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Projects VS Exams

Well I heard about a reform that some people will do in Quebec. What they will change ? they will not do exams anymore : instead they will give projects to do that will count for all the semester. I think that's the worst thing ever, and people that tried this reform said the same thing. I dont know why they want this reform, some teachers said that this was abolished in many countries before Quebec. So tell me... what is the advantages of this kind of teaching ?

Right now I need to choose a school for next year. Normally, I should go to a school with this kind of reform, (more on that : they will put from secondary 1 to 5 in the same school instead of keeping just one cycle in one school) but I want to stay in my other school. And they will early put uniforms in almost all the school around my place. What's the problem with the system we use now?

I would like to have some opinions from people that already studied in this "reform".
I would love to do Projects over Exams.

I can do my projects better than my exams all the time Rolling Eyes.
Many people works better with projects. For one entire school year in geography we did projects... And now that I got History class, the teacher is expecting from us to know our geography... but I don't know it because we were never studing the subject. By doing projects and researches, sometimes we miss informations that we should learn. I don't think that projects is appropriate in every subjects.
I don't know... exams are more predictable, you get what knowledge you can show. But projects can sometimes be awesome especially if you have a group with the right people, but sometimes can get pulled down. Confused ...
Projects are great, but if they count for a significant grade, then they should be done individualy. That way you have no overburdened students and no freeloaders.

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They should be called "Friloaders".
I think projects are a great way to test learning sometimes, but other times they are terrible. For instance, last semester I took a data structures class. The data structures themselves, which were supposed to be the point of the course, were easy to learn. The problem was we had to do these three projects that were like 500+ lines of code each. We were to construct graphs using various data structures and then do topology control and routing algo's on them. It was rediculous because they were so hard for us to do. In that class, I found the tests to be much easier than the projects, and much better at judging what I had learned. But this semester I'm taking an Object Oriented class and the tests are hard but the programing's easy. I dunno, most of my classes the tests count for like 50-80 percent of the grade anyhow. Overall, I think that in some applications projects can be a very useful teaching meathod and tests can fall short. I think it's a bit extreme to just get rid of tests though.
As an ex university lecturer I've got experience of various assessment & testing methods.
Projects are indeed good, but they're too open to abuse & cheating. OK, if the tutor is on the ball, he/she can tell whether a student's project work is compatible with how they are in class. If someone is struggling in class & turns in a 1st rate project, there would be grounds for suspicion. With group projects it's not always easy to assess an individual's contribution.
Tutor assessments are fine but have the limitation that if a particular student is a bit shy & doesn't like talking on front of the others, it can be difficult to assess just how much they are learning. 1-2-1 tutorials are a better way; but, obviously, they are too time-consuming to be a major part of teaching. They are, though, very useful as benchmarks.
As for exams, we all know the problems there. I've seen many students close to having a breakdown prior to their finals. Even the brightest student can suffer exam nerves. Although there is a method for averaging out the results over the full course, flunk the finals and that's it. I don't know what the situation is like in the rest of the world, but in the UK if you don't get a 1st, or at worst a 2:1, you can as near as damnit forget trying for a higher degree. That puts enormous pressure on students who want to do a Masters or Doctorate.
Unfortunately, to test an individual, and to be sure it actually is them whom you are testing, there is no substitute for exams backed up by coursework & projects.
I'd select project work over exam everyday. I never believed that three hours of sitting in a room vomitting out what you crammed the night before doesn't make much sense.
Exams are tests that you take in one single day and you can easily be affected bye external factors (like familiar problems, headache, you didn't sleep well last night, and so on) so in the exam you could probably not be in good conditions to demonstrate what you really know. In the other hand, if you never use to study and you know almost nothing, if you study very hard the day before the exam, you could pass your exam but you haven't really learned anything. That's why I consider Exams like bad methods for testing students knowledge.

Projects force people to put knowledge in practice, if you are able to do a project, you making a demostration of your knowledge, but the project must be supervised because students can do 'ilegal' things like involving people with more advanced knowledge to do the projects for them and that would be the same as cheating in the exams. Anyway, this showld not be a problem because when teacher are checking the projects they do questions about the projects so the students should know everything about their projects.
Both, a proyect is very subjective while a exam puts the knowledge to the test.
you can easily be affected bye external factors (like familiar problems, headache, you didn't sleep well last night, and so on)

I do not agree with it, what you know will always be there even if your dog dies. People who gets affected by these factors do not master the matters they are tested for. So that is another reason why tests are important, many times in life things have to be done wright even if no sleep or dump by the wife.

Proyects are good practical way to test skills how ever not always are correctly supervised.
I agree with all of those people who said they liked projects over exams....I do too. But I think a better teaching method may be one that combines the 2 for the overall grade. Projects are great and they show a practical working knowlege of the subject at hand. Exams are good to show what theoretical (or book knowlege if you will) the student has. By combining the two I think a better overview of what the student has actually learned, both the theory and the practice, would be achieved, and the student may retain more of what he/she has been taught.
i am right not in school and i hate the feeling of a exam, i would love to do a project then a exam but in some cases exams gets you ready in some way.
Maybe I'm just weird, but exams are better than projects any day. I stink at art, and projects just aren't very educational in my opinion...
I believe a good balance of both would be good, time permitting. Exams all the time would be a bit monotonous, but if its projects 24/7, it wouldn't be exactly as educational. In my opinion, projects are a bit more on the creative side while exams are more for actually learning. While I agree that vomiting the things from last nights cramming isn't exactly helpful, it's generally accepted that if you are up to date on the latest work and stuff, there shouldn't need much need to 'cram' but just review.
Here in South Africa the government recently introduced a porfolio system which uses a set of projects throughout the year in calculating the final highschool marks. How it works is a student needs to do projects for a set of given criteria eġ 2 critical analaseş 3 factual essays, 1 creative essay etċ.

It's supposed to average out the final marks and reduce the overall failures and according to last years results it's doing it's job.

But it's also a huge pain.
I hated most of the work we got in school and the portfolio projects forced us to spend extra time at home doing school work while with exams we had to do very little work (from times perspective) to pass welŀ

The computer science projects were great, and projects where we got to build working mine shafts (my mine had an electric fence that got the teacher to scream out in the middle of class) etc. were fun but I far prefer the less time consuming exams which let you just bugger off halfway through the day.
I'd like to do projects over exams. I hate studying for exams, and on projects there way more you can do to get a good grade. On exams its either you know it or dont know it, and if you dont know it on the exam then you would proberly not do good on it.
I don't mind doing either. Sometimes projects take hours of work and once it is done and graded, they go to the trash. On the otherhand, some tests require hours of studying and a week later you don't remember a thing. I prefer to do which ever one is easier, then I can spend my time working on my website. Cool
A lot of students dislike taking exams because of the stress, but that doesn't mean that exams shouldn't be given. Exams are awful and incredibly stressful, but there is no way to test material otherwise. It is better, however, to give more tests throughout a course so that the material is learned and spread over a greater area, so each test is worth less. This helps reduce stress.

