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World of Warcraft

So this is kinda like a survey I guess...
For those of you that play WoW, I wanna know what you like.

Do you play alliance or horde? Why?

What race you do you like best? Why?

What character class do you like best? Why?

What's the most annoying part of the game?

And of course, how long you've played, your character levels/types and even your server if you want Smile

Me? Well, I started off alliance, but then I realized horde is more my thing. I've got a 60 NE druid from those days.. I deleted my other alliance characters (none to 60, but most pretty close).
My favorite race would have to be Tauren. I love the warstomp, plus the herbalism bonus is great since herbs/pots sell for so much. My main currently is a lvl 60 tauren shaman on stormrage. I'm a little pulled between shamans and druids for my fav character class. They're both soooo convenient. I've never bought a mount! lol
Anywho, most annoying part of the game: the barrens. nuf said lol
I've been playing for almost 2 years? Not quite sure now heh. I've got a bunch of other characters, but only two lvl 60s. I took 6 months off because.. no reason really. I'm just not addicted to the game like most lol.

Anywho, yeah.. I just made a mage and looking for opinions on speccing it too. He's undead. So if you have some advice, pm me!

Well, I have a lvl60 Troll Mage on Spirestone. Chose horde, because my friends were all horde, so that was the logical choice. Don't know why troll, it didn't really matter. As for mage, mages are awesome. Kinda sucks having to wait for mana every time, but the array of spells and the damage you deal is definitelly worth it. Also, think about how easy it is to get around with portals.

The most annoying part of the game for me are paladins and gnomes. Paladins 'cause of their stupid shield. It's like fighting two of them in a row. And gnomes, because they are so hard to click on especially if they keep jumping around.

I personally speced 31 arcane/0 frost/20 fire and it's rather nice combining arcane power with presence of mind for the win. Although I'd have to admit that my damage is not very high. So far y highest crit was 1900 or so. Yesterday a frost mage did 3900 damage to my friend. That's just sick.
Hyjal 60 Mage,
Started Alliance from a small guild and grew to very big then we had a guild switch witch left me in a small guild again. But I'm comming to relize that PvP for alliance is a pain. We get 4+ hour queue times. So I'm going to roll a few horde guys to feed my pvp.

I spec'ed the arcane fire like above my highest crit was 2100 + burn damage. I guess its all about the gear to get max crits.
WoW has got nothing on GUILD WARS, baby!!!! Thats right. I said it. Guild Wars. If you pansies can't take the G Dubs heat, get out of that Role-Playing kitchen because Guild Wars spanks WoW like an angry mom on a screaming child in the back room of a church....
god. lol. i could kill WoW. my boyfriend is glued to it. he's under mdkhaos on the xfire service if for some reason any of you are interested.
Xanon, Tauren shaman lvl 60 on Shadow council, coleader of Death Before Dishonour- I gotta say, I love the Horde compared to alliance! Glad to see there are other wowers on here
Many toons on many servers... too many in fact.
I've been in it since launch day.
I think I prefer rogues and druids above all classes. I tend to solo a lot and these 2 classes fit my play style best.
I like trolls for their tusks and retarded comments, but my undead rogue gets more playtime than my troll rogue for some reason.
NE Druid is my second favorite combo.
My least favorite part about the game, other than running everywhere until you hit lvl 40... I'd say is Barrens Chat, or the ever more frequent Spam Bot in Orgrimmar trying to sell something no one wants for 600G...
wow sucks

battlefield 2 is a lot better Cool
i did play WOW for a while and just didnt get it at all. i thought that its release would mean that the term RPG could actually be applied to a computer game.

i thought that it would be a substitute for a game like D&D, turns out i was completely wrong. WOW is a game where you run in and do repetitive tasks over and over for points. there are very few things that you can interact with, like objects in a room etc. most of the fight are exactly the same procedure to go through. and the NPCs are pathetic there is no personality in the game whats so ever. i was really disappointed in WOW and it has put me off massive games like that!

anyways rant over...nothing will ever replace a d20...
Do you play alliance or horde? Alliance because thats what my friends wanted when we started

What race you do you like best? NightElf of course lol
What character class do you like best? Rogue

What's the most annoying part of the game? Raiding

And of course, how long you've played, your character levels/types and even your server if you want: Darkspear and Icecrown. Had a 60 rogue that I MC'd with, a few lowbies up to like 30...
I prefer Alliance. Why? Because horde is ugly, and I'm a vain lil girl.

And I like nightelves. Also because they're the best looking ones in the game. And tall, unlike me. =D

I have a level 29 nightelf hunter. I just started playing about two weeks ago, so that's my highest level so far, though things are looking good, because normally I get bored with games before I even reach level 10.
Well I have played everything from EQ to WOW, City of Villians, Shadowbane, DaoC, D&D.
They all have good and bad points, Some if not most are boring in the long run, they seem to consist of doing the same thing over and over again, But, WOW seems to have put a little more thought in the end game, for those that get into any game and "Don't get it" it is because they are only scratching the surface. They fail to get into the story line, and if RPG is your cup of grule, well play on a RP server, where that is done. Now as to me and WOW
I play Hord, have been good all my life, nice to play an evil toon now and again, I play Undead, I have a Rogue, Mage and Shammy .
I like Ganking peeps, Nuking Mobs and helping other players.
Love the pvp set up in WOW, DaoC has a good pvp too, but I like the Graphics in WOW better, as to those of my DaoC friends who scream at me ITS A CARTOON!!! Ummm they all are cartoons you noob!

Katdabik 52 Undead Rogue
Guild Wars sucks butt sweat, as an over all game it is not to bad as a free game. Being that it is a Free Game it has no growth room. ANd as soon as the developers figure this out you will see a price tag.

All games rule as long as they keep you from doing stupid crap in real life, and you don't let the game rule you , you rule the game.
A little poem about paladins:

I'm a paladin, short and stout
Here is my hammer, here is my mount
When I see a Horde char, then I shout
Pop! My sheilds up I hearth out.

I used to play WoW but it got too pricey.
I was alliance and horde.. Because my friends used them.
I was a rogue.. Because I liked how they did most damage but I also had a high level shaman.
I started as nightelf for my rogue.. Because of warcraft 3, nightelves just seemed agile and... duh it's a rogue!
My shaman was orcish, but only because it just made sense for a shaman to be orc.

These days I play Guild Wars and I'll get factions too soon... Until when I have more money I'll get burning crusade (if it's out).
WOW seems great but I'm afraid to start playing it. I fear that if I get too involved I'd spend too much time and money on it. Perhaps after I get married, if my wife and I want to play, it'll be something we could try to do together. I've heard of couples that do that. We'll see!

And I'm sure you can find topics about it there Wink.

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