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The best gift

It is my opinion that the BEST gift is a thing that your person would like to have but otherwise would not have acquired on their own.

I remember some of mine.

A set of those meditation balls, my girlfriend got them for me, I always wanted a set of those. She is my wife now. We both like playing with my balls.

A pellet gun, my Mom and Dad got me and my brother each a pellet gun that looked like an AR-15. I was 10 and her was 8. Yes, we are Americans.

When I was 14 we got shotguns. That was good to.

I also remember me and my brother’s cabbage patch kids. We were young and our aunt made them camouflage fatigues, so it wasn’t gay. Those dolls where great but they sure took a beating. Especially in their trash-bag-air-born days.

What is your theory on good gifts. Ever get a good one?
My favourite gift was my phone, it was 1200 dollars and it was from my dad. He was pretty stupid spending all our christmas money on my phone. My brother hated me ever since..
I agree with you to a certain extent, but I think any gift that comes as a complete surprise is a good one. My wife has floored me a couple of times with her insight into what it is that I really want, and I know I have surprised her on occasion as well. I'm not really concerned with how much money someone spends on me as long as some thought went into the gift, for me that's what makes it worth remembering, and ultimately enjoyable too. But that's just me, some people can only see dollar signs when receiving a gift, I'm just happy to get anything at all Smile
horseatingweeds wrote:

She is my wife now. We both like playing with my balls.

Errrrrrr Think


The best gift I've ever had is a ring given by my grand mother. It has an amethyst on it (my birthstone). We chose it together and she gave it to me for my 14th birthday (almost 10 years ago). She gave a birthstone ring to all of her daughters, and then, me.

I still have it, I always wear it. I will die with it.
I am very gratful for ever gift I do get, Its the thought that counts.
The rule of thumb for me is: the gift that I enjoy is the one that I keep using it for a long time. For example, the electrical shaving machine that my wife gave me few years back is still very usefull and I like it. I keep remembering her every time I shave Smile
My fav. gift wasa cycle. My first one i got for my 9th bday!
I loved it! I got an mp3 player last year! That too was cool!
you are so lucky~~

i do not have any gifts in my birthday~~

my mum and dad just give me $100 and ask me to buy the gift myself~

Crying or Very sad

i have told them before

i want gifts but no just money~~

but they just say i can buy it myself~
windval wrote:
you are so lucky~~

i do not have any gifts in my birthday~~

my mum and dad just give me $100 and ask me to buy the gift myself~

My parents would never give me money as a gift...they knew I would blow it on something unpracticle like anhy kid would. But isn't that a real gift, something you completely don't need and is not good for much....but is a heapload of fun anyway? Count yourself as lucky my friend...they could have gone out and bought you $100 worth of socks, t-shirts and underware. Very Happy
horseatingweeds wrote:

She is my wife now. We both like playing with my balls.

hahaha... funny shit right there Laughing Laughing Laughing
My favorite gift was a Nintendo Entertainment System when I was like 7 ... my dad got it for me.

I'm poor so the most recent thing I got was a $25 gift card to Safeway from my brother. It bought me a week's worth of food. For that I am grateful.

March 22nd is my 21st birthday. The best thing someone could get for me is a handle of Jagermeister. Yay.
the best gift will be a gift that is truely from one's heart, which money can never buy.. Very Happy
a bburago ferrari f50 1/24
ya i agree
it's my friend's birthday on 28th feb
he loves recorder very much
so i gave him one(the most high pitch on)
he found that really nice
i am happy to know that
a Bicycle my dad bought 4 me when I was 13.
The first rose my girlfrend gave me three years back.
The Apple ibook.
I think my best gift is:passing the judicature examation.
And my girlfriend love me
the best gift I have received is a pen from my dad
i used it for long
while it couldn't work any more
I still keep it on my desk
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