It's nice to have 3 tests in one semester, each worth 20%, a 30% final, and 10% for homework. In this manner, the exam isn't a pass or fail entity that survival depends on.
I personally like projects a lot more. Coming from Computer Science, I find projects show what you know moreso than exams. It's definitely hard to "choke" on a project. More times than not, I've had a bad day and have done bad on exams when I really knew more than the test showed.
Practice makes you Perfect.
i can get 100% in a project but i find it twice as hard to get the same mark in an exam
Projects : Yes. Ofcourse you learn a lot of things practically over here. You work independently (most of the times). You are the Team Manager, Team Lead and Team Member. You have to plan, design and implement the requirement in the project. During this stage you learn a lot of things and you are often tend to make many mistakes. Mistakes are stepping stones of success and you have to learn from the mistakes, rather than backing on them. (Unless and otherwise you work sincerely without outsourcing ur project Very Happy ).

On the other hand, Exams are the ways which will prove ppl. your cabalility. It is not the way - how / that you present it, and it is the way - what you present it in the paper. When you learn from the books with good understanding, you gain knowledge.
And obviously when you work on the projects, this knowledge which you have learnt becomes necessary.

In simple words, both Projects and Exams are necessary.

bye for now....

in my university we follow both with equal weightage for both.
i prefer projects they tend to bring the potential out of me.
We all think that we are superior to guys around around us .
so the exams provide us a stage to prove ourself .By this process exams
bring the best out of us, if we look at it with a serious perception of way.
I'd have to agree with the combination of projects/exams to really test learning. I think most people will prefer projects because they have a chance to verify their information before submitting it, whereas an exam typically involves memorization. Even there, exams should test ones ability to apply learning in a practical scenario. Since each bring out different qualities of a student, it's best to combine them for a well-rounded education. My bet is that a change to remove exams is because of a schoolboard with parents whose children complain about the pressure and unfairness of exams. One's failure to adequately prove learning in an exam setting should be somewhat an indicator that learning was not wholly achieved, and therefore reflected in one's grade.
i would like to have projects over exams but i think that exams show whether you need to listen more but i would suggest do a project then an exam on it.
ive already got like 3 projects in a week its gay i tell ya id rather do exams!
Projects are by all means the more practical options. exams make you cram and nothing else. After all you will go out into the real world and start working not cramming..
i prefer exams odly enough, casue u cn spend a coupe of weeks preparing 4 them, sit down and an hour later is done, where as projects take months to do
i believe projects should be an integrated part of education.practical knowledge is better than bookish.
any tom,dick and harry can mug up and vomit shit on the paper..teachers should not test childrens memory skills but instead their over all understanding of the topic.
but on the other hand some things can't be learnt practically,say the human reproductive system( Razz i mean atleast not till u r 18)so exams are necessary.i think at higher grades it should be more practicals than exams..

for those who feel projects are boring and too much work.i can't help u..

but it all depends on the topics of the project.
however i go with a mixture of both. Wink
Always it should be a right mixture of practiacl and theoretical stuff...There is no way any one can excel in his chosen field with just one of the above.
You can bludge a project. You can't bludge an exam. 'Nuff said.
It is verry hard for me to distingwish between the two because i am more of a informational person. Sure i would like to have some fun with it and do a project every once and a while but somtimes i feel like sittinbg down and typing up a informational paper.

dont ask why i like to do this, i just do somtimes.
I'd have to say that for the most part, I prefer a projects over exams. This is because projects are less stressful, stretched over a long peiod of time and the majority of them are worth less of your final mark than exams.
Depends on the course...

If it's law or history, exams are more appropriate.

If it's computer science or engineering, projects are more appropriate.
In the real world, you'll be assigned tasks in these particular fields.
Time these tasks are given is not as short as exams.
It is difficult to assess whether projects are better or exams, without understanding the complete context of the educational course.

Education is in itself not the end, but only a step towards the ultimate career. There have been a number of studies that prove that many people who do well in academics in school do not perform as well in their jobs.

Project are always closer in design to real-job like situation, and hence should definitely be an integral part of the educational system. What ration of projects/exams should make for the final grade - is open to debate. Cool
i myself am doin my a-levels right now... and persoanlly i think the balance of 50% exams and 50% projects is the best.... the projects just take way too much time though and can be easily changed so they get better marks thata you should if you get me ( ppl helping you out) where as exams show a better summary of what you have learnt, whilst the pressure sresses some people out and make them do worse.......
I got banned from my highschool becouse i have lately drunk alot and pised off in principals officxe
That was my project about How alcohol effects on young man
The way i see it: Exams are there to test the knowledge that you have acquired. And projects are there to test your ability to apply that knowledge (or to see how well you can copy someone else's idea). I think a combination of 50/50 will work fine, atleast for me.
I think we have to keep both, given they both have pros and cons. They should co-exist to compliment each other.

For people who hate exam, I think they are probably do better in projects most of the time. Me too, I always get low mark in exam. I think that is because like someone here said, it can be affected by many factors during the exam day, more often than not it's due to the pressure to deliver good result all in just a few hours. But isn't it the same situation happens in our life everyday. We are constantly required to make decisions, sometimes difficult ones. I think exam is not only a test of how much knowledge you have acquired, also how you cope with pressure and other factors.

If the qualification is designed to find out whos the best. Then I think the best people or students should do well in both department.
projects are really nice and all, but they take a lot of time to do, and that's the one thing that I don't have right now. However, I do love projects more than exams. I think they should still keep both of course, but maybe put a little more emphysis on projects and give us a little more time to do them. Although I'm only a high school student, my life is really busy!! I only get 4 hours of sleep every night and I'm tired!!
I'm a teacher (or soon to be one), and I have to say that I think students should be tested on a combination of the two. I know as a college student I really enjoyed creating projects that expressed me and everything I had learned, rather than just taking a test I could memorize for.
I personally prefer exams, dont like them when the time comes but i usually do better in them.

I just dont put enough effort into coursework as theres always something distracting me!
I suppose it depends on the individual and whether the material is easy to learn.
For example, I love doing english/literature projects as opposed to written exams.
But when it comes to history, I hate projects.
Well spaced projects are clearly preferrable over exams, but I like to alternate between the two, so that I don't become lacking in either area. Hooray, Computer Science!
a really cool question. I am studying in a college where students mug up the things and end up getting distinction while people like me are just making first class. If the exam system is replaced by projects I will became the topper.
i'd go for projects. with projects you can go and do research and can be completely unprepared going into it and learn loads by the end. With exams, you've got to study like mad, know lots of stuff, and not have any resources to use while taking it.
Yea, I'd rather take an exam than do a project any day. Projects tike lots of time to do and I usually put them off until the last minute and end up doing terrible on them. Exams take some studying, but not as much work as a project, I think.
n0obie4life wrote:
I would love to do Projects over Exams.

