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uploading back-up files?

I was wondering how the back-up files work. I have mine downloaded on my computer, but if something like that ever happens again how do i set all my files up with the one compressed back-up file?
I guess you are refering to a full site backup (and not simply a database backup).

Log into your DirectAdmin (assuming you are on server2) and select "Create/Restore Backups".

From here scroll down to "Select a File to Restore" If you have backups here then you can simply select one then click "Select Restore Options" and you are done..

You will loose changes you have made since the last back up. If you did not have any backups listed when you went to your backup section then see below what to do.....

It is relatively simple... You can either do this part with your FTP program or choice or upload the back-up archive with the built in file manager in DirectAdmin. Once you are logged into your ftp you want to be at '/'. If you are not then it will be something like; simply select "../ Up a Level" untill you are at the highest it will let you go. From here you either need to go into the folder named "backups" or create one if one is not present. Inside of 'backups' upload the backup files that you wish to have available within the restore manager in DirectAdmin. Once files are uploaded successfully go back and read the directions in paragraph one and you should now have the backups listed here to restore.

I hope this makes sense... I could have done it better with pictures... Very Happy Let me know if you need anymore help or if I am totally off mark and you are refering to database backups.
Oh ok I see... thank you very much.
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