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Rank High For MULTIPLE phrases

Heya Folks!

I've been doing a SEO for quite some time and this is a topic that is rarely understood. How can we get a website to rank high for multiple phrases, yet still leave ourselves open to rank, in the future, for our key phrases - that we may not initially rank well for?

(If you need further explanation: imagine this: You know you cannot rank immediately for your key phrase because it is TOO general and there simply is too much competition initially - so - you want to optimize your site for that phrase, yet still do well for other less competitive phrases, immediately..)

The answer lays in what is called density and keyword density.

The bottom line is:

1.) You need a page layout that will offer you the freedom to put a LOT OF TEXT on your website, without making it cluttered. You always need to consider migrating to XHTML in doing so, or minimize your table clutter. This is because with a great deal of words - you want the site to load FAST - despite that great number of words.

2.) Mathematically, you want your "unobtainable key phrase" to rank highly as the most dense phrase on your page, yet - you also want other phrases/terms/keywords to rank high as well. In order to do this - you need to have a lot of topic related words on your page. To clarify - you need to have a lot of occurences of your key phrases on the page, HOWEVER their "total keyword density" must be LOW. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it? That is where the total number of words on the page becomes relevant!

3. In order to have 15 occurences of a word, or phrase, on a homepage, yet have that phrase consitute only .5 - 1.75% of the total page - you will need a whole lot of other words!

4. In order to have a whole lot of words, but no destroy your "ad copy" or sales effect of the site, you are going to need a good layout. Go with something that is robust, and new... XHTML strict with SEO friendly CSS layout for example.

To see an example of a site, that I did a "homepage makeover" on, visit the link below. Even though this site is optimized for the general terms "recording equipment" and "pro audio" - it doesn't really stand a chance for going Top Ten for those terms WITHOUT a years worth of link building (which will eventually come). What is important to notice is - it DOES rank very well for it's subterms! MANY OF THEM ARE TOP TEN GOOGLE~ Even though the website needs a complete overhaul, at least this homepage makeover has given the site owner a huge boost in SERPS, immediately... and has thus translated into more email coming in, inquiries... The best part is, once the owner establishes many one-way backlinks including the terms: "recording equipment" and "pro audio" - his site will start ranking for his general terms - and in the meantime - he is ranking well for the products he sells.

Here is what he ranks for, now (at google):
pro audio penticton
recording penticton
#2,3 and #4
recording consoles (at with [x] only from canada selected)
#1 !!
analogue recording equipment (at, nothing specific...)
#6 !!! NICE (for those brits)
analogue preamps
oram light series
#1 !! above the producer of this product even!!
oram light
#1 !!
trident series 8t
#3 !!!
#4 !!! (time to work that subpage!)
c-mexx audio
Page 3 #30 (above!)
Oram Hi-Def 4T Equaliser
#1 (note: due largely to your English spelling of "equaliser" vs. "equalizer")
Eventide H8000FW Ultra-Harmonizer
#10 first page
Magix Sequoia V8
Page 2, #13
MidiTemp MultiStation MSX
#6 google
RME Multiface II
Page 3, #30
recording equipment bc
Page 3 TOP, #30
pro audio bc
page 5 #53

This site barely ranked for anything at all before the homepage makeover, and the plan is to redo each audio page, in a similiar way. This is only the beginning, yet so much can be accomplished with one page. As the site owner gets more and more links back to his page encapsulating the phrase recording equipment - (like the one you just read) - he stands a greater chance of ranking for his general terms. Check out the layout to see how the page is optimized:

Recording Equipment at Rock Shop Pro Audio

Any questions? Feel Free to Ask! Remember, with the latest Google algorithm changes (Age of Links, Age of Site) Content now has become VERY important! If you have a site that has been around - content optimization may produce you faster results than link building! (Initially) Especially if your content on the home page is not optimized! You will se an immediate bang for your buck with this method if you already have decent Pagerank!
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