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Weird Keyboard Issues

I was playing World of Warcraft and I noticed the FPS to be very slow. I quit the game and checked the processes... everything seemed to be in order. I ran a virus scan with AVG and it came up clean. I ran Adaware and it came up clean. I ran RemoveIT Pro and it came up with (or c:/WINNT/System32/SERVICES.EXE). I researched and found that this is a false positive from RemoveITPro. I restarted the computer and my processing speed was back to normal. However... here is the issue:

My main ENTER key and my ESCAPE key do not work.

Please help. This is a new keyboard (about 1-2 months okd) and is the Logitech G-15.Any help you could offer would be very useful. Thank you in advance.

fault keyboard, your keyboard just seems to be faulty its not a problem with ur pc. either that or stop playing world of warcraft, its a crap nerd game anyway Smile
Boles Roor
RMA it and recieve a new keyboard. It should still be under waranty.
Check it out with a different keyboard. If the problem is fixed it's your keyboard. Else it probably is Your pc. (dont think sow)
This should not be a big issue. What you can do is go to a place like Wal-Mart and try one of their $10 keyboards. If it still doesn't work, return the keyboard. Otherwise, see if your keyboard still has warranty.
Why pay that much?
My local computer hardware store has a huge bin of used keyboards for $2.00 each.
That can't be an isolated phenomenon.
first, try using another functionnal keyboard on your computer to see if the problem still happens.

If so, the problem is a software problem.
if not, simply replace your keyboard with a new one.
Some keyboards require software to run advanced feature keys - Esc and Enter will never be included in these though since they're required for setup etc before and drivers can be loaded.

If I were you I'd check the connection at the back before investing in a new keyboard. Pull it out and plug it back in a few times.
try this to remap your keyboard, if it is a software prob then this should sort.

Haven't actually tried it myself but it should allow you to reassign your Enter and Esc keys to their correct functions if somehow they have got messed up in this way,1759,1560750,00.asp

If not then I would try your support services from Logitech, they are usually quite good...

ps have you tried a diffferent computer to actually diagnose whether this IS a hardware fault or not?

Hope this helps!
If you don't have another keyboard to try then you could always try booting the pc fromthe Windows XP cd, select R at the first menu to go to recovery console, and see if the keys work there.

$2 keyboards!? Nice...I'd pick up a couple of them for the next time I have an 'accident' with my keyboard and my beer...seems my keyboards don't like it as much as I do. Yes, it's true...I'm liquid 'challenged' Wink
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