I can do my projects better than my exams all the time Rolling Eyes.

Same situation here.
I can get like a perfect score in a project but in an exam?
greetings to each and everyone...good day....
For me i love to work projects than to take exams....hehehe...
not that i am lazy to study, but there is something about working on projects that i love to do it, i don't know what is it...but i love it, i love to work and help some people....

Actually i am always helping my cousins and friends in doing their projects, because when i helped someone, i feel a lot better, it's a nice feeling when you are helping someone, especially those who really don't know what to do.
So keep on helping each other....

two is better than one.

and man + GOD = majority,
Trust in the the best that you can...

Remmember this:
it will just result to an ugly project, and don't forget to plan ahead....

Thank you.bye for now...
merely a project will not suffice.. it has to be comprehensive and something that will truly help the student to learn his subject well. and as someone already said, you need to have a knowledge of both the theory and practical approach to learn a subject well. so a combination of exam and project would be necessary for the system to work effetively
I would have to say that I would rather take an exam, and be done with it, than doing a project. Everytime I get a project assigned, I tend to leave it until its too late. Also, if I'm with my friends, I concentrate less when class time is given. The topics covered in a project is a lot of the time not everything that was taught. Of course, tests are stressful, and sucks if you get a stomack ache or something in the middle of it.
Why not 50-50. I think that both are important. Schools need to strike a balance. They always go one way or the other.
a combination of the two is best. exams are good for testing actual knowledge and making collaboration with other people difficult. projects are good for making students work for longer periods of time and possibly learn people skills.
I have been teaching for almost the last 25 years and find that projects and examinations are both needed to test a candidate's skill and knowledge. Project is the application of one's understanding of the topic/subject and the same is the case with an exam. However, examinations ensure that the candidate himself/herself genuninely knows what he is attempting. Also, it would be a good idea to have both subjective and objective questions in an examination system.
I dont think projects should be given on as larger scale as they are, its annoying, all the teachers ask for the projects in around the same time and you rush to finish them, also the projects in like maths basically isnt your work, as you are told what to do! Confused Well mainly what to do, i belive it should be all down to the exam, because i do courswork and dont have a clue what its on about but still get full marks as your allowed to look at anyone elses in your school or collage
I agree both need to be represented, but what degree depends on the subject matter. I'm in school for digital arts and design, where the most important part of the actual industry is deliver on time. It doesn't really matter if you do it exactly as someone else did it, as long as it looks right and is done on time. Basically how my school works, the majority of the time, projects are huge, and a huge part of your grade. You could generally get As on all of the tests and bomb your project and still fail.

With my industry, its not what you know, its how you use it. If I were to be going to be a historian or something along those lines, exams would need to have a much higer percentage.
Ya in quebec you are given a project instead of an exam but in Ontario you are given either or both like in my French class we did not have an exam instead we did something called a summative which is a project....we do this because the Ontario government beleives that exams are not always good they put too much stress on students at the end of the year.....with that said in some courses they replaced final exams with projects (summatives).
mmm after recently having finsihed 4 years at university and before that all the years in school in the UK I have a good idea about exams and coursework from the perspective of a student. Cutting to the chase I'd like to say that I feel as with most things in life a balance in necessary, with everything in moderation.

A course being assessed roughly by 50% projects and the other half exams is pretty good. It means that if you're the type of person who doesn't do well in exams despite being good at the subject you don't have to fail, you can excel in your stronger area (coursework) and still pass, even with a decent grade.

Fortunatey for me I never did really badly in my exams and often surprised myself, but the same cannot be said for some of my collegues, who did far more work than me and got poor results in exams.

One of my better modules in the UK was Financial management and every three weeks in this week had a mini exam that contributed 5% of our total mark. I thought this was really good since it didn't force you to put all your eggs in one basket, or remeber an entire semester's content. Overall these exams contributed 20% to the final mark, with 50% for a final exam and the rest for coursework.

Then again it surely depends on the subject as to the best method of assessment. Personally having exams contributing more than 60% of a final grade is awful particularly if it is in a single, final exam.
I had no strong preference between exams, projects, or essays when I was in college (finished about two years ago). But that was because I could squeak by on little to no work or preparation either way. I always did all my work/studying in the last minute because I was lazy and impertinant. Probably still am.

I do felt I learnt more with essay- and projects-focused classes, though, because there tended to be more graded items and thus more times where I pulled an all-nighter to finish up my work just in time.

However, I never really got anything out of nor liked any classes with regular everyday work that was highly weighted. I think the level of work that was assigned when projects were given was ideal.
If a class is going to run for a whole semester without any tests or hw, then by the end of the semester when it's exam time, you will have forgotten all that you learned that semester. The positive side is that you won't have to worry about the project being done throughout the whole semester. It will be on your mind, because you know you won't do it till like the last week or so. But having an exam is worst, becuase you have to remember everything that you learned from the beg. of the semester. This is not possible.

On the other side, a project is much better. You have the whole semester to get the project done. You can get it done in the first few weeks and then not have to worry about it, or you could do it the last week of the sem. But a project is much better than an exam. The word "exam" by itself is such a headache. Rolling Eyes
hello, i also think projects are very good for education.
it is good to learn in the real world in combination with lessons at school.
Welll IMO it's better to do a projects than doing those boring exam Very Happy

I think it's useless counting someone ability using pen and paper, it's can't show them for sure, sometimes a briliant one get bad marks just because s/he doesn't want to do that (bored by the lesson etc)

In other hand, a project require more sense and not only something that we read, remember, and understand from the notebooks.

In my class I must remember almost 1/4 of all of my country laws. That's suck, i didn;t like it but why must i remember it and write it down when i doing a task, I think something like a project is better than that task.
projects are so much better than exams. Coming from a student's perspective at least. If i were a teacher i would know if my students were learning based on scores. Projects however use less retained knowlege...but more creativity. I especially like projects where i get to make videos Cool
exams stink and projects rule! especially when you mess up exams
I find a well-done exam (not one trying to use vague wording to confuse you (or the teacher just unable to do better), *cough*my AP US History teacher*cough*). Projects are fine sometimes, but often include superfluous criteria for earning all possible points. I'd rather have more exams and fewer projects than what I must do right now.
Well in this matter I fell strongly it is in the way things are conducted and in the attitude of the students who take part in it that the success or failure lies..I personally would prefer practical Exams to Written ones...but one cannot discard the possibility that writing is as important ..projects are cool but then thats what you do in professional life..dont you think we could leave that for then...and now have the exams ??again as i said it all is in the attitudwe of both parties concerned..Smile
on my university college the projects works very well... If the group members manage to work toghether it's even possible to learn something usefull to carry along. Most students often just read very much before the exams, only to be prepared enoght, and then forget most of it. Rolling Eyes
either way we're still doing work so it doesnt really matter
this topic really looks interesting, beacuse i guess nearly no one like examinations in the end of the term. yet, how about keep hard working along the term and relax in the end? that is what project called. so, compare with the two things, we will find that it nearly the same tough level of these two things, the only difference between them is whether you worry at the end or along the term. what you say, guys?
A good exam isn't memorization. A well written challenging exam is written to assume knowledge and push problem solving skills. If it's just writing down formulas, then it really isn't testing anything useful. A test that forces students to apply their knowledge and attack a problem from different angles--that's a test worth taking.
a combination of both would be best. exams would test your theoretical knowledge while projects would enhance your skills through applications or simply applying what you have learned. i believe that projects alone would not suffice the much needed knowledge a student should gain in class coz you can not apply all lessons to projects. There are lessons or topics that can easily be learned by doing projects while there are areas that are not.
meet in rio
Exams all the way.

