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Anomaly 7

As part of my ongoing research I have discovered a very peculiar anomaly...
I work in a cafe, and behind the cafe is a large paved area inaccesable to all but employees and delivery trucks. This area contains a smoking bench, an icemaker, and two dumpsters. This cafe does not order, cook, or in any other way deal with broccoli.
Yesterday, I was taking out the garbage through the back door. I took one bag out walked right over a particular spot, and went back in, crossing the same spot again. I then proceeded to take out another bag, however, upon returning this time there was a piece of broccoli in the aforementioned spot. I examined it, of course: It was small, green had many smaller green parts (a perfectly normal piece of broccoli). Furthermore, it was not cooked in any way, and it was missing its stem. (It was sitting next to a small blue triangle made of plastic, but I suspect that to be unimportant.) The broccoli is now in a ziploc bag in the back of my truck. It is unthinkable that I should have missed it on my first trip back from the dumpster, so it must have come there between 4:23 PM and 4:26 PM. No delivery arrived during that period, nor (as far a I know) was anyone behind the cafe during that time.

How did it get there? More importantly, why did it get there?
Did anything unusual happen to you during this timeframe? (4:23-4:26 PM EST Tuesday, Febuary 28)
Would you suggest that I eat it?
Someone was probably eating Chinese for lunch behind your building and that piece must have fell out of his cardboard container.

*Edit: Uncooked chinese.
If you eat it, all evidence will be gone, so that's not a good idea. Wink
No. You should take that to the police, and they'll send you to a 'treatment' at the local 'hospital'(if you know what i mean).

99.9% - you've missed it.

0.1% - Bondings shot his old enemy N0oBroccoli, when he was waiting to order a cup of tea(yes, tea) and a part of his body just landed on the floor where you've found it.

As you've mentioned, the time when you weren't near the crime zone was between 4:23 and 4:26, in alien timeline 3 minutes are like half an hour in human timeline.. so they had time to play Shoot the Broccoli(there is no such game in reality).

Of course, Bondings will deny this, but you shouldn't believe HIM.
That's should explain everything Razz
The second and third questions are still unanswered...
"why did it get there?" Because God wanted it to land there after it's disconnection from N0oBroccoli's body.

"Would you suggest that I eat it?" Yes. You'll become N0obroccoli Jr. and take over FriHost!!

I still think that you missed it, or maybe it fell out of one of the garbage bags.
Perhaps... When you were unsuspectingly walikng out to dump the rubbish, someon quitely and quickly slipt behind you and placed the broccolie (Duh Duh DUH!!! you worst nightmare come true), but who?, WHO? Argh the paranoia!!!, It's all one conspiricy, run for you life!!

Erm perhaps a bird dropped it?, perhaps it was windy and blew there?, perhaps perhaps, many many possibilities of how something like that to happen. I just want to know who keeps following me at night!!!!
Okay, so what should I do with the broccoli?
ocalhoun wrote:
Okay, so what should I do with the broccoli?

Give it to someone, throw it away, eat it etc.
im completly lost... maybe cos im an idiot Wink
LOL.. keep the brocolli as a souvenir.. maybe somebody threw it in from outside or wad or an employee bought it but threw it away there.. Smile
Vrythramax it possible that broccoli is a yet to be discovered intelligent migratory plant and it just decided to move there of it's own accord? The proof of intelligence is already apparent....if I were smart I would make myself taste bad just to keep from being eaten and to ensure the survival of my species.
Broccolis are the the forms or cauliflowers more adapted to human life forms! So, keep it in a refigerator, or any such a separated place!!!! Imagine what would happen if they would learn C++!!!
Helios has got it nearly correct... green broccoli is actually yellow Plutonian jelly slugs in camoulflage... every felt like you stepped into something, and then looked under you shoe, but there was nothing there? No? ....hmm... ok I must be strange then...

But I'm telling you... it's the yellow Plutonian jelly slugs. You could eat it if you want, they're harmless...

On the more real side of reality, I think it's probably some kid's mum served brocolli for an afternoon snack, and the kid just picked up a piece and threw it out the window, which must have caused it to land where it did...
Code of Ruin
Maybe you should ask forensic researchers how that thing ended up there. As for the brocoly, I read al this things concerning it is an alien in disguise or something. If you don't trust it then dance the rumba on it, if it still moves afterward or claws at your ankles then feed it to a rabbit. There, problem solved, glad to be of service
Hate to be the martyr saint of sensibility - but is it at all possible it fell out of the garbage bag you were carrying? It would explain the triangle - which was probably the pointy object to tear the bag.

I mean, if your place serves good food, then isn't it possible someone threw away what-ever other crap they were eating, before ordering something from you?

Very Happy
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