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Hey has anyone seen Brainiac before?
I like it, man do they blow up some caravans or what!

Who else likes Brainiac and what's your fav part about it?
Brainiac?? Hmm....I see you're from Australia, it's on Channel Ten right? At first, it's's new!! After some time, it just gets more boring and even more boring. Every episode there's explosions. Plus it's amazingly sexist with those big boobs helpers. Eh? Science sure ain't about that. Well, that's my own opinion.
the best thing about brainic is surely 'doctor bunhead's exploding paste'
When it's wet, it's stable, but if dry, it's highly explosive Very Happy

here's the dispensing:

To make Peter Logan's Exploding Paste:
First of all, you need only two ingredients: Iodine crystals and Ammonium Hydroxide.
You can get the iodine at drug stores and pharmacies (you may have to sign for it). Even if you can get pure ammonium hydroxide, you probably don't want it - it's purity affects the strength of the explosive, and you don't want the result to be blowing the wall of your house off.
Very strong household ammonia water will do OK, but it must be clear - if it's cloudy, it won't work.

OK, now we're on to the making.
1. It's a good idea to crush up the iodine crystals - this will make them react faster.
2. Put two tablespoons of the crystals into a glass or pyrex container that will hold at least 500ml..
3. Now add about 100ml of the ammonium hydroxide. You should always add a little more than you need here - if you add too much, it won't affect the outcome, but if you add too little, it will be incomplete.
4. You want to stir the mixture for about ten minutes. If all goes to plan, you should see some bubbles of Hydrogen being given off. When these bubbles stop, the reaction is over.
5. Leave your mixture for about 5 minutes to make sure everything's completely done, and you should see some stuff at the bottom of your container. This is your paste, which can be separated by pouring the whole lot through filter paper. Don't worry about damaging your funnel - the liquid you're getting rid of is just water now.
6. The paste should dry after about an hour, so if you want to keep it, store it with a little water (to keep it damp) in an airtight tin.
7. Remember, if you store it too long, it will decompose!
OK, that's it
well onother overloaded mtv 'scince' show..^^

the topics are often bad i think.. but.. well if peaple like it Smile
Braniac is educational and great fun to watch and also teachs you lots of interesting facts so I reccomend it to anyone eager to watch some great tv or learn some intresting science
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