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For the Mac users G3 Blue & White Freezing

I have recently got a G3 B&W 450Mhz 512 Ram and two Harddrives one 10Gb maxtor out of an iMac DV the other A 6Gb Western Digital original to the computer. After I had gotten it setup I started tochecked it to see if the firmware was up to date, then I started to install Tiger. Throughout the install I had about two freezes(it would run fine for about 30 min and freeze). I have added thermal compound and a fan to the heatsink but it did the some thing. I had become flustered and soon thought to unplug the fan and use it until it froze again. Soon after it froze I upend the case and took of the heatsink and carefully touched the processor and it was cool, just about no heat.

I dont know what to do pelase tell me if you have any idea or suggestion of what I could do, thank you.
ok I have a blue and white mac so I know where your coming from.

My mac is a g3 350mhz with 512mbs or ram.

One question where did you get it from? was it yours you decided to update, a friends, or ebay.

If ebay and you didn't try it before installing mac os x then you could have just gotten a fault computer.

Check to see if the cd is scratch at all.

I have never tried anything above 9.2.1 on my mac so I couldn't really tell you the issue. And if you have a version 9 or somthing lower then 10.4 try it and see if it pauses.

I understand that the 6gb is the one that came with it and the 10gb is one you installed. Which hard drive are you installing it on?
I got it from a friend
I fix the idiotic problem, there were screws under the motherboard.
lol, nice a stupid yet short out issue.

I have a question for you. I want to upgrade my g3 blue and white mac to Mac OS X 10.4. My question is does it run at an effcient speed?

I ask this because I have seen the mac minis boot up and if they could took anymore time I would probably die.
I put 896MB of ram now it runs Tiger vary well it takes a about a half a minute to boot some times more, I did have a few problems but iv resolved them all and its running perfect now.
I have a G3 (600MHz) Apple iBook which had mac os 9 bfore. Then I got Tiger. It installed well and works fine since. The only thing that saddens me is that the new iLife 6 (esp iweb) can only work for G4 n higher pcs.
Thats really sad.
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