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How to add new shortcuts to Firefox?

Da Rossa
We all know that Firefox has the great feature of being much more modular, customizable than IE, and even better, the users can implement their ideas by themselves.
I don't know how, unfortunately, to make every change I wish.
But this one seems not to be that difficult: I'd like to customize hotkeys for almost every functionality in the browser, in particular, to access the bookmarks. I've placed some bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar folder, sites that I visit more frequently, and having hotkeys would be nothing less than nice;
Does anybody know how do I configure it? Which files have to be edited, and how?
Thank you!
I'm not sure that can be done. You can access bookmarks with ctrl-B ctrl-I but I think you mean accessing a particular bookmark with a hotkey.
I've got my favourite bookmarks displayed in a side bar so I just scroll to the 1 I want & click on it.
Not sure about using hot-keys, but have you had a look at the Mouse Gestures Extension?

I'm pretty sure you can alter the default mouse gestures so that they open a particular link. You might want to check it out.
Da Rossa
Thanks, I installed the extension. REally nice!!
But... I still have to know the javascript language, what I don't. Is it difficult to code the function to access the damn bookmark? Razz
Is there a simple js tutorial related to Firefox?
Da Rossa wrote:
But... I still have to know the javascript language, what I don't. Is it difficult to code the function to access the damn bookmark? Razz

Sorry... you're right. I was sure I saw an option to re-map your mouse gestures to use bookmarks (eg. if you right-click on a bookmark, there is a greyed-out button called "Gesture...") but it doesn't seem to be active. Embarassed

You could try another mouse-gestures extension to see if it has the features, but you would be best asking for help in the Mozilla Firefox Support Forums.

Sorry my last post didn't help even one tiny bit! Embarassed
Da Rossa
I found a way to acess a bookmark with the gestures. But the gestures directions seem to be limited, as one cannot use the same initial comands as another one. I could set it to access a site like However, I couldn't make it open in a new tab, like I always do, so it seems to be necessary to understand javascript Sad

Thanks Animal!
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