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Do you have a big/small collection of something?

On Disney Channel, they share people's collections of cool things, like caps, and post cards. I've been collection old coins and special (new) coins for quit a while, I also collect what I think is antique. I'm just wondering if anyone collects anything they think is special?
used to collect stamps and first-day covers but not anymore...guess as you age, you kinda have no time for this things...

i probably collect webscripts now and test them out =)
I collect old computer parts, stamps, and foreign coins.
I collect so many things =PP I collect cards (used to (all kinds) of course...) now I collect coins from around the world. It's pretty interesting to go to new places and see what their currency looks like and keep it =PP I have this huge piggy bank thingy that has money from Finland, China, France, Cheque republic *howeveryouspellthatmyapologiesforanyoffences, Russia, Australia, England and Germany =D
I have quite a few collections of things myself, most of them are not worth a whole lot of $ but thats not why I collect. I have a large coin collection of US currency, and bills, and many from around the world. I also have a huge fossil, and rock/mineral collection that I have collected myself from many fossil, and mineral sites around where I live. I also have a sports card collection, that I haven't looked at for like ever. Um lets see what else, I have tons of desert and other exotic plants so I guess you could say I collect exotic/weird plants. I also have many pet reptiles, so I guess I collect reptiles as well.
I have many baseball cards. Even got a Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card (yea its worth a good amout) I have over a thousand cards. I hope to get into this hobby even more. It all started with my gradfater giving me cards worth like nothing. Hopefully i will get his collection someday. But it seems that it all is going to my cousins. Sad
You could say I have a collection of collections Razz I hang on to way too much junk. Some of the things I collect:

Keyrings - When I travel I buy them from the places I visit. I've got over 100 now.
Dog firgurines
Anything with dragons on it
Business cards
Shiny rocks & crystals
Easter egg foil (rolled up into tiny balls) - weird, I know, but hey, they're shiny!
Seashells (I live near the sea)
When I was younger, I'd collect basketball cards and some football cards. Basketball was my primary. I still have a huge book of basketball cards and then some more special cards encased in protective cases stored somewhere.
When I was in elementary school, I had quite an infatuation with stickers. I basically saved up what I could find/acquire; however, that eventually faded away for me because it felt childish to continue doing so, to tell the truth.

If books could count as a hobby, I've got quite a number of those. Though lately, I've been purchasing more foreign books due to my studies in school.
I have a large collection of beer candles Very Happy and stamps and woodpeckers and more...would like to sell it all Smile
Code of Ruin
I have a pretty large collection of minerals and fossils. I've got amethists (somewhere around 5 kg, some good quality, some lesser) mangaan, citrien, smokequartz, hematiet. I store it all in a special cupboard but I should get a larger one cuz it is starting to pile out.
I collect almost everything.
i used to collect stamps... i dont do it nemore... I also have a mini collection of STEPs memorabillas... since I really loved them back in the days and its really hard to find their stuff now.... i collect hats too.. esp. Vondutch hats... their cool... and clothes... like D&G, diesel, Vondutch, Kappa, Nike, triple five Soul, GAP, Billabong, Ecko, PhatFarm, West49, Converse, Puma waHHaaa.. and moree.. i might need to check my closet... and shooess...
I collect coins. but I usually spend them on gumballs.
I have a Small Collection of Stamps(All over the world) and Coins(Only Indian)

It good to collect Stamps as you get to lots about the History of those Country!


Anurag Bhatia
1 ·Ö<cent>, 2 ·Ö<cent>, 5 ·Ö(cent), Chinese Coins, they are not produced any more ,
i used to have an unbelievable collection of price tags mostly from cigarets. i never ment to start collecting it just happend when ever i got home and hade a fresh pack of smokes i peel the price tag of and stick it on the door. but whan i moved from home i cinda regret putting them ther Rolling Eyes
I collect comics. Usually older ones 1960's - 80's.