Projects reward the hard-working; it is possible for just about anyone to get a high mark on a project if one works long and hard on it. Perhaps this is fair, but where is it increasingly difficult for universities/etc. to choose between candidates, the exam is the only way to detect both a dedication to studies and a natural intelligence. Group projects are unfair and a bit of a joke.

(Moreover, I hate projects - they take up far too much time and effort.)

Well, that's my silly little opinion.
who is Nuff? Razz

in the process of working, you are learning,(in company)
in the process of learning, you are working.( such as a grauduate student)
I have done some teaching in engineering. Most of the good points have already been brought up. There are different types of learners, and the trick for a teacher is to find the way to explain a concept to a student that will make the light go on. So a varied curriculum, where you have to memorize as well as apply knowledge works well for many subjects.

A danger with pure projects-based learning, is that a student does not benefit from a teacher who not only can provide the facts you need to do the work, but also should teach how a body of knowledge goes together and is interrelated. One can argue that this insight will come with doing the work, but that is a very inefficient way of learning. The development of the steam engine took a lot longer than it will take you to understand how it works when someone explains it to you with the benefit of hindsight.

In many places there has been a shift away from factual knowledge and toward using information to get a specific task done. Although knowledge and intelligence are not the same thing, an intelligent person with a solid knowledge will get a lot further than someone who is just intelligent. I have had mechanical engineering students in 3rd year unable to explain to me how sines, cosines and circles go together. If these students don't manage to catch up on the basics they will make sub-standard engineers.

So, you need both, and a decent teacher. That being said, if you want to learn, no bad teacher os system is going to be able to stop you. It seems to me you'll do fine either way.
I would love to do projects over exams. I do not like studying.[/code]
Projects are a much better real-world applicatin of knowledge and ability. I've been on the job when recent grads come in with little or no ability to deal with abstract situation where the problem/situation needs to be indentified, analysed and the a solution worked out.
Folks are grea if you give them direct questions. This is easy, "Here, i've identified the problem. now what is the solution?" The difficulty in project oriented instruction and particularly, testing is the amount of mentoring/guidance many students require. This requires a much lower classroom density and more qualified teachers, thus, higher paid teachers.
Project would have to be individual and group oriented. We need to quantify the ability/subject absorbtion of the individual on his own and how he works in a group.
Exams would also need to continue as a main measure of individual knowledge and rentention. There really is no substitute for experience ganed in projects but written exams cannot be replaced.
Projects as exams? I would say they must be individual projects. Exams are a measurement of the individual not the group. If you're a college prof, with six classes of, say, 50 students, are you gonna want to grade 300 mechanical engineering projects?
Are you a qualified and experienced engineer with the ability to face creative solutions and judge them withut bias? Tough to do.
I woldn't want the job.
I think that the possibility to carry out projects instead of exams permits to expand and to deepen the content. We must learn doing and in the exams does not necessarily have the oportunity of creating something, alone of reprinting it, for which by alone that element seems me that the projects are a totally valid alternative
I think projects and exam must be combined together. with projects you gain practical experience and big amount of theoretical knowledge, so after projects finished its much more easy to prepare for exams.
Some projects are retarded and doesn't really help you learn anything at all. Oh wait, I meant most of the projects were retarded.

Exams are ok, some are difficult, but overall they are easy to do, you just go in, write it, done. Projects take up a lot of time. For exams all you need to prepare is pay attention in class.
I have to agree that project is the most like real word practice in campus studies, therefore, besides the good sides of learning abilities to handle things in practice, students could also learn how to deal with the plan, the process of project, just almost the same they will meet in their work time.

On contrast, they will never learn these good things in the exam, of course, preparing for the exam was always boring and sometimes make people upset.[/code]
Different strokes for different folks.

My preference, projects.

Educational systems are due for an overhaul. Traditional methods of testing appeal to the student who harbours the greater memory, but may or may not have the best implementation skills. A more heuristic approach may be menu du jour, educators need to recognise the plethora of students that don't fair well on examinations yet have an extraordinary ability to apply knowledge once they've had the opportunity to experiment with it.

I, for one, fair poorly on exams, my saving grace was my ability to deliver stunning projects and display a strong work ethic. We are all different and a tailored approach may be the best possible solution for the individual. Projects tend to lend more credence to the real world and I honestly believe that work should trump exam in every facet of education.

I can not agree that exam is a traditional way to test the ability of how well student handle the knowledge. On the contrast, projects always existed along with the education system appeared.

another hand, not all exams could testify the level of students, just the same as project did. in some classes, especiall in some theory ones, schools could not always provide the equipments or instruments for their students to do some projects, like nuclear science, nanomechanics, or physics.
i prefer pracical assesed work to exams, i always do rubbish in exams!!
Currently doing a mech eng apprenticeship, allot better than normal college.

If by projects you mean coursework etc, then I definitely prefer exams. With exams you learn a few facts beforehand or whatever and then answer some questions. Done and dusted in a few hours. With coursework you've got deadlines to worry about, more work to do and more stress in my opinion.
jawsofoblivion wrote:
If by projects you mean coursework etc, then I definitely prefer exams. With exams you learn a few facts beforehand or whatever and then answer some questions. Done and dusted in a few hours. With coursework you've got deadlines to worry about, more work to do and more stress in my opinion.

