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I have constructed my website over the past two months putting in lots of effort (with the server 2 being corrupt in between). I have put various enhancements to my website like the Chat rooms, forums, Shoutbox Rolling clips etc. Yet the website gets few clicks per day. I would like all to visit my website and drop in your suggestions there....

The forum registration and the chat registration can be done through the "Users" link in the menu. The forum can be used as an effective environment to discuss about various technical issues (as the community I expect is a blend of techno cravy people), software, hardware etc.

The various functionalities as such need lot of pruning and enhancing. So I do request all of you to visit my forum and join it in the startups itself and make it a big sucess in the long run.

I am also planning to introduce the concept of a virtual community wherein people can trade, live and die in their own virtual space.

Please co-operate and put in your suggestions and wishes.

Visit me at --

Thanks and regards,
Have to say I wouldn't stay long unless I was looking for something within the content.
The reason being the home page seems rather barren.
Large blank spaces do nothing for me. You need more detail about the site. The content may be good but people wont explore further if they are put of in the first instance.
I found the scrolling box on the left scrolls too quickly and is small enough to be ignored.
The phtos at the bottom also scroll too quicly and seem very 'bunched together'.
How you choose to attract people there is another topic altogether but if you want them to come back then first impressions count
The rest is OK except:
1. Not very neat, try arrange them neatly.
2. Website banner is not theme with your website.
3. Some links are down.
4. Some codings doesn't work on FireFox.

Contents : 15/20
Designs : 3/8
Colours : 5/8
Neatness : 1/8
Graphics : 3/8
Text : 2/8
Original : 5/20
Others : 15/20
total : 49/100

Anyway, Is good that you putting in lots of effort to it. You have very good aims. Hope you will success one day. FriHost is a great host, don waste it on its benefits. Wink
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