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BitTorrent is NOT Illegal

BitTorrent is NOT ILLEGAL. BitTorrent is a technology. Some people use the technology to download illegal things but that does not mean that the technology is at fault. It's like saying FTP is illegal because some people use it to transfer illegal files. Torrent is very useful for sharing something with many people, because the download times are greatly decreased. Say I wanted to share videos of my trip to Mexico to my whole family that lives around the world. Torrent would be the most efficient way to send my family the files, is this it's not. The reason I'm saying this is because I got a message from an admin threatening to ban me because I was trying to help someone on this forum fix their download speeds. I was not giving out any info on how to get illegal torrents, or anything of the sort, I was merely trying to fix his speeds. Torrenting is completely legal, just as HTTP and FTP are legal. The matter of what you torrent is what may make it illegal. If you don't want people to talk about torrenting, maybe the you admins should ban talk about FTP and HTTP all the while.

I guess it all comes down to ignorance.
A fair point, but exactly how many people do you know who use BitTorrent for entirely legal and legitimate reasons? The person you gave advice to?
You are correct - BitTorrent is not illegal.

However, it is against forum rules to discuss matters related to Torrents because of their widespread use in illegal activity. When you sign up to Frihost, you agree to be bound by the TOS which includes the following line:

Frihost TOS wrote:
A) The following is strictly forbidden on our servers
7. Content related to hacking, torrents, peer to peer, cracking and serial numbers.

I genuinely sympathise with your point. The technology is not illegal on it's own, but content related to Torrents is banned on Frihost, therefore by posting about it, you are likely to get a warning.

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