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Super Smash Brothers: Melee

Many people think this game is for kids; it is. However as you learn about how the game is made you realize that the physics that are used in the game are very realistic and it is not just a "button mashing" game. My friends got me into playing this game about a year ago. We had a few STD's (smash till dawns) where we played for literally 12 hours straight. If you think that this is still a kids game, check out It is a whole community of people that play. As for me, i roll with Marth, and sometimes Mr. Game and Watch. I would say that i am an advanced player, but by no means an expert.
Smash bros. and Halo are basically the only games any of my friends play together for fun as a group.
It's a fun game my brother plays it alot but he stinks. I'm actually quite good with JiggilyPuff.
It is a nice family friendly fighting game. Basicly the only one I will let my 6 year old play. Funny thing is he is better then me now.

I am not big into fighting games, but it is kind of sad when your son smacks you down and then starts with the trash talk.
Probably the best fighting game I've ever played(but outside of MvC and Soul Calibur I barely play fighting games)

<3 Kirby, can't wait for Super Smash Bros. Revolution :3
SSB:M is definetly my favourite Gamecube game, and I've probably played it more hours than any other game. I normally hate fighting games, but Smash Bros. is a lot different to most, and the large variety of characters, stages, items, and game modes keeps things interesting. I've played it for ages, but I admit I still suck at it (never beaten Very Hard...) but it's great fun multiplayer as well.
Smash Bros is also one of my absolute favorite Gamecube games. The only other real fighting game I played was killer instinct for the SNES but I don't really like it anymore.

I agree with you nameless the reason I only really like Smash Bros is because of the huge variaty of characters and stuff.
Heh, Super Smash Brothers is definetly a fun game. Back in High School, we would pretty much play it from 9 at night till 6-7 in the morning non-stop. The girls that hung out with us would roll their eyes at us. They would sometimes partake in the festivities but they would pretty much lose to us guys Razz

Our gaming rules was that winner stays, the three other controllers would rotate out.
I used to play it a lot, but I am a little better at it than my friends, and slowly they just got tired of losing every round. =P
But back when I first got it, we would play that for hours and hours on end. A very, very addicting game.
Though personally, I prefered the original Smash Bros. on the N64. Now that I played almost endlessly. I maxed out all the stats for every character. ^_^
This game is, what, 5 years old? Even so, me & my friends can still play it regularly, and can play it for the whole day sometimes. It is probably the best multiplayer game ever. At least int he top 5. Easy to pick up and learn, and there's so much depth and different ways to extend the fun.
Well, this game is like a total classic in my home and everywhere else I meet people that play games.
It probably one of the best games on the Gamecube and it will surely remain Wink

I often play as Roy or as Fox. Both characters are good and well balanced (in my opinion).

******, now I gotta go play the game >___<
I'm pretty decent with Marth. He's most liekly the best one in the game.
We still play the original far more. Our rule was the 4th player rotated out and the three got to stay. But we usually had a smaller group. The girls would get so pissed. If any of them played, it was only once. They got fed up and confused because none of them ever played and none of them liked getting whopped.
Back in the day, I thought that this game was the only reason to buy a GameCube. It's like the perfect party game, since it's not too hard to get into and its not exactly blood and guts.
Smash is awesome. I get together with my friends at least once a week to play. Since we have school work most of the time we try to limit ourselfs to an hour or so but we always end up playing for so long.

Besides Smash, the only other 4player game that is really fun would double dash, but we don't have it.
I much prefer marth.
I choose the black color and call myself "marth vader"
Then I win.
If any of you live in florida I'm having a tournment in South Florida. Go to They hold alot of tournments and other things at, That you can win money for playing Smash Brothers Meele. The last one I went to someone won like 1000 Dollars, but lots of people win more depending on how much people show up if your interested join mine depends on how much people show up the prize will be bigger. If you know anyone in South Florida or around tell t hem about it.
SSB is the reason i got a cube in the first place. That game has infinite replay value. Parties are always a blast. "Button-masher!" and other obscene calls of the pros losing to n00bs. The game has little to improve on with it's amazing attacks, abilities, and levels. The addition of story and adventure mode was a (+). SSB is one of those games that will never truly die.
Smash brothers rulez!
I play it with my friends all the time...
In the beginning they had an advantage because they owned an xbox and I didn't. But I got a GC too and now I OWN.
Btw, I love playing with samus, she just rocks and her cannon attack is just the most usefull attack in the whole game.
I love this game, used to own on it but I don't train for about 3 years, just play it twice a year when I go to someone's house and there are lots of people playing...but I got almost all trophies, and could finish all modes in the hardest difficulty without using continues... and cleared all the scenarios, including the last one without losing lifes...

My favorite char is Roy, but I do quite well with Marth, Zelda, Samus, Jigglypuff ( Laughing ) and Ice Climbers, and quite competitive with Captain Falcon and Donkey Kong too. Lots of times I just chose characters randomly to fight, though xD

Oh, fun times of tournaments at home... I wish they'd come back.
I really like this game but i think that doesn't have the super smash bothers 1 concept, I still prefer the first one in spite of being a n64 game.
I love Super Smash Bros mellee! It is my favourite fighting game (4 player). I love being.... Zelda.
4 player is great I also play with some bets hehehehe.
I used to play this, its a really good game. I loved the special items stuff they were really brilliant!!! Does anyone know if there's a new version coming out on the Nintendo Revolution or anything like that??
i let my so called friend borrow it and i keep asking him forit and he never gives it back cause he lent it to his other friend and the other friend cant find it......sad....but anyways....yea it used to be a cool game lol espically melee
My friends and I basically created a cult around this game. Well, not really, but close enough. We're literally obsessed, and have been since it came out. Easily the most fun fighting game on any system out right now, and I can't wait until it's realeased on the Revolution. As for me, I go with Fox and Luigi. I know they're pretty different characters, but for some reason I play well with both. I can't do many advanced tecniques, but I'm working on. My friends and I hope to go to an official tourny and actually get somewhere with the game.
Personally I think Captain Falcon is the best character because he's powerful and also very fast. If your looking for just power Ganandorf is who you want. I really hope they do a new version!
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