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Flash Drive Problem

Last month, I got a 1 GB PNY Tech. Flash Drive. I have been using it to store and work on my computer game project (I store it in a Flash Drive because I work on it everywhere, libary, school...). I basically got the whole game in there, include graphic and sound. Then for some weird reason, the Flash Drive just stop working. Now I can't access any of the files in it, including the graphic and script for my game project! My backup file in the hard drive don't have much stuffs in it. Is there a way to get the flash drive to work again? I really need it.
I think that your Flash Drive had been damage when you have been carrying it around. It's a sensitive piece of technology since it stores data. Sadly, I don't think there's anything that you can you. I'm not really sure though...

Hope that helps...
im afraid that the poster above me is correct, its most likely that you either dropped it or crushed it in some way that has damaged something interally. All I can say is that, this is a lesson and in the future i would recommend that you backup whatever you do that day onto your desktop or laptop...some sort of storage media that is a little bit more stable and less likely to get corrupted. Do that every night after you do some work on it, and you should be perfectly fine if it ever happens again.

Sorry that there isnt any way that we can help, and sorry about the game, that really kinda sucks. Good luck in the future though.
ok, thanks anyway.

However, I didn't drop it or anything. I was using it. I unplugged it and remember I forgot to store something in, plug it in again and it wouldn't work. It reconized it but when I click it in My Computer, it said insert drive or something.
Did you put your flashdrive into a Mac, I put my flashdrive into a mac before and I think you have to put it in the trash and then pull out the flashdrive for it to save.
Try using another USB port. Maybe that port has corroded terminals.

Or, you can try using another computer to see whether it works.
You can use some programs like Final Recovery to backup your data. I use it and i backed it up.
I use microsoft active sync for all of my backup stuff. I do that every time I logon to the computer. Is it possible that you can pull it a part and take the storage part of it out and use another Flash drive usb plug to work it.

Does the light come on. It might have blown up or something
Try some data recovery progs on it, there are quite a few on the net that are free. Especially for flash disks. You could also send it back to manufacturer to get it restored for you. Check their website for support. Sometimes if all else fails do a format on it and then a format recovery.
Either its damaged or perhaps a error occured within the drive.
It probably was damaged. I know for a fact most PNY products are shoddy, having multiple failures from their video cards and ram. I would try to recover the data with another computer, and if you cant, try to RMA it and get a new one under warantee. Then again, PNY's warantee sucks a massive ******, so good luck with it. Sorry for the vulgarity there, but I REALLY hate PNY.
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