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Institutions - Worth it?

Have you attended a Post Secondary Institution?
No, Highschool was enough for me.
 0%  [ 0 ]
No, I've not even completed Highschool.
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Yes, I attended a Government Facility and it was Good.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Yes, I attended a Government Facility and it was Bad.
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Yes, I attended a Private Institution and it was Good.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Yes, I attended a Private Institution and it was Bad.
 100%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 1

The trend these days seems to be the Private Institute of learning.
First and foremost let me start of by saying yes, I did attend one and yes, my experiences were in fact less than stellar.
However, that is not why I would seek to discredit the medium which is currently choking our scholastic systems.

Institutions can be worth while endeavors for the student seeking a solid scholarly system through which they can ensure their future.
The problem herein is that most institutions aren't the worthwhile endeavors they'd like you to believe.

Remember that an institution differs greatly from a government education facility. The institution is in business. It is designed to service people's needs for a profit.
With that in mind it is important that a prospective student approach every possible learning centre with an open mind, but with a cautious eye. Pay attention to the students who have already gone to the school. While a lot of them may have a chip on their shoulder or a massive smile on their face, you have to ignore that and look beyond to what their real experiences have been. Not their exagerated memories of how they flunked a test or passed with flying colors.

The experiences I'm talking about aren't really general. I mean the teacher/student relations, how easily can a student address a teacher. How often can a student address said teacher, is the teacher truly interested in the student? Does the teacher play favorites? Is the teacher an equal rights hater?
Prospective students should pay attention to the facilities in question. If you're planning to attend a business school, check out their calculators... do they have them close at hand? A business school where they don't have calculators would be a strange school indeed.

I don't mean that the school should provide supplies... not at all, but that the school has these implements at hand, for professional staff use on demand.
A technical institute? What are their computers like? Up to par with todays technology? Well administered? What is their website like? Is it informative?

I make this post to see what other people have to say, I want to see what people have for experiences in this field of dreams that we've been handed. We all have expectations of every industry, and my dreams were dashed with a reality check that bounced. Long and the short, if you're looking at attending a school, don't duck your head and accept the school, telling yourself that a better one is out of the question...
Student loans cost, a lot, and if you're going to make the commitment, you should do it right the first time.

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