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Afraid Of Love

Once ago I believed loved, Until one night things got out of hand. So I stop believing in love and relationships I can't stand. I have touched so many hearts and so many have fallen in-love because of my warming words but they don't hear when I cry out and don't know how badly I been hurt. They ask me to be the one for them but I'm afraid that love might hate again a friend is all I can ever be but they still don't understand. my honesty, my kindness, and my beauty it cause them to love me even more but they don't know that I'm afraid of love
I threw love out my heart and it still knocks at my door. My mind is all twisted; my eyes are filled with tears and I made a mistake loving one of my friends I told her I would never leave her and be there to the end.Not only that, others love was growing for me and I didn't know how to stop it.
But none of them didn't know that I was afraid of love some how this had to quit. so, one night... I sat down and wrote this poem to let all my friends know that I can't be their lover, only friend cause I have been hate before and I be damn if it happens again. No one knows my pain, no one hears my cry no one feels the way I feel, and no one is RIGHT HERE NOW to dry my eyes no one could replace the memories I had with the one I did loved it's hard for me to put my trust in another and give them the stars above. So friends,... do y'all hear me cry now love is not meant for me. Love me for your and only friend stop thinking that we are might to be. I can do good on my own cause my life, y'all wouldn't understand Please, if you love me love me as your friend. I am afraid of love and I'm afraid to hurt you. Friendship is what you won, but a relationship from me is what you will always lose. Embarassed
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