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Yoga, I love yoga

I am just a beginner of Yoga, but I love it. Now life is so busy that we must be hurry in every thing. I just want to find a sport which can improve my health and not let me as busy as I am working. Yoga is my choice.

I have taken 2 classes. Every time I can relax myself well. Also it allows me to practice my muscles in the same time.

In the DVD, the Yoga expert can fly over the mountain. Maybe it means that the feeling of people who enjoy Yoga is like flying in the sky.

Yoga is great. Very Happy But you need a lot of time to have something from it. I started with Yoga some time ago, but i had not enough time for it so i better quit and tried other things. Anyway Yoga is great thing to try, not hard. Wink
Yeah, i think it's great too, but if you do it in a wrong way, it maybe harm you r body (as i read in a magazine). So, be careful!
WEll.. I tried Yoga one time.. and it's pretty good.. but after sometime it's start to be boring..
i have not touch it for now,but many girls and guys are like is and play will good for your health.
i did not tryy.... i dont have time for it...
Mybe i will tryy... Confused
i can't agree more - only be practicing for about 8 weeks and it has changed my life.

never have i been able to clear my mind so easily. the feeling you get after finishing is just total contentment and satisfaction.

to anyone who hasn't yet tried yoga - run don't walk.

.... and wow, how bad is my balance. i thought i had pretty good balance but wasn't i proved wrong Smile
yoga is pretty sweet, it took a more effort than i thougt it would and definatly makes people calmers and less stressed out. everyone should try it, it really does work
skynet wrote:
WEll.. I tried Yoga one time.. and it's pretty good.. but after sometime it's start to be boring..

Yoga is very popular because it differes from other exercises by its characteristics.
1.It does not spend energy expenditure as other exercises did. it actually saves energy in the form of extracting oxygen by its techniques.
2.It gives a combination of flexibility and strength ,which is rare to see in other exercise programmes.
3.It need no equipment.Even yoga can be performed in simple mat.
4.It not only make fit the physical strength, but also regulares the inner vital organs such as brain, kidney,stomach,etc. Also it regulates menal health.
As I read those post I have to force myself to do something. I dont have enough time, but i have to start with it again Embarassed I'm really in a need to change my life-style now Cool
Yoga is one of the best exercises u can ever get to do..!! Man this has the ability to cure many many diseases. In western nations this is followed by many many people for there health and it has benefited them.! I am proud to tell that this yoga was found by an indian rishi, his name was patanjali maharishi.!!! Many Many thanks to him..!!!!
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