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My Birthday Odd Number

I am turning 16 on March 16, 2006 which is in 16 day.

3 (March is the third month of the year, 3) --- '16s' in a row!


My 16th birthday:
March (3) 16, 2006

one 6 from 16th, one 6 from March 16, one 6 from 2006.

3 (March) 6s in a row, how evil. I really hope that I will not turn evil that day.

And there is a math formula that prove I will be safe when I am 16.

1. Take that evil number (3-6s) divide by 3 = 222. Since 2 stand for easy mean chinese and 3 stand for live, 222 3 = easy easy easy live

Another cool thing about my birthday.

1 + 6 (years old) + 3 (March) + 1 + 6 (day) + 2 + 0 + 0 + 6 (year) = 25

25 is a perfect square of 5, which is 1 (Today's March 1st guys!) away from 6.
Well, I turned 8 on March 8th. Eight days before that, I could have said I had 3 eights in a row.
Happens to everyone eventually.Laughing

Now if the month, day, year and age were all the same, that would be cool.

Altough everyone born in the year 2000 will have that happen to them as long as they were born on the first 12 days of a month (assuming numerical day of the month matched the numerical number of the month). Shocked

I'm almost 18. Most people get excited about how they can buy guns, cig, cigars, pipes and knifes. While I'm excited about guns and knifes, Ima go donate some blood!
haha, i don't understand about what you said at all...
hahaha... thats some good shit....

my bday's on 7 october... i dunno if theres anythin special bout that Laughing
I have a sure way to prove that you will never ever turn evil, its very simple really and when you see it you will be like duh why didnt i think of that?
Well here it is, Just dont believe in that crap! its all superstition bull crap that people make up to scare you into being a good little warshiper or somthing like that. Also i'm sure its good for shutting up your kids too.
I don't see the point of this topic.. Topics need to have a meaning to stay alive.
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