Here are my cartoon comics:

Here are my action/superhero comics:

Here is where I keep them in my room (man that wall is dirty Very Happy):

I have bought the Sonic #0
When I was younger, I love collecting stuffs. One of them was those old Arabic coins that my aunt brings from the Middle East, hehe, i just founf them cute, some were even dated 1928 hehehe. I also had a stamp collection once, but I think they are lost now Sad

But right now, I do not call it necessarily a collection but well, I collect films. It came out from my high school days where me n my peers were so addicted to movies. So I had lost of movies in here, and stack of anime. And they're starting to pile up. Currently, I'm trying to get a hold on Japanese dramas, they're cool so I'm starting on them already.
this might sound strange, but i use to collect index cards. Please don't ask me why, because I don't even know why
I have a small collection of Ragnarok Online, like T-shirts, bags, posters, CDs, and other merchandise.
I also have a big collection of all about Chrno Crusade on my computer (arts, manga, mp3, drama, doujinshi, etc...).
For 8 years I've been cutting out of magazines (some of which weren't my own...waiting room magazines have been a target) and glueing them onto this giant piece of craft wood. They're of everything (I mean everything!) I like. It looks pretty good now, I learned a lot about colour theory.

So yeah I collect pictures.
I bought two minichamps 1/18th Formula one cars in 1995, the collection ( which is on the wall ) is now nearing one hundred.
i collect games and old's wonderful i think but sometimes may be expensive.
I've been collecting pencils since I was probably 9 years old (I am 17 now). I like to collect pencils because they are cheap, there are practially infinitely different designs, and they are just the right size to be displayed in a 8" x 10" frame on the wall. I have around 10 frames full, plus the inevitable collection of oversized and oddly-shaped pencils.
Where to begin?

1. Sports Cards - over 100,000 of them.
2. Books - over 1,500 of them.
3. TY Beanie Babies - over 1,000 of them.
4. State Quarters - over $500 worth.
5. Computer Games - over 1,000 of them.
6. Cal Ripken Jr. stuff - over 1,000 items.
7. Cabbatch (spelling) Patch Dolls - over 200 of them.
8. Music CDs - over 1,000 of them.
9. Dragon Figurines - over 100 of them.
10. Dust - over 7 pounds.
collections are great, I have a collection of heheheeeh:)
anders aka sensei
I have some collections of different things......

2. Frimærker in danish and in english i think that it is call stamps.
3. Different money.....from different lands.
4. At last i have a collection of world war 2 things.
i collect english/japanese (adult) manga, hentai pics and CGs, and anime MP3s. anyone wana trade?? Twisted Evil
I have a collection of CDs and DVDs.
Poetry books
polarbear figures since I was a kid lol
movie sets vh and dvd
original art work from unknows like blane
tarot card decks

well I think thats about it, all have diffrent meanings as I am sure most of us here would agree if you collect anything.
Baseball Cards-- Probably in the thousands, I kinda stopped collecting them, but I'm not gonna give them away.
Comics-- Not really, but the other day my uncle gave me a stack of comic books from the late-eighties to the mid-nineties. I saw an ad on the back of one for a SNES game my brother and I used to rent, which was pretty cool.
Pokemon Cards-- I must be the only one who didn't give these away.
Coins-- Stopped collecting, but they're there.
Hot Wheels/Matchbox-- Hundreds.
Micro Machines-- Only the old ones, when they were still real cars. I've got around 50 cars, and a tank. My brother has a bunch of the military ones.
LEGOs-- Me and my brothers made a decent-sized town on the pool table.

I've got plenty of other, smallar, collections. I have a few small Pokemon figurines, but we stopped going to the mall that sold them, and I lost a bunch, so I only have five left. I keep all my old Motor Trends and Nintendo Powers. I have five little MLB coffee mugs from 50 cent candy machines-- Braves, D-Backs, Brewers, Giants, and Astros, I believe.
When I was little, i was a huge fan of Starwars
I started collecting things of Star Wars and now i have a small closet full of those things... from posters to ost to books to a gameboy game

and I'm a collector of OST cds
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