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Need Advice... Confusing...

I'm a boy, now having very confusing mind on a girl. There was a girl who i like. We become friends for about a year now. Unfortunately, this girl was not in the same school as mine.

When we first met, we both had talk alot, telling jokes and share ideas. It is OK for several months till when I was out for vacation for 2 weeks, so we couldn't communicate very often. After I'm back, we don't talk to each other very often.. She's not the way as it was before. So, I'm confused... But, we still communicate, but not often... Often, she always ask me for help, so I helped her. She always ask me to solve her problem till I was a slave to her... Is this mean that she trust me? She sometimes scold for no reason... maybe she was in a bad mood.. and sometimes, she ignores me...

Usually, she doesn't accept all kinds of boys, especially those who is a playboy, or a pervert kind. She usually hates most of the boys... She only goes for those nice, caring boys, like me...

I remember one time(the first time), she asked me "Who you like? Honestly...". I was silent awhile... then she said,"PLEASE.....I BEG U..." . Then I said, "You.." . She was silent awhile. She replied, "Come on...i'm not that stupid... tell me who you like?". Then I said, "really...i mean it.." ...then she asked me again, "erm..gimme 10 reason why". Then i replied, "There's no reason when a person who is in love". So, she was silent again...

I'm confused now... Whether she likes me or she is not interested on me... Any girl who can help me out by giving advice, please advice me...
It would be great if you give me good advice... Crying or Very sad

I could tell you in more detail, but I donno how to start it.... Please advice me....what should I do now... Crying or Very sad
First off, I'm male, so don't get any ideas. I'm afraid I can't help you out much there, but I suggest getting her to sit down with you again, and honestly tell her how you feel, so she can see that you are serious, and not playing around. I admire how you actually stood up and said what you did, I certainly couldn't do that...
As you said, she likes the kind of boy as you. So do not give up. Maybe she is now confusing also, whether she really like you or not. So you should prove to her that you are just that guy. Don't be so upset. Cheers!
Situation getting worse everyday.... Rolling Eyes I don't understand why... especially when she ignores me.... it was going fine for several months, no particular reason, she starting to ignore me now.... Sad What should i do now...... :/
I can't say that she does or she doesn't like you. I'd like to be able to tell you that she does like and that she's just confused, but I don't know. Be that as it may, I do know that you need to speak with her to clear the air, so to speak. If she does like you, you've lost nothing. If she doesn't, at least you won't wonder... Best of luck to you!
She sounds like just the person I fell in love with... And she liked me back while she was dating someone else; Yet fell silent when she'd tell me she liked me or vice versa.

She also would try and get me to help her whenever she needed help, which seemed to be all the time.

My advice is to just be there for her, you're still in school and you don't need a serious relationship just yet. If she asks you out or she confesses her love for you, go ahead, but remember it's good to have special friends too. Be honest with her, and help her but in the acknowledgement that you're not counselling her but just being there for her. Counsel her and you'll start to absorb her pain, because you've not the skills a counsellor has.

Good luck, I think it'll build into a fine friendship, and just remember to be patient and not rush things, or it can go into catastrophe.

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