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Hey, I was just wondering if any of you guys/gals played paintball. If so, where do you like to play, what game type(s) do you like, what gun rig do you have set up and any knowledge you'd like to share?

For me, I play in a local field in Northwestern Arkansas called GroundZero. It has 3 fields, one is a tournament speedball field, one is like a small city with real buildings that you can go upstairs in and play around, finally the other is called Vietnam because of its rough terrain and such. I personally play team elimination or capture the flag the most.

My gun on the other hand is a stock PMI Evo that I run off of CO2. The gun works perfectly well on CO2 but also has the option to run off of HPA/N2. Hopeuflly I'm gonna get a new barrel (Evil maybe or a FREAK) and a motorized hopper...perhaps some HPA too Wink.

Also, my random tip is don't get into a firefight with someone else if you can't hit them. It wastes paint which wastes you money. Flanking an enemy has got to be one of the best strategies I can give. Crawling on the ground in cover can also get you closer to your enemy without being spotted. With that being said, happy 'balling!
I had played paintball several times in the past.

A game that I remember well took place at an 'arena' near Rishon Lezion(center part of Israel).

Heh, I was playing as a 'sniper' and pwned my friends from quite a distance Very Happy

It was great Smile

We played CTF and King of the Hill.
Me and a few of my friends like paint ball. We usually just play team deathmatch type rounds. Sometimes one team will get "advantage" , which means they get like two minutes to go and hide somewhere before we get to go after them. It's really fun. We usually just play in someone's back yard or the woods behind their house because we live like in the middle of nowhere. Most of my friends have semi-autos, and a few have pumps. I don't have my own gun yet, so I borrow someone's pump gun.

Probably my favorite match was when my team got advantage. Most of my team hid in a shed with windows that could open just enough to stick your barrel through. I went up in a treefort and then the other guys took down the ladder so no one would know I was up there. I hid in the corner until the other team was real close to the treefort, then I just started unloading on them. It was pretty cool.
I love paintballing, although I am always the worst player Laughing

I don't even have my own gun, but I play every once in a while with someone elses Wink

My friend who lives down the street has a half-acre back yard and he set up a small paintball arena there.
omg.. ive never paintball b4.. but i want to so badly><! i heard it hurtz like hell tho>< im so scared.. does it actually?
all the times ive played ive always ended up with like 20 brouzez and they heart like crap let me tell ya that
Ive actually only played once ant it was a lot of fun. I played against my mom and my brother and one time i shot my brother and then my mom shot me in the back.
Paintballs do hurt at close range unfortunately and can even draw a bit of blood. However, its probably not near as bad as you would think it would hurt. As long as you get hit in the body somewhere and not a joint or sensitive part of the body, you should be fine.

Also, if any of you guys have any guns and would like to write a quick review or something for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. My website ( is running very slowly mainly due to mid-term tests coming up for me, but if you'd like to have some of your review work showcased and have any pictures of gear, let me know if you're interested!
Paintball is a great game. The best is when you are playing 6 on 6 and in the woods. Its great feeling trying not to be spoted but when you think that noe saw you---ypou feel that you have been hit... i must try it in snow but you need white clothes otherwise you are too visible....
I played paint once, two years ago. I remenber going to this place, like a forest, with a group of five friends. We rent the guns and all the other stuff necessary to play, and then we started... At first we were not only nervous but also afraid!!! But, as we kept playing and shooting, we started to like it. Finally, we ended spending all our money in more and more paintballs!! We had a great time!

Peace out
Paintball is one of those thing I always wanted to try but never have.. I guess since it's expensive and I'm really afraid it hurts.
My frends has also wanted to play, but I guess we are lazy Smile
It really doesn't hurt all that bad. But yes, it CAN be very expensive. But I do recommend buying stuff on the internet if you can (unless you want to support your local field/store, which I don't because they're price gougers) and you can save a lot of money. For example, my gun retails at about $275 and I bought it BRAND NEW for $165. Another example is my paintball field which charges $60 A CASE for Karnage Bite paint (which is a good rec paint, but not worth $60 a case) and you can get it online for only $35.
Yes i have 4times, it wicked but some people say that its hurts when you play it in the winter, come off it i been 3times in the winter and it didn't hurt me once.

If you aint been then book now, its a wicked sports, i hoping to go again soon with my college Very Happy
painball kicks. end of story. i live like 2 minutes from a paintball place and love going there. i have a Tippman 98 Custom which might not be the best, does good.
Yeah, my brother uses on of those. It's not terrible by any means. I think it needs a better barrel to be honest though. It's good, just not long enough.
I like paintball but it is soo expensive. The past year i have resorted to airsoft. If you buy an electric gun you dont have to worry about c02 or and other gas. Also the bb's are dirt cheap (sumthing like $15.00 u.s. for 4,000 bb's). The only thing is that you dont always know if your hit unless you get hit in the face (owch!). I have tried paintball airsoft but it would always get jammed. Confused
Ah that sucks about the jamming of the airsoft paintballs. And yes, paintballs can be VERY expensive. In essence, it usually costs between $0.015 and up to $0.035 per shot. Unfortunately when you're shooting 20 adds up Wink.
I tend to play alot of woodsball, as it's usually cheaper. (like going onto a pay field will beat your backyard) my kit is a Tippmann 98 Custom painted OD green (because that makes it shoot faster.) with a collapsible folding stock and a 1X red dot sight. I was gonna get a whisper barrel but ended up waiting for like 3 months the the back order to restock and just told em to credit me back.