Hey Jaws,

The deadlines and stress help to prepare you for what's to come. Let's face it, how many exams does the average worker/manager have to take during his career. He may be faced with research, deadlines, stress, etc..., but exams, rarely. One's ability to present clear, well researched projects on time may be a better indicator on how well they will handle the working world. I prefer work over exam, but once again, we are all different.

i finished my exams before spring break which im on now and have now i have a socials project to do.... Sad
Exams everybody hates exams and everybody does prefer projects over exams.... huh:?:Exclamation
now here i would like to define them both according to me

EXAMS: People might favour exams but to me it is the sillyness of the istitutions that exams have not been BANNED Exclamation Exclamation Not talking exams strike me as a small amount of 3hrs in which the whole years worth hard work of a student is tested. i would also like to add that it is not possble to even fill a book (if written in detail) to even discribe the whole day. Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused

PROJECTS: Interesting, though time consuming these are the teaching methods through which students ought to be taught in this method the student not only uses his mind to find out information but also learns things which help in general awareness as well as academic.
Well, it really depends. Is the exam long, and what it's about. If the exam is about any of the following, then I would pick exam:

-P.E. <--LoL

If it's about these subjects, then I would pick project, no question:

-History Evil or Very Mad

It all also depends on how much into the year the exam is in. I usually know more than others at the beginning of the year, so those exams are easier than the ones at the end of the year.
It depends on the length, too. If the exam is more than an hour long, PROJECT! If it's a twenty-minute exam (is there really such thing?) then I would consider it.
I am currently doing an IGCSE course, where there is no coursework (projects), I think this is quite good, as i am not too good at them, but i think sometimes in exams people can just blank out and forget everything, and they dont get a second chance,which is why i think there should be coursework as well, but only worth about 30%.
It really depends. If you are a student who just wanta pass and get credit. Exam would be a easy way. But project is really useful for people really wanta learn something. And eventually use it in real life.
I prefer the latter.
Exams are very usefull to determine what someone actualy knows, however there is a pressure that comes with it that could make you do worse on it than should have. However, Projects, though usefull and more entertaining, don't have near as much pressure to them, so it could pretty easily cause you to not take it seriusly. All in all I think i would choose exams over projects becuase projects usualy take a lot more personal time, plus i've always tested realy realy well so yeah. Rolling Eyes
Klaw 2
Give me projects, you have a book next to you and axcess to an (almost) infinit number of websites etc.
I think both are good. Some people are better at exams and others are better at projects. Personally I prefer exams because they cost less effort, but with projects I often get something special. Except it costs so much time.
At my university (Debrecen, Hungary) we do not have so many project works, only exams. (Ok, we should write papers on seminars but this is not a team-based one, only working on it alone). But this means that you only have to learn before the exams and only a few weeks later the whole knowledge may disappear. When you are working on a project you spend all the time on it (ok, sometimes you go to pubs etc. nearly all of the time) and there is a better chance to preserve its outcome at your mind - I think, the project-centric approach is more scientific, so it may be more profitable than cram thousand pages of data and forget them a day later. But projects require a lot of time. At the last semester I had over 20 subjects and if i had to do projects on all.... So I argues projects are more useful than exams but you may only choose projects on those fields of your study with which you have plans for the future.
In my school, projects have a heavier weightage in our final grade at the end of the year. All the assignments and stuff take up 70% and the exams only take up 30%. I guess it's a mix and match and I always do better in projects compared to exams but I would prefer mixing and matching the both of them up so that if people didn't score well for their projects, they can try harder and try to score in their exams. I study in a secondary school in singapore called Raffles Institution. It's founded by Sir stamford raffles, the englishman who founded modern singapore. everything is so strict here and we're learning more than normal secondary schools just because we are in the Raffles Programme.
I do not disagree that there should be a mixture of practical and theoretical. I think as long as there is a strong emphaiss on praxis in the practical application of the project, there is a strong theoretical framework. I often find that this iws not stressed and that there is simply some guidelines to follow for the successful completion of the project. This does not fulfill the reason one is taking a course in the field.
It' really depends on the class. For example, if you are taking a programming class, there MUST be projects, that's the only way you can learn the material, through hands-on experience. But having projects in the 5 core classes (english, math, science, foreign language, and social studies) is a complete waste of time.

This is offtopic but this is how I think each of the 5 core classes should be run at the highschool level.

English: only papers should be assigned...why would you need to have exams or other homework (other than reading) in english??

Math: the basics...homework in conjunction with tests and quizes

Science: labs are a waste of time at the highschool level...homework should be optional. your grade would be determined by test scores

language and history...w/e

In all, projects are only good if you have everyone else in your group doing most of the work and if they waste a bunch of class time, and if you're really skilled at something, you can use your skill in a project in some way to show off to your class...which is what I like to do.
What is important in teaching is not the teacher to be so good at presenting its sciences, but the pupil to be in such good conditions that he can learn at the moment the subject is exposed.

It mainly happens that teachers badly present their stuff in front of academical audiences composed of students who are not focused. It's a one way communication process, but surely not a teaching process. These students do not perform a learning process during the courses and therefore have to rehearse their lessons at night, when they are exhausted.

Furthermore they will focuse on the way to get good results during the examinations (exams or projects). This does not depend if the learning process brought them somethoing useful.

In the end, examinating someone's performance is not so hard. It always depend on the way it's done.

If you choose the way of an oral examination, a good teacher can rapidly have the rang of a students knowledge. It verbal and non-verbal signs, its atitude as well as the content of its talk bring many indcators that allow the evaluation, although it's partially instinctive.

But if you choose to implement an examination process, very likely to be standardised, then you loose the human part of the communication and often focus on a badly written content.
I think dey are because you put more effort in them !!! and find more out where as an examyou just get it and den hav 2 do it !!!
The best solution is a mixture of the 2 things because in each different types of skills are evaluated.
Practical: How was the planning? Did the student apply the knowledge to practical situations? How did he work with his teamates? Did he find the right solutions to different situations? How did he show his work to the class?
Theoretical: Did the student learn the concepts and applied them well in theoretical situations?
Each type of avaliation is also a "world". There are lots of types of theoretical and practical works. Here I also think that a written test should have various types of questions (not just multiple-choice questions, because in these types of tests students don't write down their ideas and don't explain them).
It's all a question of developing different types of skills.
I've read some opinions about practical activities. They are a waste of tiime? In my opinion only if not well planned or executed. The activities should have a clear goal, and take in consideration the students abilities, the teacher capability and the school conditions. Each discipline has its own avaliation process, but shouldn't avoid 100% the practical tasks. Just theoretical tests is like putting the kids in a car factory always doing the same things. Is the goal of the school to have students that study for the tests the day before of each test?
well my opinion is that exams are not a bad idea for school level courses because the intention of the courses are to provide the students with some concepts not knowledge!! courses that are practical even in the school level should actually have projects as the instrument for evaluation.

but for college/graduate/post-graduate level courses the chosen medium of evaluation should be projects/essays because these allows for more reflectve learning and application, not just mearly grasping the concepts. but yes in college/graduate/post-graduate level courses which are basic courses they should have a mix of exams and projects.

