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Rome Total War

now anybody loves the rome total war strategy game...

post your screenshots here and some tips regarding this game... Very Happy
I love the game at a "conceptual" level because it is just so deep and oozes with strategic decision (both on the world map level and the real-time battles). However, I just can't seem to get "over the hump" and get any good at the darn game. I understand the basics of how to play, but the difficulty level excalates very quickly and I quickly start losing my towns/villages to far superior AI opponents (mostly on the world map, I tend to hold my own in the RTS battles).

So it's sort of a love-hate relationship... Smile
TRW is a superb game! What most people find hard (especially if coming from other games like Civ) is the diplomacy part. You can't parade around all the time, sometimes you have to kiss some ass if you want to keep in reasonable shape.
i got this game for my bday i have to tell ya its pretty friggin awesome with the army and all but its quite challenging
i lovED this game, but after a while it gets boring. However, i keep all my games backed up, so I should have a copy of this lying around somewhere. I might just start playing again L)
This Game is for the one who loves history... thats why i love this game
and the strategic mind need for this game.... Laughing
Rome Total war is just about my favorite strategy game, the detail on the landscape strategy map is amazing and quite interactive. However i agree it can quickly get to a very difficult point where three other empires attack, your best general dies and you cities riot.

For me though the best part are the real time battles and the most enjoyable and its rewarding playing a game where each individual unit type has its own strengths and weakness's to learn and exploit.

My final point i have to make is that while i loved the online community for Medieval Total War the multiplayer battles in Rome TW aren't nearly so good.

I loved Rome: Total War. I remember playing the long version of the single-player campaign and near the end, when I only needed to capture a couple more regions, half of my cities rebelled and I had to either raise armies in neighboring cities to destroy the units that turned on me or buy off my own people again with diplomats.

I also like the historical accuracy and strategy parts of the game. In history class I learned about one of the battles that you can do in Rome: Total War, and when I followed the strategy of what actually happened in history I ended up with a heroic victory.
This games is really nice. I've got it too,and enjoyed playing it for a long, long time. In the beginning, it's very easy. But when you're getting a bit further, you need a lot more strategy and diplomacy to win, and that's very realistic, and I like that.
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