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Sex and Relationships?

In my experiance sex seems to ruin any relationship I have, I start off having a great relationship with a woman but then we have sex (The problem is it's not excatly a choice, it just happens after we start going out.) then we are close, having sex in a great relationship then everything just falls apart. I would much prefer a proper long term relationship than sex anytime...

Though recently I went out with this girl (She's N.Irish 15yo), and we met (Her mother was the Army secretery), so we got talking I got her number called her up and asked her out. She just broke up with her old bf just before we started going out, so I took her to the cinema (I know not very fancy but I have no money Wink), then we went back to her place and... Then a couple of days later I invited her round my place and again (Though we just clicked she's the best I've ever had, she was the only one out of tons of sexual relationships that actually did what I wanted to please me), Then on she dumped me over the phone saying 'I don't think we should go out, because I just got out of a serious relationship and I don't think I'm ready for it yet', but she is the only women I have gone out with that made me feel so different, I mean I've never fealt like this before her, I know sounds stupid huh?, me in love with a 15yo, crazy huh?, She says she just wants to be friends, so I am hoping I can win her over somehow...
How old are [/b]you?
How old are you?
The friendship between my two roommates is on its way to becoming something other than a friendship. I’ve noticed different things about both of them that are not making for a healthy relationship. It all started off when they both liked the same girl. Well of course only one of them could end up with her, and it was Mike, and in turn John became very jealous. That’s when I really started to notice a lot of tension between the two. They hardly communicate with each other anymore and when they do, its very brief and stagnating. It seems like they don’t want to bond with each other anymore and are not able to laugh with each other. Looking back at their friendship I can clearly see the stages they went through to become what they are now. There is definitely a lack of trust between both of them. They can rely on each other for some things, but I do know that neither of them truly trusts one another. Also I believe that Mike has a lot of verbal aggression towards John. He never listens to what John has to say, but just perceive it as bullshit or something not important at all. I also tried to determine what the cost and rewards were for each person and how it is contributing to their unpr
Welll.. I guess sex is only a "salt and pepor" if it takes in a relationship, but, when we got married sex is a "daily diggest" Very Happy

In my country, it's taboo for having a sex before married, and much of western people that I know, they sick to having seck with different people, they hate it because they feel worry wether they get HIV virus. Ah, forget about that.

In My Oppinion, having sex can closer our relationship if we can choose when did we do that, maybe when both of you and your partner need it or really want it, it will ive more pleasure to them and you of course. In other hand, having too much sex everyday could stimulate our mind to get bore quickly and it's not too good for our body.
Ever since my girlfriend and I had sex, she seems to want to always be near me, and be in contact with me.

For me, the opposite has happened, what was once a very equal relationship has now started to go downhill, well for me it has, she seems to be loving the two of us being together though. Very strange.
Okay, I kinda wanted posts about the topic, but you just guessing what the topic was about by the title has seem to result in spam, but okay...
Evil or Very Mad
Do you two not relieve stress when you two make love?

It's certainly improved my relationship with my gf.
You should just stop having sex with people until you're married. Sex is for making babies and to enhance your relationship with your spouse, not to provide a means of entertainment for teenagers. But that's my take on the issue.
sex just a bodes request ,not the spirit request,if u are just the body request,after the sex,ur relationships end go without saying.
In that case it might have just been timeing eh? A lot of girls consider it as "deepening the relationship" so if she just broke up with a guy, and you haven't been seeing each other long, and she's 15, likely she just got stressed out.
Anyway I don't think it ruins a relationship unless:
a) because other things aren't working b) badly timed or c) only partially wanted by at least one of the parties involved. Aside from that, nah, I think it makes the relationship better.
Hey everyone! To update those of you who're familiar with my situation, I had broken up with my boyfriend of 3 yrs because he was talking to this girl which he wanted to keep a secret. I knew about her because I was listening to his messages ( he doesn't know I do that) and I gave him so many chances to tell me the truth. I don't think anyone else would have given him as many chances as I have. I went real far!! Anyway, it was nagging me so bad that he kept her a secret to make the long story short, I told him I called and talked to her and know who she is. He said he met her at his friend's house party which I decided not to go to. He said that the girl got his number from the friend's girlfriend and started calling him. He didn't explain much. I wanted to know why he didn't mention her, and he said he forgot ( always gets anmesia when confronted )!
This is his second time in 3 yrs since he's been interested in talking to other girls. I keep on telling myself that he's been doing it because we've been having problems but I am so confused right now.
Do y'all think that I should give him a second chance? My girlfriend thinks that I should move on and leave him. Is it normal for guys to be doing what he's done or am I being real possesive.
He promised that he'll tell her that he can't talk to her no more. But that kinda sounds like he's doing it for me and not because he actually doesn't want to talk to her anymore. I keep on asking him like 20 questions about her and why he lied about this and that. I still have so many unanswered questions that I want to ask him but I feel like I'm nagging him. Is what he's done considered cheating? And if so, am I being real easy to go back into this relationship?
What should I do? I'm sure I sound real confused. Help needed PLZ!!
It's cause you aren't supposed to have sexual relations outside of marriage. That's the way God made it, whether you believe in him or not. He made sex for married couples ONLY. Sex is a way to say to your partner 'I love you and I will always be there for you'. Now, can you really say that at the age of 18 to a girl that is only 15 and has the rest of her life? No. Also, sex is a way to produce new young. Do you want a kid? I bet she doesn't, not with school and the rest of her life. Now, you will probally say 'But if I use a condum...', NO. Condums have a faliure rate of 60%. 'But what about birth control', no. They can cause cancer in women and can also ruin their reproductive organs (they won't be able to ever have kids). Besides, do you want an STD? Mabye a nice case of Genital Herpies that you could give to your kid and he/she can give to his/hers and so on. Or mabye you can get some nice HIV and then die when you get AIDs. Your choice really. Just think, if no one had sex outside marriage there would be no STDs and no teen pregnancies and NO ABORTIONS, YAAAAY! Oh, and condums do not protect against the top STDs, so don't go there.
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