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Jyoko! The eDrifter...

"My name online is Jyoko, and nothing else.. Wink I work as a Council Member on one website, while being a content/news reporter on another. I enjoy chatting with great people and making new friends. I am learning flash slowly, but when I know much, I will be taking on the task of making my OWN isometric 3D chat room with users I can meet and greet as well. I've been on many web hosting sites such as Roxr, and IconRate, etc.. by by far (email / ftp account wise, probably other areas as well) FRIHOST wins.

One of my 'friends' I guess we should say is a veteran member of the game I play, ( is a moderator on it, and we have gotten attatched quite a bit. Very Happy

As for any neat things, I have been a player moderator on the WELL KNOWN MMORPG RuneScape by Jagex Inc. It was a blast helping/banning bad people, keeping other players safe.

I guess you could call me an eDrifter, or someone who does various things to help out the online communities.. but I have a nice acedemic life as well. Just recently (maybe a month or two ago) I was offered to travel to Washington to learn more about the government/politics. I declined the offer, but regret it.

I think I filled y'all in quite enough. Very Happy"

This was posted in another thread of mine, but I will add a little more for an introduction. Smile

I have helped approximately 1,000 web-users in things such as HabboHotel and RuneScape, and am a person you often see in Habbo 'help centers'.

I'll talk a little about RuneScape player modding... I forget when I was one, but I had a lot of funny reasons that people contacted me, but also some sad things as well. Some racism, and etc go on all over the internet, and I DON'T LIKE IT. (just so we're clear, kay?) If someone is being racist, there is a good percent they will be off the game shortly.

As for Habbo, I'm not a Moderator on there, but I've been thinking of applying when I become more experienced in Online Moderation/Customer support, etc. I've been also known as AID-Leo, which to most people was a moderator impersonator. I highly defend myself, and don't let it get to me though. I've gotten many people banned, and many places (private rooms) closed on Habbo without being a moderator.

Thanks for reading <3

Oh yeah, and if you think I'm all "oh em gee formal" and stuff, think again. I'm quite the character. xD (No, really.)
Hey Jokyo,

dats the longest intro i have ever seen here at frihost.

well anyways, its nice to have you with us on the forums.

See you around.
I guess it is. Very Happy

Thanks Wink
Code of Ruin
Well you have certainly introduced yourself quite well. It's always nice to have someone around who likes helping out in online communities. We got a pretty large one around here so plenty to do for ya Wink
Welcome to Frihost and I hope you will enjoy yourself here.
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