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Spring is on its way

Never, in my past, have I been so excited to see spring. We have had a mild winter so it is interesting that I have so much eagerness to see spring.

To me spring is a new beginning...a rebirth...Here in Toronto, the leaves come back to the trees, the sun sets in a different direction, and the downtown core comes alive. To me, its a time to shed off your old winter blues and enjoy life again.

What does it mean for you. Where are you from, and what changes happen when the weather gets better. If spring is not your favourite time, what is?

What are your plans to make this the best summer you have ever had?

Just curious

We seem to have reached that weird time of year in Scotland.

The mild wet winter is over, and it's very sunny here in Glasgow. But just a bit further North the snow is causing havoc. In Scotland we get the wet winter, a snowy Feb/March, then a sunny spring. So we are in the snowy bit, the spring can't be that far away.

And yes, I'm really looking forward to it. I wanna get out there and climb some mountains. As the weather becomes more reliable that will become more possible!
I too cant wait for spring because in spring is the outdoor track season and I love track. I'm not one of those track nerds that runs all the time, I jump, but trak meets are basically a social event and i have lots of fun at them

And my team should be good this year, as my class is the best class we have every had, scoring most of the points last year as sophomores and now we are juniors Smile
It has been a very mild winter here also, but as I type this it is snowing like there is no tomorrow Sad

I can't wait for spring to arrive. I never much cared for winter, except when I was very young....snow is a blast if you don't have to shovel out your car. Spring and Fall are my own personal favorite times of year. Not too hot, not too cold, but comfortable all around.

Here is a question.....If Spring is the time of rebirth is Fall the signal of the death of the year? Or is Winter the death of the year? Just curious.
I hope it gets warmer soon. It's been bitterly cold over here, even had a bit of snow recently. I want the sun back!
Yes I'm completely happy spring is coming too!

Sadly though we didn't get any snow here all winter, then all of a sudden it comes right when we all just want to enjoy some sunshine. My town gets super ugly in the winter so I really want the leaves on the trees back.
It's forecast to be (-13 - -15) degrees on my weekend... Not particularly looking forward to it, lol.
i just want some damn sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool
well a few weeks ago i had alot of snow and ice the wind chill was in the negatives that was pretty cold
spring however, living in tornado alley is exciting tornados are cool
and the warmer weather
chicks in bikini's
etc. fun fun fun
but i'll be working haha
It would be warm
and we can go outside and enjoy ourselves
don't need stay at home Razz
wow.. i'm in a tropical country.. there are no four seasons.. summer all year round.. Sad it muz b realli fun to hav snow..
wet and warm
but it suddenly get cold these days in Hong Kong
strange enough ah?
Here is Florida we really don't get winter..maybe a couple of light freezes, but that's it. I'm personally a fan of autumn myself. The air is crisp, and temperatures are cool. Our summers are abotu 100 degrees and 100%, sticky, nasty...lots of bugs. So my summer plans involve finding a cooler climate - once the semester is over...
spring may be here but it's damn cold down here in Norfolk, been working outside for last couple of days, had to dodge the odd snow shower and wrap up well cos it's blummin freezing
Anyone has spring now and can share it with me? Razz This winter is extremely cold and long as for my country and the forecasts say it's gonna end in mid April. I just can't wait for spring to come, winter is fun for about a month but later it causes depression. But I can't imagine winter without snow (especially X-mas), how would you appreciate spring then? Wink
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