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Is Valentine's Day Necessary??

Is it necessary
 35%  [ 5 ]
 64%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 14

Hey Humans

See the relation of a human with

opposite sex
I think that love is such an emotion which attracts each and every male towards a female and vice vresa.
If both of them love each other then ehy is the need of such a day called as Valentines Day. If we are strong enough to say that we love him/her and take to a date whenever you like then each and every day will be a valentines day.

the family:
Love your family always.

Kill him

Just wanted to make a topic that Valentine's day is necessary or not and couldn't get anything to write. However made this long post with all things here
Well if u want my opinion then "NOT NECESSARY AT ALL"

Why??? Bcos if you truly love someone, be it anyone, you can make every day a valantines day, every moment of their life a valentine. So just waiting for this day is stupidity.
Valentine day is very important because the persons that are very busy have an special remind and the persons that all the day are showing love and affection can think in something very special.
I agree with the 1st and second post. Why do you people need to show they love 1 each other on a certain, if you really care about them, show them that EVERY DAY YOU CAN!
I believe if you arn't religious then you shouldn't celebrate something thats not your religion / belief. I am not christian so therefore do not celebrate;
Pancake Day
Valantines Day
Halloween (I do not celebrate evil)
Chinese New Year
Honika (Excuse my spellng)

Things I do celebrate,
New Years
St. Georges Day

Non-denomational Winter Season Holiday/Winter-een-mas (Gift giving holiday; second is video game holiday)

New Years (crap-tastic)

Birthdays (I go all out for others but mine gets forgotten...)

Halloween (it usually sucks for me cause I have no one to go with so I just stay at home at the comp. but I'd like to go out with some friends and scare the lil ones if I could Twisted Evil )

that's it, I guess.

and don't get on me for halloween and ****mas they are just my excuses to hangout and have fun with friends.

EDIT: I have no life. I'm just cruising the forums lately cause I have nothing better to do...its not even about the points...
What the guy before me said Razz Celebrate the non religious gift giving season with the old fat guy in red.

As for valentines day if they canget get rid of it could they atleast move it <_< It sits smack bang on my birthday so no one remembers it Sad Damn 14th of Feb sucks to be a birthday...
it's quite hard not to get something for your gf when everyone's doing so, and your gf might actually feel bad when everyone else gets a gift but not her...
boringest wrote:
it's quite hard not to get something for your gf when everyone's doing so, and your gf might actually feel bad when everyone else gets a gift but not her...

So u need to be "pushed" to buy a gift for your girlfriend, to show her ur love? I feel pity for her Sad

It seems that this Valentine's Day is just an excuse that we did show our love atleast when we were expected to.
At least it's good for economy. V's day really produces a lot of chances.
As for lovers, they will have another chance to be together with each other. To have is better than don't have.
I think that is neccesary for us to celebrate valentine's day.It is the day to show our care and love either to parents or partner.We can take this opportunity to appreciate our love ones.We can give them some gifts like flowers or we also can make the gifts ourselves. Laughing
i agree with the first & second post,i don't view the interest of valentine's day
if you love someone,why wait this day to prouve it
every day is valentine's day,to prouve & tell the love
it's just a commercial day
The more things to celebrate the better says I. But I think the point of it is so that couples that have been together for years have a day when it can be like when the relationship was new you know? I haven't seen many relationships that continue to include flowers and chocolate and stuff like that even when they've been together for a few years. People that have been going a couple of months don't need but people like my parents sure do.
nah, I think you dont have to celebrate it, IMO, a day is a day. well, maybe in some other people they view valentines as something, but well, *shrugs I can go out with my partner anyday.
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