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Who's using HTML Kit?

I've been wondering for awhile now.
Is there anyone else here that uses HTML Kit?
It's a free HTML Editor that I find hard to beat.
And, what plugins do you find the most useful?
At present the plugins I find myself using over and over are:
    irHTMLShow-previews the page with element outlined.
    TMCSS and BStyle- 2 plugins with CSS Functions.

There are so many, I wish I had time to check them out.
Also, are there any "Unofficial Support Sites" that you know of? It seems programs like Dreamweaver have dozens of tutorial and tip sites. Does HTML Kit have any?
I myself prefere HTML builder XP v5.6 lite it`s a freeware and supports everything:

Download at:
HTML Builder XP is a development environment for HTML. Features include HTML Syntax Highlighting, Instant Tag Property Editing, Tag Insight Drop Down Helper Lists , Automatic Tag Completion and more.

Additional Features Include:

HTML Syntax Highlighting
Full FTP Plugin
Meta Tag Wizard
Web Developer Knowledge Base Integration.
Live Interprogram Web Developer Chat.
TopStyle CSS Integration!
More then 30 language parsers. including HTML, PHP, ASP, Perl ,VBScript, JavaScript, C, C++, Python and Delphi Syntax Highlighting
XHTML Recognised Language Additions
Instant Tag Property Editing (e.g. Delphi & Visual Basic)
Tag Insight Drop Down Helper Lists (e.g. MSVC++)
Live Tag Hints (e.g. MSVC++)
Automatic Tag Completion.
PHP Variable Recognition.
Complete HTML Tidy Integration.
HTML Tidy Code Clean-up.
Fast Spell Checker
Local Project Management.
Integrated Help Files.
Editable Code Snippets.
Over 40 Helper menus for items such as:
Image Insertion.
Multiple Font Management.
Link Insertion.
Table Management.
Document Properties.
Java Applet Inserion.
Smart DHTML Insertion Script engine.
Smart JavaScript Insertion engine.
Over 100 special character associations.
Heaps of included DHTML Scripts.
Heaps of included JavaScripts.
Over 50 Configurable options
Developer Friendly Plug-in Support
And more.
I've tried HTML Builder. It's not bad, but I just keep coming back to HTML Kit. Without going item by item, it seems a great deal (if not all) of what you listed is available in HTML Kit, either with the program or a plugin.
nachjo chip
I use html-kit and i think its great Smile
I've got about 20 HTML editors including HTML Kit, Max's HTML Beauty, Matrix, Arianae, JBO, 1stPage & Selida but I keep coming back to HTML Builder XP. I've only just got HTML Kit so I haven't had time to evaluate it properly, but it looks good. The list of add-ons is certainly impressive; however, I find that too many can make the whole thing unmanageable. For instance, I've added loads of goodies to Firefox & to be honest, I don't think I use most of them. In fact I probably couldn't even tell you what they all are now. They just seemed like a good idea at the time.
HTML Builder does everything I want it to in an easy-to-use way, so I can't see myself changing now.
I've stuck with htmlkit. I don't even really use the plugins much, just got used to the preview and syntax highlighting.
I use HTML kit, but ONLY for syntax highlighting. I turned off every other feature I could, and ignore those I can't turn off.

I preview at on my IIS server, since most of the time I'm connecting to mysql databases and including header and footer and menu script files that html kit's preview just gets confused with, heh.
I use the HTML editor, and is the worse thing ever, if you want complex code.
I suggest you not to use any code editor, they just suck.

Sorry if you liked it, but...
If you use HTML, try php, much easier and powerful!!!!!
I'm using it and it's really a very good tool!!

I highly recommend it.
i've been using it for two weeks
i like it. i'm not very good with html and i learned it very quickly.
i myselft use frontpage which i find can be a very proffesional and good product as there s premade templates and there is also the fun bit where ya make it from scratch

If your using it giv us some tips below?!
You find professional FronPage?? Well, to get started it's all right. But if you want something like FrontPage, and professional, you should get dreamweaver or something like that...
I used it for one page, and I personally think that it sucks... Confused
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