I think everyone will agree that practical activities will never be a waste of time, I think most of us will agree that what we learned from practical things were more than from classes. So I prefer to point out that comparing both side, it seems class (or exam) is lower efficient than project (practical stuff).
A combination of both is a necessity. With only testing like many have said it’s just cramming and then forgetting. On the other hand like many have also said with just projects you may not even glean vital knowledge of the course.

So the college I attended, and graduated from, is Full Sail Real World Education. I achieved an Associate of Science in Show Production and Touring. With that said. I have toured for 2+ years as a lighting engineer, fixing running, programming and a small bit of designing. I have also worked on many productions locally in DFW, TX and Milwaukee, WI.

The curriculum was very much geared toward people that usually don’t test well, and people with dyslexia or other “learning” disabilities. Apparently there are a lot of people of that type in my industry. With that said, we did a lot of hands on work. A layout of a class would be something close to 16 lectures 16 labs and 1 exam and 1 “project”. Sometimes the projects would involve something that is essentially a test but hands on. So we might have to set up a PA, or configure an acoustical measurement system and take 3 measurements. The “Final Project” was a full blown production where we, as students, would book some bands, book all the gear for our show, promote it, and set it up and run it, and tear it down. Now there was a lot more involved in that. It’s just simplified stating it like that. We were then graded on tons of things, part was a whole group part was how well we did our role. i.e. monitor engineer getting a lot of feedback during the show is bad.

I found this combination crucial to learning the absolute most I could. However I don’t know how well that system would translate into traditional schooling.
School makes us do projects instead of tests a lot. I really am not a big fan of projects, lmao.

Timothy B.
(hopefully soon getting FriHost)
i personally have a large issue with tests. all tests do is make a student memorize information and barf it all out again in the space of a couple hours. i don't think they truly measure a student's ability in the field, but rather his ability to memorize material. the student won't look back at the test and say, "oh yeah, i remember learning that from the test, or that test was usefull to me because..."

projects provide students with a chance to work with resources and give allow them to use their full knowledge of the field to create something. Most importantly, it provides the student with a better learning experience. too much value is placed upon grades as opposed to focusing on teaching the student in the best possible manner.

abolish tests!
Some people can study and remember the stuff they studied for quite a while, but for most people, I'm sure, it's quite different. Most us cram a few days before or even last minute!!! This is just as previous people have said useless. So why do this? I do not know. I do know though that projects actually make you learn some stuff (if rules make you do a presentation). Scientists have studied (hey they do too! ;D) that people remember things better the more out of the ordinary they are. So doing things like what did you know facts and actually reading and sorta acting things you will remember better. School, as people say or as I have always seen them say is to learn. So after this what is the point of studying for a test...? BULLSHIT!!! ;D. Let's all go for projects =). GO PROJECTS GO (this little blurb of text I just wrote only applies if the students doing the project want to get a good mark and if any offence was taken, please don't mind it. I wasn't meaning it =p).
I think that they students should be graded on more projects than exams because exams test you in an enviornment that makes you extremely nervous and only tests your knowledge on the questions asked and really andybody can guess on a guestion but projects test how well you know and can use the knowledge that you have learned.
my dad works quite frequently with a guy whoose day job is doing rich kid's homework. He writes projects, speeches and coursework for tossers and only because projects are worth a decent percentage of the grade.
if exams were 80-90%, then it makes it a lot harder to cheat in this way and annoying wankers don't graduate.
I feel that projects are much better learning tools than tests are.

When someone studies for a test they are trying to memorize information and may not be neccisarlly applying it to anything. Then when they take the test they are regeritating the informaiton on the page.

Now when a person does a project they are forced to apply what they have been trying to learn and by applying the information they are working with and the instructor has a clear view that the student is comprehinding what is going on.
Projects are easier because they put less stress on a person than an exam an d they are usually more exciting
I prefer a healthy combination of projects and exams. Exams are easier and you don't have to spend that much time learning an exam, in contrary to a project (we get really big projects in my school.) Also, when you're in a bad group, it may be that one has to do all the work. I experienced this last year, we had to write an essay and I wrote it and said "you two do the work" (we were with three in total), and they didn't do anything. I got bad marks, despite I did so much work.
As far as i think the good combination of the projects and the exams is better than any of them alone, because in the exams persons memory, and his theoratical skills are judged, while in the projects the persons analytical,practical,and the skill of implimentation of ideas are judged.Creativity and the teamwork capability can also be judged in the projects.So both of them should be made for the complete analysis.
I personally prefers projects. 1st, projects forcusses more on application, it is not as "dry" as the stuff that students have to learn for exams. Personally i think that having knowledge does not necessaryily mean knowing how and when to apply the knowledge. Projects are able to let students have the chance to explore and learn how to correctly apply the knowledge learnt in curriculum. Cheers Smile
ainieas wrote:
I'd select project work over exam everyday. I never believed that three hours of sitting in a room vomitting out what you crammed the night before doesn't make much sense.

Couldnt agree with you more. Exams are long and boring but only for like acouple hours, but its hours straight, not spread out like a project is. Some people say exams and they hae their reasons and likewise etc etc
Projects are always better than exams.
For exams, you always have to study study study! But for projects, you only have a deadline and the only thing to do is research! That's not a hard thing to do and I always get higher marks than exmas.
My sister's geography teacher, that's what she did. They have to do a couple of projects each term but she never gives out exams. That's how my sister pass Geography easily.
At ITT I've had alot of experience between the projects and exams in my classes as the school is very hands on. Projects seem more like you're doing a job than simply memorizing facts for a test. The projects usually give you hands-on experience in a simulated real life situation. Occasionally, our teachers will actually let us help them in their real jobs that are outside of school for a project. For example, my Audio/Video teacher is currently trying to budget out a film he and a few others are planning on making in the area. Since budgeting was something we went through in class, he wanted us to help him out a bit with it.

Projects also give us free will to an extent to use our creativity and own experiences to help us do the assigned task. Tests on the other hand are basically memorizing and regurgitating facts. While sometimes this is helpful, the knowledge obtained does not always stick with you.

I personally wouldn't mind if tests were taken out of schools completely, but then again America is so big on statistics, that I doubt that will ever happen. They need SOMETHING to prove how well they're doing, and a standardized test is more easy to judge on than a finished project. However, I believe they could get alot more out of a finished project then they could a mind-numbing test that looks like it was done by some robot. The point i'm trying to make with that is that projects promote individuality, something that I believe has been mostly lost on our American society.
A project is Much easier and less brain consuming than an exam. When you hear the word exam, a red light comes to your mind. It the opposite with projects. Projects are fun. Smile
meet in rio
milkmandan wrote:
i personally have a large issue with tests. all tests do is make a student memorize information and barf it all out again in the space of a couple hours. i don't think they truly measure a student's ability in the field, but rather his ability to memorize material.

I have to disagree.

