest I still have is 3 working NES systems. I have so many games for them, I don't want to think about trying to count.
NES, unless you count the Atari that doesn't seem to work anymore.

I agree with Blaster about controllers. My favourite is the PSX controller for sure.
Arnie wrote:
NES, unless you count the Atari that doesn't seem to work anymore.

I agree with Blaster about controllers. My favourite is the PSX controller for sure.

That is because there are like 5 buttons. Now you have like 15 buttons unless you get an x box then it is like 20. Why can't it just be simple again!?!?!
PSX has four main buttons, but also R1/R2/L1/L2, Start, Select, and arrow keys. The good thing is they're positioned logically and not too fancy / futuristic / whatever. Another dumb thing about recent controllers is they're so huge you can hardly hold them.
Are you talking about the Madcatz ones? Because I have to get some after my original ones broke. And my PS2 altogether has gone to the scrapheap. No more SC3 for me.
Arnie wrote:
PSX has four main buttons, but also R1/R2/L1/L2, Start, Select, and arrow keys. The good thing is they're positioned logically and not too fancy / futuristic / whatever. Another dumb thing about recent controllers is they're so huge you can hardly hold them.
Could you not press down those analog sticks, or you didn't recieve a dualshock when you bought a console? Hmm.. now thsi is strange, I remeber I didn't got one but my friend did Confused
I didn't really like dualshock. Normal worked better for me, even in GT.
The oldest thing that I still have is a Nintendo 64, but the cartridge slot is very sensitive, so it takes a while to finally get it to sit right. I also have a Gameboy (Pocket, I think), but somewhere along the line the screen cover broke off and got lost.
We got a Super NES and N64. But I got a bunch of Emulators w/ ROMa for Nes through N64 and general Arcade that I got from a friend. Medal Slug is the best game ever!
I've only ever had one console, the Microsoft Xbox Smile
I have old Commodore 128 !! It rulez
I have a sega genesis. I lost the power cable but i have like every game for it Smile
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