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night and light poems

i love poems which use imagery related to night and light. here (and hear) are some of my poems.

A People’s Prayer

Here are the days
of Charles the King,
whose crown has wings
like an eagle.

Hear now our prayer,
oh lord of men,
and help us mend
the broken hearts.

We ask that your
eyes, clear and fair,
guide us with their
light and wisdom.

The hand that holds
the orb and mace—
lead us through days
when dark brings fear.

Under your helm,
your golden hair,
when times despair,
will bring us hope.

In your armour,
wrought of silver,
bring forth treasure—
courage to fight.

Even in strife,
the white angel
in your pearl smile
will heal all wounds.

Here comes the King;
he brings us days
of faith and grace
to keep us safe.
here's another poem of mine, inspired by josh groban's gira con me questa notte

Beneath the Winter Skies

I walk beneath
the winter skies,
and feel the soil
beneath my feet.

The stars swirl round—
an endless game;
the flowers kiss—
an endless bond.

These roads will lead
the paths I walk;
the moon will guide
my eyes ahead.

As silence falls,
the echoes call;
again I hear
the music sing.

Within my soul,
the melody
will always dwell
and fill my heart.

The moonlight runs
and leads my path
back home again,
towards the stars.
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