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what do you think about .info domains

I want to register a domain name for my personal uses. The problem is that all the major suffixes for the desired name are taken. The only two TDL that remain available are .biz (no thanks, I ain't no "biznes" :-) ) and .info . So the question is : what do you think about .info domains
It depends on the nature of your site. If you are distributing information about something, tutorials for example, then .info would seem quite sensible. If it's more a community forum then perhaps .info is not ideal, but it's really up to yourself.

When I got my domain, I really wanted ignite.(com/org/info/ and there was only one available, but that's because one of the owners was selling it. He said I could have it for $750.

Instead, I settled on and it cost me approx $8 for 2 years. So the domain you choose is entirely your decision - it depends what your priorities are.
Animal wrote:

Instead, I settled on and it cost me approx $8 for 2 years. So the domain you choose is entirely your decision - it depends what your priorities are.

The thing is that I want the domain to be my last name, so adding a suffix or preffix is not so desirable. I also don't want to add my first name to the domain, for two reasons: I want all my family to use it, and it would make a pretty long name.
well the best extention for a domain name is .com and i think everyone should go with it, but as it is taken in your case i think .info is not that bad idea too. .info got a special promotional vegas going on these days that make them available for about $2. well i do not recomend using .biz extension for your personal website. also, if you in any country you can always try you country extensions. i would recomen you to change the domain name spelling slightly or add a hyphen or anything and buy a .com . if you are too dedicated for your last name as your domain name, then go with .info.
Yeah, everyone is talking about free .info domain names but it is of no use because from next year you have to shell out $9.9 each year.

And, all of you know that .com domains are more memorable than .info

So, grab a .com domain for some money and make some money through it.
Actually you'd be better of with a .com

Its more popular and comes at the same price as .info almost

As Animal suggested try using a prefix with a .com

it is enough if the prefix is a letter with hyphen(like Animal)
or just a letter like i or e
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