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Collecting Stamps

do you like colleting stamps? what's your colletion?
i like collecting used stamps that i get from the mails. but these days people using sms, so i get less stamps. i'm collecting indonesian stamps, and have some foreign stamps. Very Happy
I'm from Taiwan.I am collecting foreign and R.O.C. stamps now.I think it's a good habit!! Very Happy
Stamp collection, some call "Philately", is my weak point. I just love collecting those. They give me a hint of the countries of the world, their culture, traditions, events etc. and give me immense satisfaction and a happy feel. I have till now gathered a total of more than 200 stamps belonging to 54 different countries like former Russia(CCCP), Greece, Norway, Switzerland, France, Australia, Spain, China, Japan, Guinea, England, Scotland, Germany, USA, India and many more. Many of the stamps belong to the world wars era. Being an Indian, my major collection includes the latest, antique and historic of India. I too have some unique stamps like one of the first stamps of Spain(denomination - 1 Centimo), world's smallest stamp before 2003 of Germany(denomination- 2 Duetche Marks), the oldest stamps of India and many more.
Anyone here at Frihost, plz do tell me about any of your unique ones too. I am always excited about stamps.
Stamps... I got to many to count Razz I really enjoyed collecting stamps and I got a huge collection. But it takes lots of time to sort all the stamps and I get more and more every day. So they've been laying in a courner of my room untouched for half a year because I just cant find the time.
I was collecting stamps two years ago and I have still pretty big collection of stamps, but I don't have so much time at the moment, so I freezed that hobby. Anyway, it was very interesting when I was colleting them.
I made this stamp as a joke when the idea of creating your own stamps was first coming into its own (not that it really has, I can't imagine paying more than 'sticker price' for any modern stamp).

I just thought you might it enjoy my stamp only a collector could love.
I like collecting stamps but I have not enough time to buy some new and vauable stamps.
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