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Black, White, Yes, No

Been plaing this silly game where you're not allowed to say "Black", "White", "Yes", "No" with my daughters.

Amazing how much "No" I say to the ones I love most Sad
That is an interesting game to play with your daughters. Alittle social observation? Who came up with the idea and for what reason. Reminds me of a habit I have recently broken myself of. I never deny my wife anything that she asks for but just as a note of sarcasm instead of constantly saying 'yes' I would always say 'no' till one day I realized that this constantly being told no may be irritating, through this breaking process I realized how often I said no away from home as well, say work for example. I have never had issues in reguards to complaints on this sarcastic 'tic' but I guess I am glad to have broken it. Sorry to have gone off on that but like I said, you reminded me... It is odd how often we tell those close to us 'no'

Cool experiment/game though!
Oh wow, this seems like an interesting thing to try with my parents... Razz
tebeka wrote:
Been plaing this silly game where you're not allowed to say "Black", "White", "Yes", "No" with my daughters.

Amazing how much "No" I say to the ones I love most Sad

what do you mean, don't get it Question
Only if there light skin or mixed with another race im not really attracted to ones who are too dark no offense. My parents are pretty racist and my dad might not be too happy if i had black girl and my grand parents would have a heart attack but if i fell in love with one then i wouldn't care what they think.
i'm white, I have black friends, I just don't think i could date one. its a preference thing. I wouldn't want a girl with an annoying horse laugh. that's not racist. just a preference. And I'm pretty sure that's not the topic of this thread anyway....

Interesting game though... Is it just NO or an variation of no? although i'm not sure how that would work out. Instead of Black or White, Dark or Light xD Yes or No, yay or Nay. haha. Beat the system!
Someone want to explain how the game works?
yes please, i got curious and want to know what it is. and why would u play it with your daughters? Very Happy

It's quite clear..

Been plaing this silly game where you're not allowed to say (..)

Interview game. Silly it was, it used to be on the Dutch radio here.. people called in, then they had to answer simple questions. When you say "YES" or "NO" in one of your answers, game over. The interview stops and the clock is halted. The longest interview wins. It is quite difficult not (NEVER) to say these words, actually. For instance, if you put a question like

"Aren't you bored with this silly game ?"
"You were born in Iceland weren't you ?"

.. they start out the answer with something like.. "Yes but" , or "No, why ?" Very Happy

In any case it is very difficult. Especially when there are more forbidden words like black and white.

Smile Lx
I used to play this with my brother and sister when we were growing up... (with just yes/no) I got very clever at stating things in the affirmative/negative without saying yes or no.
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