Tip I learned last weekend: Try not to go prone in a field you're not familiar with - Especially when it's in the middle of the Desert, as cacti can greatly impact your ability to aim.
I've been twice before, and it's fairly enjoyable. Only problem I found is one that's already been mentioned, the bloody cost. I take 50 with me, which should buy 500 balls and some more if I need them. I end up wasting half of them shooting trees or obstacles and I can never tell whether I've hit someone. It's a good thing to do once in a while, but I could never play it regularly, I just don't have the cash.

It's not a sport though... Wink (don't respond to that, private joke between myself and Ultima)
Ugh, yeah I HATE the price of 'balling Sad and sadly it detours many new players. Hopefully though people will still keep joining the sport Very Happy. Also Monk, do you woodsball quite a bit? I do occasionally but I do like to hear input from players of different styles of play. Plus I'm always looking for advice and tips from different players Wink.
Yeah, I've actually never played anything but. (apart from me and a friend 30 paces apart on the road) Pretty much I try to keep full 360 awareness to make sure I know where my opponent(s) are and they don't know where I am . Subtletys in the terrain is the cover I tend to go for, as people will etiher not even see me, or end up shooting where they think I am.

When I'm in more of an assault mindset I just tend to keep as mobile as possible while still putting an emphasis on stealth as possible.
This means like keeping prone and keeping in alot of thick cover, then moving slowly to the next cover. I emphasize that because the less mobile you are, the less visible you are.

Anyways, theres loads of tactics and you probably shouldn't take my BS to heart . Just use you best judgment, if that gets you shot up, find out where you screwed up rite.

My Tip: Man is a linear species, to keep out of view, keep a vertical edge. they may expect you more on a hilltop than a tree, but you will still have an advantage.
Excellent advice. When I'm playing woodsball I go all the way and deck myself out in full camo and use leaves and bushes as cover. Unfortunately, my gun is a shiney blue/black fade...and that glossy blue isn't what you would call natrual and it sorta impedes my hiding abilities. Hey, I was wondering if you'd like to join up on our paintball section of our forums...we NEED members and I'm always looking for new people to join.
If you're really heavy into camouflage check out Crye Precision. They are the producers of what was known as Scorpion (now Multicam) camouflage, and they sell some badass apparel on their site (shame most of it is sold out). I'm planning on buying some, though it's hella expensive, it (to me) looks well worth it. Around June I'll be purchasing the Range Vest and Combat Shirt. (and the Combat Pants if they're available.)

The Crye Multicam pattern actually was 2nd to the Army's current ACU pattern (digital woodland) In the last Battle between them and the manufacturers of ACU.

I'm planning on getting some 6-color (Dunno why that, I just like it) desert camo field gear and attaching elastic strips (spaced about 2" apart) all around it to fill with local vegetation. Like a more superficial Ghillie suit. Should be pretty cool though.
Nice! I really like that camo! I really don't like the digital camo just seems like it would stick out in a woodlands enviornment. The combat pants do look pretty awesome though, I like that style. For me, I think I use some type of Mossy Oak camo. I think it might be the new "Break-up" that came out, but I don't have it with me to be sure. Also, do you know any more people that would like the forums? Thanks for registering btw Wink.
No problem for registering. The problem with finding more people is people tend to be more apprehensive about being the first to post... So it's kinda like a poorly built dam. get enough water behind it, then it'll break. I personally don't know anyone that would be interested, but they can't be too hard to find right?
Exactly. They're out there, we just have to find them Wink.

Also, I have a local team that is thinking about registering all 3 of their memebers. They're basically kids though...but...I'll take what I can get.
I play occasionally usually just in a friends back yard or something but I've played at some cool courses before it loads of fun

I enjoy woods ball the most because it requires lots of tactics and its very easy to hide in the woods too (I'm very tall and can never hide too well) my second choice would be speed ball, they are very quick games but can be challenging and its very exhilerating when paintballs are constantly whizzing by your face

I prefer to use tippman guns because they never break, but i have a Spyder E-99 which is a piece of junk that I can never get working and I don't reccomend that anyone get it
it s very extream sport
I did it one time, and loved it. It's not something you can just go do, though. You need a pretty big group and it can get a little spendy. But what fun! Hurts like a b@#$! when you get hit, but somehow, I only got hit in the goggles so it wasn't so bad.

For old men like me though, all that crouching and crawling and squatting sure does leave you with a sore back..... Confused
Hah, yeah it can be rough even on us young'uns.

Also, do any of you guys/gals have any information about local fields? I'm trying to make a directory of them on my website Wink.
Yeah, U should look here:
Yeah, I just didn't want to steal things from other sites....that's bad Wink.
OK New question involving HPA and tanks...

I have an air compressor that can be used for things such as operating pnuematic tools (die grinders, air hammers) as well as other things such as airing up tires and what have you.

Is there an adapter or product I can use in conjunction with this air compressor to fill HPA tanks and consequentially save on money and driving time? (as well as a near-limitless supply of compressed air)
I used to play paintball with my friend almost every week. We used to play in Hollywood Sports and California Paintball PArk (CPP). My friend and I was invited to practice with a team Keebler, but their practices were too far away. I haven't been to a paintball field for years since it costed so much money (the paint). Now I'm more into airsoft and its realism and started a team a few months ago with my friend. However, I still respect the game of paintball, despite some of its newbies that it brings Wink .
Airsoft is fun, I just think it's too hard to tell that you're hit sometimes...and yes, paintball newbies SUCK (sometimes).

Monk: as for you question about HPA...I heard you could get some sort of "booster" for an air compresser that can fill your tank, however I'm not sure if your compresser tank has to be able to withstand the pressure. Or you could save up $5000 or so and buy your own SCUBA type compresser Wink.
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