Perhaps this is true for some subjects (say... biology), or for multiple choice quiz material, but to write a good test essay you need to thoroughly understand the material and be able to organise your thoughts about it and come up with a plan in a short space of time. One could memorise every word of Hamlet and then not be able to say anything remotely creative in an essay. Exams require you to think on your feet rather than spend hours in a library doing research.

I'm not saying that projects don't have their place; they're great for learning, but should not be used to assess a student's intellect.
meet in rio
Besides which, there are some things where ability can only truly be measured in controlled conditions: the abilty to translate acurately, for example, is something which simply cannot be fairy tested in any other way.
I am a firm believer that both exams and projects are equally important for college students. I am a marketing undergrad and I definitely see the merits, and drawbacks of both methods. So a healthy mix of projects and exams are crucial.
The degree I'm currently studying for is Bsc Analytical Chemistry, and 70% of my entire marks is taken from coursework, laboratory work/reports and essay's. The remaining 30% is from end of year exams to show that there is a working knowledge of the subject stored somewhere in my head!
My course, and ultimately my career is hands-on based, using instruments & techniques to analyse & produce/purify substances etc, and as such the university prides itself on the practical experience all graduates leave with. It has been proven by the positive input from employers that this is far more useful to business, providing employees with directly transferable practical skills, together with the background knowledge expected in the industry.
Due to the nature of my subject, I cannot see how simple exams asking how a process is carried out will prove that I'm capable of actually doing it, therefore this mixture of coursework/exams is the most appropriate for me.
I'm glad as well, because when I sit at exams, I panic, get nervous and make silly mistakes which loses me marks, but that 2 hour session is not a true indicator of my total knowledge or abilities.
ok let's put it only for cs/it studies... arent projects better than xams in these streams?? i say they are Smile
we had a nice project in my german lesson last week:) it was very nice... i know how to speak about homosexuality in german;) normal way we wouldn't never speak about this subject;P (u know, i'm from poland - very traditionall country - i don't like it) ;] besides exams give us less than projects;) Wink
The idea of only practical tasks is good, but is a test totally a non practical task? No, of course not. Students have to study, memorize, relate things, understand different levels of knowledge.
If the test is well done by the teacher, different levels of knowledge are evaluated.
The tests may function as a way for students/teachers to realize what went wrong and to correct/compensate it.
So, tests can be much more powerfull than just for statistics use.
Having said that, I still think practical works are essential for many reasons. Life is all about practice for success.
meet in rio wrote:
milkmandan wrote:
i personally have a large issue with tests. all tests do is make a student memorize information and barf it all out again in the space of a couple hours. i don't think they truly measure a student's ability in the field, but rather his ability to memorize material.

I have to disagree.

Perhaps this is true for some subjects (say... biology), or for multiple choice quiz material, but to write a good test essay you need to thoroughly understand the material and be able to organise your thoughts about it and come up with a plan in a short space of time. One could memorise every word of Hamlet and then not be able to say anything remotely creative in an essay. Exams require you to think on your feet rather than spend hours in a library doing research.

I'm not saying that projects don't have their place; they're great for learning, but should not be used to assess a student's intellect.

I aggree with you because theres no way u can pass without projects and if u did then ur some kind of super nerd and should be dominating the world . tehe
I just did my IGCSE exam yesterday (with no projects) and it was easy! And i was doing it a year early, if anyone has the option, do IGCSE over GCSE! i dont want to sound cocky but i am porbably getting an A*!
(i dont want to sound c o c k y)
Project sucks. Especially if it's in a group. Those are the worst. I only had one single group in my entire life as a student where everyone including myself did their part on time and to the best of their abilities. And that is a group of two. It's true.

Projects don't really measure what you learn. They measure how you work with others. I prefer tests any other day. Nice tests of course, like open book appication type questions. Those helps you to learn how to use your knowledge, not just regurgitate what you have memorized.
Exams, anytime anywhere > Projects/Assignments
yep I think projects are more worthy than Quizzes or exams. It gets you to do the real thing rather than to answer silly questions that you have just to memorize for that exam. Projects applies to the real world unlike exams.
But sometimes it depends on what you study. For instance in my field which is engineering, it is helpful for us to do projects (or machine problems) because it is what we really do in the real world.

But for certifications... exams would do. Projects would take a long time to do... lolz.
I think exams are necessary for some courses and not for others.

Consider a very objective course, say, a first year math course like calculus. If you make that a project course, what's going to happen is you're going to get a lot of people not learning the material, especially since a lot of people will just be looking for tutorials or online help to get their work done. This is where i think exams are necessary to make sure the people who pass the course know the material to a certain degree.

Of course, there's a lot of problems inherent in exam testing, such as students cramming, students getting too caught up with grades, exams not necessarily testing the individuals, but at the moment, there just isn't any real better method.

Of course, project courses are great for certain courses such as courses with a lot more hands on knowledge required. There's no better way to teach how to build accounting statements from scratch than actually doing it (this isn't really possible on a test environment, as it'd take hours Razz).
how bout 50/50...

projects are cool! exmas are more lyk... tense but i love exams too!
I prefer projects as they really show what I know and I often acquire knowledge from outside of class that I would usually not learn otherwise from doing them.

I think that there should be a good mix of projects and exams and that they should be about equal, unlike where I am. We have both projects and exams, but our exams count as a separate grade. It is extremly stressful this way and exams usually do not reflect your abilities in an actual job.
Singapore's eduaction system is also quite the same... Secondary pupils only have projects alot and mostly no homework in some schools...
I think theories first then project. Then final exams. Better combining than standalone.
Whenever I've done an exam (above GCSE level), we've had 'coursework' which is an x hour project depending on the subject.

Basically, the coursework is 30% of your overall grade and in my case it was Computing.

Coursework out of 60 but then divide by half gets you how many marks you already have in the final exam. (ie 50/60 = 25/30)

Exam is out of 200, divide mark by half and you get your result (ie 110/200 = 55/100) and add the two together and you get your final result (ie 55 + 25 = 75) and you get your final mark which is then banded into A/B/C/D/Fail as follows

A (Band 1) = 85+
A (Band 2) = 80-84
B (Band 1) = 75-79
B (Band 2) = 70-74
C (Band 1) = 65-69
C (Band 2) = 60-64
D (Band 1) = 55-59
D (Band 2) = 50-54
Fail = < 50

