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Horn Blasters - Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen Online

Out of almost every site I found on the internet, this one site has to top it all.

Put simply, the people at that site sell kits to add train horns into your car.

They have a videos page on the site that contain some demos of what it can do in real life, with some other miscellanious videos besides it.

These are the ones that are done by them (or by a person submitting them to the site). All the others aren't that great sicne they're not related to the actual "horn" intent of the site. Most others are lowrider trucks/cars that scrape against the pavement. Big deal.

Anyway, these are the ones that I was cracking up over for several minutes upon watching them for the first few times.


I'm sending the site's link to multiple people I know since it's just insane lol.

- Mike.
Too funny. I could think of a bunch of things I would rather spend my hard earned $$$ on though. Besides I own a antique Corvette Stingray and I would never put something like in/on my car....not a chance in this lifetime. Now if I could sneak it into my wife's car without her knowing it....that may just be worth the time/money involved Smile

Just the look on her face when she went to blow the horn at somebody...LOL...yeah, that would be worth the money Very Happy
the car horn is already annoying enough in cities when horns are common.. train horns would be worse.. though in my country, 'horning' is less common as people are considerate, give ways to others, etc..
This is simply Crazy!!!
Code of Ruin
Kinda mean what they did to the guy on crutches but it is as funny as hell. Especially the one with the cop.
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