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If you could turn back time.....

If you could turn back time and change anything what would you do?

I tell you what I would do I would hit that 365 million dollar lottery. Hey I don't care I would be one greedy mofo. Well I wouldn't be that greedy but I would just rub it in so many peoples faces that have walked on me in the past. I could buy people and stuff lol. First thing I would do is give my dad $500000 and say "This is for raising me now we're even" and then I'd just walk out and leave, then I would buy a new mustang and dump all the money i could into it and make it hot. Then buy a house and all that good stuff. Invest it and try to make more money yeah I'd be a bachellor all my life as well.
Reading what you wrote made me feel a bit bad for you. You obviously live with some past wants and needs for revenge. It would help you to let go of that, and find happiness. It can be better than being rich.

Perhaps I'd fix the lotto as well.
First, I'd dump a ton of money into candidates who support conservatives. No phoney Republicans, but real conservatives.

Then I'd buy the world's rainforests and have anyone who tried to destroy MY rainforests expelled and charged. I'd allow scientists and visitors though.

I'd give money to my family and friends.

I'd also put money in programs who help the mentally retarded, as I help teach them.

I'd donate money to research for diseases. Not AIDS though. If you look at the statistics, well, I'll go into that later.

Buy a nice car and start a restaurant.
I think a more descriptive answer would be....what wouldn't I do if I could turn back time? For sure the lottery would be amongst the top 10 things I would take care of, I have to eat too ya know....ok so I don't need that much money to live on, but I'm sure my tastes would change if I had a few hundred million dollars to play with. I like the idea of buying the rain forests and protecting them, people don't realize that 1 third of our current pharmacuticals come from the rain forest or it's inhabitants, but stil they keep trashing them.

I don't think I would buy any politicians, if I could go back in time I would just fix the election so that my candidate won....every time Wink

Nice thought here, better than the topic of living forever Very Happy
If i could turn back time, i'd wish i was born filthy rich.
Not to say that i'm in a bad financial situation now, but hey, who doesn't want to be born rich? Laughing
ocelotweb wrote:
and then I'd just walk out and leave, then I would buy a new mustang and dump all the money i could into it and make it hot.

New mustang? Why not a classic one? 64 1/2 was a good year.
I would make it so hotpants never went out of style!


I'd go back the the JFK assassination and throw an innocent civilian into the way of the bullet, just so we could have seen how mediocre of a president he would have been. Sure, I'd be executed for murder, but then I'd say "You can kill me now, but you won't kill me, IN THE FUTURE!!!" Then I'd bellow out an evil laugh. But that's just me.
If... If... If....

James Smile
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