D/FAIL are both fails but the D can be counted as a grade and proof of understanding of the subject (and can make the different between being chosen in University or not!)
I also think that the right way should be a mixture of the both. Exams are usally not the best way to judge the capability of the person. Project give the real world feel of the subject.
But again, project calls for extensive time on a particular area of a subject and if we dedicate on this particular topic we miss the gist of other areas.
I think the worst part of projects is when you work in a team. At my school that never goes well, and the teacher don't care at all. They give you at most 0.5/10 points over the others, when you've done three times as much work as them. But when you do something alone, you're in control of what, how, when - it's actually a lot easier I suppose.
I think projects could replace most exams which mostly dont give you anything other than checking your memorisation skills. Projects dont necessarily have to be that time consuming and Id prefer them because you really learn something with some effort in the end.
I wud like to add here by examples.... last semester i flinked 3 papers and got an A in my project... so its project 4 me atleast
In my polytechnic (Temasek Poly, Singapore) one semester is dedicated for project itself, which is the main project. And there is a project we have to do every year. The learing too is problem based. I found it very advanced and industry relevent.
Depends...some projects are so horribly stupid that I'd rather do 3 exams then one stupid project. But I'd take a good project over an exam any day. Smile
It depends. But more often, I prefer exams over projects. Solo projects can be tricky and working on teams might be dificult too.
i would say, that changeing exams out with projects is wrong, because a projects will test you in a different way, but well , i rater like projects, specaily if they give some time to make it, then would i maybe get alot of points in them all
Projects are much better than exams.
I like making projects for two reasons its fun and its easy.
Exams are just the opposite
Throughout my three years in film school, I had only one exam paper to sit for - media law. When I sat for the exam I was pretty nervous not because I wasn't prepared, but because I felt I had "lost touch" with sitting for papers. Sitting for exams needs practice.

Like I said earlier, I only had one paper in three years. This would mean for the rest of the three years, I was doing projects after projects. It was a really stressful affair. I almost died and wanted to quit the line after graduation. I didn't of course, I still love film as much or even more now. Not everyone can handle projects. Likewise, not everyone can handle exams. It's up to the individual. For me, exams have never bothered me until I stopped taking them. Flipping through mountains of books and memorising was something I could do without much difficulty. I've been blessed with a pretty good memory. After a while, exams became a habit that resulted in the birth of exam techniques that suited me.

Whether exams or projects is a better gauge of a person's abilities, it's hard to put a clear line to this issue. It really depends on the subjects/modules and the individual.

This debate of exams vs projects has been going on for the longest time. But till now, no conclusion has been found. I guess this tells us this isn't a black and white issue. They are plenty of grey areas to it.

Personally, I like a mixture of both. Three years of projects was torturous. Projects stress you from day 1 till the day you hand them up. Exams stress you like a week before the paper till the last paper, and that's it. This is just me and what I can handle. Razz
I find that comprehensive examinations are more desirable as they test one's intellect, knowledge and handling of the whole subject. Projects are only testing one's basic understanding of the subject, their creativity, their researching skills, organization skills. Also, projects are done in groups or even if they are individual, people tend to discuss and get answers online so they aren't really that good.
Well, personally i think projects are much better than exams. But there is always the danger that with projects that the students dont konw how to go ahead. They are kind of raw and a good guide is a must during the initial projects. I think we should have projects instead of exams, i would love to do interesting projects rather than cram up for the exams before the exams and know nothing later on.
Projects tests the students more than exams. They test their innovativeness, plus their character over due course of time. SO for me it is all projects.!
Yes the projects are much more better than the exams, you can get the information that you need surfing the net and you can take the that you need time to do it.So projects 4ever hehe
i think projects are much better than exams. But with projects the students may not have to possess enough theoritical knowledge.. there's a saying that there's nothing as practical as a good theory. They are kind of raw without theoritical knowlege.

I think we should have projects instead of exams, i would love to do interesting projects rather than cram up for the exams before the exams and know nothing later on.

Projects tests the students more than exams. They test their application skills, thinking, and of course creativity!
should use a college like system. lectures that teach basic stuff that is examined on, but practicals for projects and stuff you'll actually use in real world. most education is pointless anyway. why would i need to memorise any more than basic geography. learning useless information for the sake of it is not much use. should be taughtt more practical stuff as the main point of education and theory stuff just for knowledge. then give people the choice to learn more about a subject if they specialise in that area or just for desire to learn.
i like both
I like projects because I like spending lots of time doing my work and having the opportunity to think things over. Also, I do fairly well on my projects. However, it is very time consuming and projects are only positive if you have only one to do. A lot of times there are time restrictions and many other tests/exams going on at the same time.

Exams are beneficial as well since they're short and once you fnish it its done with. However, I always make mistakes on exams since there's so much knowledge to know and apply. I get restless in long exams and can't concentrate so i don't do as well.

All in all, both have postiives and negatives and a healthy combination would be best.
I think it depends on the field in question.

If you're dealing with an area where it is the end result that matters then I think projects are probably the best method of assessment.

This is because I think it is quite possible these days to produce something (be it website, video, music etc) without knowing too much about the nuts and bolts of the theory.

I think however that if the field is one in which a strong theoretical understanding is necessary to produce the goods, exams are the best and fairest way to grade.

People often point out that exams are not fair to people who suffer from nerves -I'd like to point out that in everyones' life there will be times when their performance in the moment marks the difference between success and failure.
Regarding the student experience, I would expect more effect feeding back from the project oriented learning than the traditional exam oriented teaching.

First of all, the student/pupil could learn more and proactively from the project than a single exam. Knowledge needed to solve a problem is likely to be interdisciplinary. And there is a chance that the students get a wider view to the system of knowledge and know what he wants to learn and learn it with much more motivation.

However, the disadvantage is also the point, that the knowledge is too practical to be systematic to digest. And many times is there possibility that the students would tend to learn as enough as possible to solve the probelm, and not any more.

Thus, I think both methods should be combined systematically into the education system.
For me, as a student, It is better off to have an examination and a project. For any reasons, examinations will best help students know and understand the lessons in a particular subject while project will let students learn more better in practical way.
I am in the k-12 system and have about 18 years...

The debate over portfolio, exam, experiment, project has been going on all of the time I have been in education.

There is a balance between all of the methods. Each person has their strengths & weakness. They learn in different ways.

You must consider some of the following before you are quick to judge each type of evaluation.

Subjectivity is the paramount consideration. How do you take as much bias out of the process. Many projects are full of bias in the evaluation process. Even with a rubric, way to quantify quality, it is difficult to standardize the process.

Time vs quality. How often can you grade projects, a time consuming process. You can give a quiz often and have the feedback in a matter of minutes. Projects often take days or even weeks to grade, done well and the student does not get feedback as often. Is it better to test the student each week and let them know how they are doing, improving etc. or give projects each month???

This does not even touch on the different learning styles, language, disability issues etc.

To make a long story short they all have their place. Ideally you have tests, projects, portfolio like tools all in one class. However if you have 150+ students the reality often makes some of them less possible. Teachers have lives too. I would estimate much of the time of the average teacher is grading.

This of it this way. If you give homework and grade it. Here is the equation. If it takes 1 min to grade it with 150 students, the average load for a 6 period teacher. You have 150 min of work or 2 and 1/2 hours of work. If it takes 5 min... well you do the math..

Sorry to be so long winded but what can I say I am a teacher... Confused Razz
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